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Sandra Hillawi, Author, Trainer, TeacherWelcome and thank you for visiting my new website which is all about stress management, healing, inspiration and helping you move forwards to a life with more health, happiness, success and love.

I offer personal consultations by Skype, VIP Exclusive Retreats, group healing retreats and professional training in MSM Modern Stress Management,  Energy EFT and  EMO Energy In Motion (was EmoTrance) from self help, practitioner through to trainer level.

I also collaborate with organisers and promoters to bring these trainings to new centres, communities, organisations and countries.

The tools I work with come from over 15 years experience in healing and personal development. Though they range from modern energy work for emotional and spiritual health, inspiration, performance and wellbeing and detox programmes for physical health and vitality they have one simple health equation in common that:

Health = Nutrition + Flow on both the physical and spiritual level. More About Me here.

Contact me for a free initial assessment of your personal or professional aims or with any questions, meanwhıle please accept thıs free gıft of a self healıng audıo that you can download.

And to all my dear existing clients Thank You, I love working with you.

Best wishes for your love, happiness, health and success Smile


MSM Modern Stress Management in Egypt

MSM Modern Stress Management in Egypt

I am most delighted and proud to be bringing amazing new Energy Trainings to Egypt to help people to release stress, feel energised and great again and to enjoy more love happiness and success in life.

This exciting MSM Modern Stress Management training programme offers everything from self help for stress management through to professional practitioner and group leadership and facilitation training. Starting in December 2016 and running through 2017 as follows :

Nov 16, 2016 More ...

MSM Modern Stress Management Foundation Day

MSM Modern Stress Management Foundation Day

MSM Modern Stress Management Foundation is a one day course for companies, organisations, schools and individuals. Its can be an online training suitable for international distance learning participants by Skype or live on location.

Stress is the epidemic that blights our society and MSM is very much the solution. This course is well structured and will be both liberating and energising for both students and teacher. This course is delivered by MSM Trainers certified by The Guild of Energists. Sandra Hillawi is the course tutor for the Skype Distance Learning Course and gives this training to groups.

Jun 30, 2016 More ...

Trainers Training Events with Sandra in 2016

Trainers Training Events with Sandra in 2016

Here are the UK and International opportunities to become an Energist Trainer with Sandra Hillawi in 2016. 

For existing AMT/Guild of Energist professional members who wish to take the next step to become a trainer and evolve their business and for existing Trainers upgrading to Energist Trainer by November.

Jun 11, 2016 More ...

Exploring emotional origins of asthma with EFT

Exploring emotional origins of asthma with EFT
Dear Sandra,

I really want to thank you so much for the 2 session of EFT we had recently.

I would like others to know how wonderful the sessions and the result of the sessions has  been for me so I am sending you this in the hope that you can post it for others to read. I only want to talk about the first session in this email as the sessions were very different . Both were on Severe physical symptoms.  My asthma attack and then I will write about the one on my eye surgery later.

The first session we did was at the end of a particularly fierce bout of asthma  that I had  a few weeks ago.
Jun 8, 2016 More ...

Modern Stress Management Self Help Workshop

Modern Stress Management Self Help Workshop

Looking for help for stress management in Gosport, Fareham, Lee on Solent, Stubbington, Hill Head, Portsmouth or Hampshire in general? 

Three hour introduction to Modern Stress Management training will give you effective self help techniques to return you to clarity, relaxation, well being so you can get on better in your life and your work. Stress awareness together with a detailed personalised stress assessment and effective techniques to combat stress are the first steps to taking back control of your emotions and your life. Further stress management training is available for those who are interested.

Watch the Video Introduction to MSM Modern Stress Management below

Jun 6, 2016 More ...

About EMO Energy In Motion

About EMO Energy In Motion

EMO, Energy In Motion, previously known as EmoTrance, is a simple natural process of transforming our emotional state. It works by paying attention to the physical sensations and feelings in the body using our intention to soften and flow. This releases the internal pressure of our blocked emotions such as anger fear guilt worry sadness heartache and restoring the flow of our new positive emotions, such as acceptance, relaxation, happiness, clarity, love and understanding. It all boils down to the fact that 'it's all energy' and simply a question of 'is it flowing?' or 'is it blocked?' Simple? Yes, but the implications of this discovery are far reaching and profound.

May 9, 2016 More ...

Joys and Delights of Being an Energist Trainer

Joys and Delights of Being an Energist Trainer

The Joys and Delights of being an Energist Trainer

I was thinking about how much I have personally gained and enjoyed in my years as a Trainer with the AMT. It's been joy delight and deeply rewarding. Here's 15 reasons why.....

Apr 20, 2016 More ...

MSM Modern Stress Management - Course Review

MSM Modern Stress Management - Course Review

Why MSM?  As a long term EFT and EMO Practitioner and Trainer I asked myself this question.

Not everyone wants to tap yet everyone still has stress. I liked so many things about this training starting with the detailed personal stress assessment. This was a real eye opener to really understand myself at different levels of the SUE Scale.

Mar 21, 2016 More ...

Energists Poetry

Energists Poetry
For the energists who express their art in words I have created a blog
This arose from the EMO Energy In Motion Master Practitioner trainings originally, where we have a session on creative writing from an energised state. I wanted a place to preserve and share the lovely creations emerging in our courses and have a Turkish section as well as an English section.
Mar 9, 2016 More ...

My Review of the Energy EFT Foundation Course

My Review of the Energy EFT Foundation Course

Really, this is a fantastic self help workshop in so many ways. Firstly, even as a seasoned trainer, I was energised powerfully by the day and am still feeling its effects that have lifted me to a consistent higher energy state in my day to day life.
There are so many things that are new and great about this introductory course that its difficult to know where to start.

Feb 26, 2016 More ...

Energy April 2016 A Career Making A Difference

Energy April 2016    A Career Making A Difference

One Month to A New You and A New Career 

Find out how you can have a career that satisfies your heart and soul by helping others solve their life problems, to evolve and to grow to become the person they are meant to be and find yourself in the process. 

April 2016 - A Unique Opportunity - 5 Steps to a New You, New Life, New Career

Heal grow evolve in all areas of your life and align your yourself and your life to do the amazing work of helping people release stress and assisting the movement towards love lightness happiness and success.

 Could this be the change you are looking for? 

Feb 24, 2016 More ...

The Healing Power of EMO Energy In Motion

The Healing Power of EMO Energy In Motion
Saving a Marriage 
Even the most devastating events and heart breaks can be healed as is demonstrated in this heart warming case study using EMO Energy in Motion (was EmoTrance) to help a woman who discovered her husband had an affair. The article shows the healing journey over 7 EMO sessions during 2 days to:
Feb 24, 2016 More ...

Energy EFT Foundation EEFTF Feedback

Energy EFT Foundation EEFTF Feedback

Attendees of my Skype and Live trainings share their feedback on this wonderful EFT introduction course for self help answering questions like:

What is your favourite unit of the course?

How are you going to use Energy EFT after the course?

Would You Recommend the Course and Why?


Feb 23, 2016 More ...

Positive EFT for Starting Weight Loss Plan

Positive EFT for Starting Weight Loss Plan

I just had a wonderful session of Positive EFT with a client wanting to start a weight loss plan. Having started to ask how she felt about weight and to tap on the feelings of sadness the client said 'Im really resisting looking at and feeling that'. So I turned the question around to Positive EFT and asked : 'how do you want to feel about your weight and body?' She answered : 'I want to feel comfortable in my skin' and thats how we started. Read on for how we reached a fabulously energising motivating session where my client couldnt wait to get started.

Jan 18, 2016 More ...

EEFTF Energy EFT Foundation

EEFTF Energy EFT Foundation

The NEW Energy EFT Foundation course, created by Silvia Hartmann, is a live training and distance learning course, that is powerfully focused on healing yourself, and covers self-help, as well as using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) tapping with friends and family. 
The Energy EFT Foundation contains contains a wealth of uplifting and inspiring exercises, tips and techniques especially for self-help, and is the perfect course for the EFT beginner. Its pure delight and a real treat as well!

Read more ...

Jan 11, 2016 1,087 Reads More ...

EFT and EmoTrance Client Feedback

EFT and EmoTrance Client Feedback

Feedback from clients who have attended recent training courses with Sandra Hillawi including feedback on the EFT Master Practitioner and EmoTrance courses, at all levels, and The Love Clinic live and by Skype online training. Positive Eft Feedback here and more EmoTrance feedback here.


Nov 29, 2015 2,574 Reads More ...

Feedback VIP Exclusive Retreat Building Connection Confidence

Feedback VIP Exclusive Retreat Building Connection Confidence

Dear Sandra

After my retreat I wanted a while to see how any changes might settle down and - given that in the past after healing sessions I'd often snap back into old patterns – so I wanted to see whether my changes would last, and they have.

The most noticeable change is that when I am at work I no longer have this .... 

Oct 5, 2015 1,186 Reads More ...

Feedback Love Clinic VIP Day Retreat for Self Love

Feedback Love Clinic VIP Day Retreat for Self Love

I don’t even know where to start. The opportunity to have Sandra Hillawi to myself and to work through ‘my stuff’ with her compassionate love and support, while weaving in the concepts of the Love Clinic, not only allowed me to ‘undress’ some of the traumatic baggage I’ve been carrying around for years but also gave me incredible insights into the incredible person I Am. With her gentle encouragement, I was able to visit aspects of myself that had been hurt and were still out there in some kind of limbo, suffering and waiting for closure so that I can finally get on with my life. .......cont'd

Sep 16, 2015 1,004 Reads More ...

VIP Exclusive Retreats - Just for You

VIP Exclusive Retreats - Just for You

For the times in life where you need a real shift, a real breakthrough, a real transformation to manage a difficult time in your life or to really address long standing patterns that you wish to change and just heal your life.

When an hours healing is just not enough for all that you have going on a one day or two day VIP Healing Retreat with Sandra can be the perfect way to have the support you need to make that shift and change, sort some of your life problems out, and get back to who you really are, and how you want to be and behave in your current situation. Love yourself enough to give yourself this time attention and care with the experience and expertise of Master Energist, Author and Trainer Sandra Hillawi


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Certificate in Modern Stress Management

Certificate in Modern Stress Management

This advanced, professional certification program is available for existing GOE EFT Master Practitioners ONLY.
*Don't hold the EFT Master Practitioner certification yet? Click here to find Sandra's training dates for EFT Master Practitioner. Click More after the video for registration details.

Introducing the NEW Modern Stress Management program - yes, we really do have "The Trillion Dollar Stress Solution."Find out more about the Certificate In Modern Stress Management here:

Posted by Silvia on Monday, May 18, 2015
Sep 16, 2015 1,174 Reads More ...
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