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Can You Get Flow In A Pot?

Can You Get Flow In A Pot?

As Energists we seek to restore natural energy flow in the energy system through EFT or EMO or other energy healing modality. Thats all great for those who do actually tap or soften and flow. But what about those who dont? or who wont? Do we have anything for them?

Yes, we do !

In 1998 the Nobel Prize for medicine was awarded for the discovery of Nitric Oxide and its role in cardiovascular health. It dilates the arteries and capiliaries of the body which increases blood flow and circulation. Thats what FLOW is on the physical level.

As we age and as we get stressed blood flow is restricted, one by narrowing of the arteries due to the build up of plaque and two by stress and tension in the body which closes down the finer capilliaries restricting blood flow to the tissues.

When we restore energy flow, we also improve blood flow. You can see that through skin colour changes and the movement of warmth through the body accompanying the energy flow.

So when we have enough Nitric Oxide in the body its like the physical rquivalent of doing lots of tapping or energy flow work. The blood flows well and gets delivered deep into the tissues and organs bringing the healing power to the body.

So where do we get Nitric Oxide?

Its made naturally in the body but less as we age. Also we get it from foods containing l-arginine and l-citrulline amino acids. If we dont eat enough of them, we can supplement with a dietary supplement, an l-ariginine complex, which creates nitric oxide in the body.

Hence we CAN get flow... in a pot!

I must confess, that a spoon of powder making a tasty drink once or twice a day to get really great circulation and flow not only makes good sense to me and is very appealing, but it brings all the real benefits that come with improved circulation and flow, ie our overall health as well as cardiovascular health and great energy levels.

The absolute best supplement for delivering a continuous supply of nitric oxide to the body for deep continuous blood flow throughout the body is Pro Argi9 Plus.


Where to Buy ProArgi9 Plus?

ProArgi9 Plus is not available in shops but is supplied through independent distributors or by mail order from the company, referred by a distributor.

The retail cost per 300g pot (30 sachets for 1 months supply at the maintenance dose) is £60 in the UK or you can get it delivered monthly for £40 per box ordering 3 boxes a month.

Contact Sandra for supplies

Personally, I have found greater energy, better sleeping, reduced back ache and after afew months of taking it had my vascular age measured and my arteries are like I was 10 years younger!

PLUS Cleaning The Arteries

The other great benefit that Nitric Oxide brings as a powerful antioxidant is the slow but sure cleaning the arteries and reversing of arterial plaque so taking it for a longer period has a measurable effect on your vascular health itself, restoring more youthful elasticity. Cardiovascular screening is available to show this before, during and after taking ProArgi9 Plus over a period of time.

Screening is availble from many Distributors of proArgi9 Plus. If you are interested in knowing the biological age of your arteries before you start and after, let me know and I can help you find someone in your area that offers this.

Contact Sandra for screening contacts and supplies

Still not convinced?

Listen to what the Doctors say about Nitric Oxide and cardiovascular health and ProArgi9 Plus


Best of health and happiness to you 

Sandra Smile





Posted Sep 13, 2014   

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