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Audio Course The Love Clinic

Audio Course The Love Clinic

This course contains audio recordings of Sandra Hillawi's 2 Day EMO Relationships Consultant Training. From a brand new perspective of exploring energy dynamics this course will reveal the energy secrets for understanding why relationships fail and how easy it can be to improve relationships and have more love in all areas of your life.

It is suitable for anyone who has a basic knowledge of EMO. Use this course for personal benefit to improve your own relationships and help friends and family, if you are an EMO Practitioner, to understand better how to help your clients with love and relationship problems.

These audio's bring Sandra Hillawi's much loved and popular book The Love Clinic to life and gives you the opportunity to help relationships in the following ways:

Module 1  Energy Dynamics of Love and Relationships

How Some Relationships Work Well

Why Some Relationships Fail

Identifying Barriers to Love

How to Handle Difficult Behaviours

Module 2 Releasing Barriers to Love

People That Drain You

Handling Aggression

How to Let Go of The Past

Forgiveness Made Easy

Releasing Painful Memories

How to Completely Get Over A Past Relationship

How to Get Final Closure

Is Reconciliation Really Possible After Separation

How to Help with Bereavement and Loss

Module 3  Understanding Love Itself

Openness and Connection , Unconditional Attention and Acceptance

Releasing Blocks to Love

How to Increase Sexual Energy and Desire

How to Release Barriers to Intimacy

Restoring Attractiveness and the Power of Attraction

Releasing Performance Anxiety

Growing Your Compassion for Those in Distress

Module 4 Improving Our Relationship with Ourself

What is A Loving Relationship with Yourself?

How to Love Yourself and Why Its Important?

How to Heal and Build a Strong Heart Energy?

Module 5 Spiritual Relationships

Exploring Our Relationship with the Source of Our Being

Releasing Blocks to Deepen Your Connection with Yourself and Your Source

How to Have Even Deeper Connection Through Images Symbols

Magnifying Our Experience of Prayer

The Role of Suffering in Transformation

Module 6  Our Connection and Relationship with the World

Why We Dont FEEL Connected to the World

Understanding the Energy of Care and Compassion

How Changing Yourself DOES Change the World Outside

How to Change Someone Else

What is the Purpose of Other People's Suffering

Can We Be A Channel to Release Suffering in Others

Dr Hew Len and How Ho'oponopono Works

Module 7 The Law of Attraction

Why We Attract or Fall for 'The Wrong Partner'?

How to Attract The Perfect Partner

Creating the Energy To Attract Our Project or Goal

The Quest for Material vs Spiritual Wealth

Are We Ying Yang or Yang Ying in Our Life

Module 8 Summary and Learning Points


Listening to Your Audio Training

The audios are in the form of mp3 files which you can listen to online at your PC or download to your PC or onto your mp3 player.

Attend This Live Training with Certification £295

Purchase Audio Course without Certification  £75 

Special Limited Offer £47 Two Days Audio Training



On receipt of payment Sandra will send you a weblink with links to the audio tracks and a full index. You may download these mp3 files or listen to them with your windows media player. 

The Love Clinic

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The Love Clinic by Sandra Hillawi"Wow! Completely blown away! What a blessing, what a blessing and Im only at page 33. Thankyou for this gift. Tears of gratitude" M.Hirose, USA

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