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EFT Healing Deep Roots Of Chronic Anxiety

EFT Healing Deep Roots Of Chronic Anxiety

I met Marylın whıle training ın London. She had a beautıful radıant energy of love but was sufferıng terrıbly from anxıety especıally at nıght. It was somethıng she’d suffered on and off through her lıfe but she had masked the effects wıth lıght alcohol drınkıng and choosıng to work at nıght and sleep ın the day, tryıng medıcatıon at tımes, and dıstractıng herself as much as she could. We met for an EFT session.

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Help for Dyslexia Anxiety

Help for Dyslexia Anxiety

Could EMO Energy In Motion (was EMO) offer a breakthrough for helping people with dyslexia? I have had the opportunity to work with a number of people who were suffering from symptoms of dyslexia. When exploring the symptoms we discovered a lot of different emotions and anxiety were involved when trying to perform reading, writing, numerical and comprehension tasks. Using simple and natural techniques to release emotional energy and release anxiety quite amazing improvements in dyslexia symptoms were achieved, literally in minutes. Help for dyslexia was achieved using EMO and this article shares three success stories of healing dyslexia symptoms using this approach.

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Helping Chronic Anxiety with EMO now EMO

Helping Chronic Anxiety with EMO now EMO

Mark in Canada has been suffering from chronic anxiety and had contacted me several times by email with anxious questions and fear about trying yet another therapy that didn’t work. He was too afraid to book a healing session. We had a chat on Skype. We did some EMO that helped him feel release for the first time, so that he could sleep, and he agreed to have some more EMO healing sessions. The transcript of the healing session is below, as it went on Skype chat. The client’s name has been changed for confidentiality.

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Stress and the Mind Body Connection

Stress and the Mind Body Connection

This powerpoint presentation  explains how stress effects our health, how unresolved emotions cause disease and make us sick, and how energy psychology tools, such as EFT and EMO, can help us release the emotional causes of disease and improve our health and wellbeing.

This presentation will give you understanding of the techniques and philosophy used in our healing retreats and why our retreats are a great way to help you with emotional and physical health challenges.

Click here to view or download this Powerpoint Presentation, complete with audio track to accompany the slides. Read on to see index of topics covered in the presentation.

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