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How To Attract The Perfect Partner

How To Attract The Perfect Partner

Sandra says “when it comes to finding or attracting a partner, the funny thing is, when you don’t have one nobody is interested. Then finally when you do find a partner, there seems to be loads of people now interested, yet you no longer need one. This is the ‘attractor factor’ at work.  

When you have a new partner, how do you feel? You are happy, you are basking in attention and adoration, blossoming with compliments and appreciation. You are being fed by the attentions of another person’s energy. This feels good. You are happy. Your energy is flowing and you radiate this happiness. It’s attractive. You are attractive. People notice this happy radiant confident you and before you know it you have more offers and invitations yet…you don’t need them anymore.

This is the key. When you don’t have a partner and are looking for one how do you feel? Lonely, wanting affection, looking for someone to love and to love you, to make you feel happier. And if anyone does come along you are so keen and eager for that attention that you scare them off with your keenness or desperation. All of these feelings arise from blocked energy states and deficiency caused by these blocks.”

So what if we could transform our blocked and needy energy state to the state of already having what it is that we are looking for? Then we would be radiant, happy, satisfied, nourished emotionally anyway. In fact, we wouldn’t actually need a partner then. So as opportunities came by, we could be relaxed about whether it goes somewhere or not and from our state of happy, confident, contentment, fun and love of our self we become the pursued.”

The following steps are taken from The Love Clinic, in How to Attract your Perfect Partner.

For Attracting a New Partner

Step 1 Know What You Want

First know what you are seeking to attract. Make a list or build a picture. Include qualities, appearance if that’s important, personality, practical details eg being available, with or without kids ! , what kind of relationship you want etc.

Step 2 Focus On What You Want

Next you need to focus on this every day, reconnecting with it then letting it go. Revisit your list. Revisit your visualisation. The next two steps are really important.

Step 3 Release Any Negative Feelings  And Limiting Beliefs

Now you have created the picture of the kind of partner and relationship you want, if you have fear, negative feelings about your self and your self worth, lack of confidence with such a partner, limiting beliefs about whether such a person exists or your ability to attract someone like this and have the kind of relationship that you want….all of this is blocked energy states coming from your past experience being held in your energy system in some way.

The aim is to create a path of free flow of energy from the Universe to you of the object of your desire. So all these limiting beliefs and negative emotions, the blocked energy, need to be released. This can be a big or a small process so be open to asking for support for this. Notice where in the body each energy disturbance resides. Focus, think of the energy softening and flowing. When all these are released you will be feeling ready, worthy, excited, attractive and confident about attracting this partner.

Step 4 Create The Feelings of Already Having What You Want

After step 3 its only a small step to the thought of this partner and all that means to you being in your life already. How does that feel? Contemplate that. If you can feel this that’s great. If you are not there yet, ask yourself are there still some limiting beliefs lurking about the possibility of this reality happening? Note where these sensations reside in the body. Focus, soften, flow and release them.

Now return to the thought of your perfect partner. Feel those feelings. Enjoy the sensations in the body of how that feels. You can intensify them by focusing, softening and flowing even more. Now you should be feeling happy, radiant, attractive, confident and like you already have what it is you are looking for.


Final Step Recreate And Live This State ie Be Happy

Then simply go about your life. Reconnect with your vision each day, reconnect with that energy state. Get it all flowing really well so you feel great and just let the thought go and see what opportunities life presents. This is how the Universal Law of Attraction works for all our goals. If you need help, there’s more guidance in the book or any Love Clinic Practitioner will be able to help you.

Posted Nov 14, 2012   

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