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EFT and EMO Client Feedback

EFT and EMO Client Feedback

Feedback from clients who have attended recent training courses with Sandra Hillawi including feedback on the EFT Master Practitioner and EMO courses, at all levels, and The Love Clinic live and by Skype online training. Positive Eft Feedback here and more EMO feedback here.



EFT Master Practitioner Online Training by Skype

EFT Master Practitioners 25 May 2016 International Online Training

"I would describe my experience in the Energy EFT Master PractitionerÔÇÖs course as three days of pure happiness. Sandra is an amazing teacher. Her teaching is luminous and so inspiring. Thank you┬áSandra!!!

I learned a lot, made good evolution for myself and will be happy now to help my clients with my new fantastic Energy EFT skill, a great complement to my work with EMO. " Gisele Bourgoin Quebec Canada 

"Thank you Sandra for the indepth and soulfelt training. It was +10 experience to be in group with you, Gisele, and Mikael..." Shayn Smith Colorado USA





EFT Week Lisbon December 2015

EFT in Lisbon Portugal December 2015

Rute Novais, Portugal

Sandra is a very passionate teacher. she made me feel the confidance to trust in my abilities as an Energist and made very clear the important parts to have in mind to make honest work! I see EFT as a personal and collective tool in order to achieve more awareness, harmony and love!. Big thanks to all the organising team, all the developers of this beutiful technique. Love Rute.

Miguel Freire, Portugal

This course was indeed a milestone in terms of the work I have been developing relating to body connections, awareness and healing. My goal and interest has been to research tools that enable us to live a more connected and inspired and creative life. Meeting EFT this way was a confirmation that we can go a bit further in this body connection and awareness by truly getting access to the sensations, feelings and emotions and energy stored in the body.  Throughout the training I experienced very strong physical sensations and reached to perceive with big clarity the origins, where this can go energetically in the body and the consequent freeing ripple effect in my reality.

Sandra had an amazing ability to comunicate, to listen to trainee's questions and to guide this training through with contagious and inspiring energy. I feel grateful for this opportunity to engage and know more about energy/body work and awareness. 

I strongly recommend the Energy EFT Master Practitioner course to everyone interested in healing and enegy/body work.

Claudia Vasconcelos Borges

I foundteh course very interesting on a personal level for the inner growth that it allows and on a professional level in the knowledge to help others. I really enjoyed it and recommend it.

Ana Toste

I just loved the course. These were 3 days full of techniques, sharing, good energy flowing. I am beginning a new life and am very grateful!!

Virginia Florindo

I really enjoyed the training.I feel that its going to help me to integrate and do better work in the energy area. EFT for energy work is a very complete tool. I really enjoyed the trainer Sandra and the way that she taught. It was very clear simple and professional. Thank you for the fantastic days of training you have given me , Congratulations for your professionalism and dedication to energy therapy EFT.

Helena Amelia Da Silva Pinto

Complete satisfaction about this training. I believe that I will use it in my personal development and professionally. The training team were very good. Sandra is an excellent communicator, gives positive feedback and motivates, making us feel like excellent EFT practitioners in the future.

Ana Ferreira, Portugal

This course created some pillars and a structure and was very well organised in every way and expereince with EFT. after having dissipated some doubts it comes to give me strategy and methodology that allows me to approach different problems in a more structured and certainly more effective way.

Cidalia Felix Santos, Portugal

A wonderful course for my personal development. I loved the trainer Sandra, her professionalism and the great support team with Alexandra Lidia and Luis. A very big blessing for you all. Love and Thank you.

Susana Estrada

Well organised, well structured, rich in content, deep and complete.

Ana Sousa

In these final moments that is the beginning of the path I feel enormous gratitude for the moments, experiences, the people and learning that I acquired through these 3 days. A very well organised and structured course in an excellent way. The development and self awareness expanded. The integration of the new energy was fabulous and the respect and unconditional love shared respected and defended was a blessing. Thank you so much.

Patricia Martins

The EFT Master Practitioner course made many discoveries in me possible. The discovery of a new method of personal growth and self awareness and a discovery of a new way to help others. The coutse was really well stuctured on every level. I arrived here without knowing a thing about EFT and today, in this moment I leave with my heat full, conscious that there is a new path ahead to go on. Thank you.

Carla Soares, Portugal

I liked this course very much. For the first time I felt like Im going to use the learned techniques for my personal development andthey all make sense. I leave with a lot of will to apply EFT in every person who I meet on the path to show them how fantastic EFT is. 

Joana Vieira, Portugal

Indescribable experience and its changing my life to be so much better !!

Eleazar Spetter EFT Master Practitioner by Skype 26 Feb 2016 

Shalom Sandra, The new EFT Master Trainer after my renewal from the old GoE trainer. that I did now with Sandra. It was very intense in those 3 days on the computer via Skype. It was intense ,but great ,with a lot of good strong new stuff and techniques compared with the classical EFT. The enthousiasm of Sandra is amazing and contagious, I enjoyed and loved every part of it . I am very happy I did the course and I think in the exercieces we did also several old issues from me was healed. 

So thank you very much. Sandra is a great teacher. Eleazar Spetter Isreal


Feedback from EFT Master Practitioner Training

Istanbul Turkey

EFT and EMO and GoE Trainer: First things first, Sandra is an amazing teacher able to communicate on all levels with knowledge and experience of both EFT and EMO.

I have been to several EFT classes and certifications around the world and without a doubt Sandra is the best teacher and trainer by far. SandraÔÇÖs presentations and experience shows she is well versed in the meridian therapies and she always has time to talk one on one with us students. She goes the extra mile to make sure we are ready and able to perform as practitioners or trainers.

Sandra is very clear, precise in the delivery of the class being presented. There are not enough words to say how thankful I am to Sandra for her guidance and her teaching skills. GoE must be so proud to have Sandra as a trainer.

I will certainly let everyone know how well the course has gone for me. I will be at other courses in the future where Sandra is going to teach or present more GoE classes. This location in Istanbul was perfect. The students all got on well together and we enjoyed the time with Sandra. Many thanks.

RK Williams aka Taff, Military Trainer, Security Specialist, Professional Diving Instructor


The GoE Energy EFT Master Practitioner Training was much more than an EFT Training. The training experience was very convincing on how human beings can heal and help each other once they have the desire and intention in them. I thank Sandra for her encouraging loving and professional approach from the bottom of my heart.

The Emotrance training was a life changing and transforming experience for me. As a psychotherapist I know now that the energy body knows, the client knows and we just have to be there with love as practitioners. Thank you Sandra for your amazing teaching and energy!

Tugce Peker Darcan, MSc Psychotherapist

EFT Master Practitioner: I had fallen in love with EFT when I watched Gary CraigÔÇÖs videos in 2001. Since then, IÔÇÖve been learning, researching, practicing, teaching and living EFT. When I saw the SedaÔÇÖs course announcement on Facebook, I did not really expect something special or new, but wanted to meet Sandra, a name that I could relate to, and wanted to become internationally certified. So I signed up.

As the course began, I┬á was surprised to find out that the content was brand new! Every day we learnt new techniques, new approaches, and realised that EFT was greatly enhanced! Practising the new methods, I had wonderful experiences and felt deep healing taking place inside me. Sandra is a very professional instructor, has enormous experience about EFT and Emotrance; and most importantly, is a very warm-hearted person. The ÔÇťheart energyÔÇŁ of Sandra was buzzing in the room all day. I could not hug her enough! She was clear, precise and honest about everything she taught.

Many thanks to Silvia Hartmann, the content was very creative and easily applicable and the manual was perfect.

The group of EFT Master Practitioners were exceptionally friendly, surely we will be keeping in touch. Big hugs come to you all!

And thank you very much Seda, you made this event possible. My last hugs come to you and your mother!

As for EFT, IÔÇÖve fallen in love, once again!

Gulcan Arpacioglu 


EFT and EMO: I am very much pleased to meet with Sandra Hillawi, a nice person, great teacher and healer.

I gained important knowledge about EFT which I can use, also new experiences for the future. EMO is something new, very interesting mixture of many energy healings, powerful and easy to use. Thank you very much Sandra for your great effort, examples, words and wonderful energy.

Handan Arpaciaglu


 Happy EMO Practitioners

EFT, EMO, GoE Trainer: I was practicing EFT by a previous method for many years. I learned this new method from Sandra. I found this more fluent and easy and I am very happy at the moment with the EFT Training.

I can reach clients by a new way with EMO and I can mix them both in my practice. I can use both these techniques to solve the problems. Thanks alot Sandra!

Sevgi Sahin, EFT Trainer and Author

EFT and EMO: Effective and transformative courses. EFT is very powerful and effective. Also Emotrance is a powerful and fast transformative beautiful experience. It has never been that easy to remove blockages. Radia's atmosphere, Sandra's training and the energy of the attendees has been a very useful experience for me for 5 days.

Semra Yolda┼č Ayd─▒nc─▒

EFT and EMO: Until today I have just read a book about EFT. I have no info about EFT except that. I have attended to both EFT and Emotrance courses. Our trainer Sandra was very successful in her training methods. I really appreciate what I have learned, very useful and I am content. I say thank you to Sandra with all my heart.

G├╝ler Karsel

This is a course that I felt so lucky to have attended. I cant even evaluate how useful the course was, for me as ─▒t teaches the secret of l─▒fe. Sandra has a beautiful expression. I am very happy. Thanks to Seda aswell.

Berrak ├ľzenir, Translator

EFT Master Practitioner and EMO: First I would like to thank you because from the 1st day I got healed. I feel relaxed, healthy and happy. I am aware that my body is balanced. Dear Sandra it was a big happiness for me to meet you. I was very impressed with EFT Training, it has been a great value to me. You have told all very successfully, softly and fluently. The exercises very in right time and very useful.

EMO is a perfect technique. I was so happy to both practice and learn at the same time. It was very joyful and useful to be with you in trainers training, too.

I would like to thank to people who worked hard for this organization to Seda, Berrak. You were amazing and successful. Please come back Sandra


EFT and EMO: Sandra is doing her energy work with real feeling and by heart. I wish that all the things that I have learned in this workshop information and energy techniques would be learned by whole world.

Banucan Alfasa

Happy New Practitioners

EMO: It is easy and practical system. Compatible with Sibernetic system theories.Thank you.

Berna Meting├╝ Sa─čd─▒├ž

EFT Master Practitioner and EMO: The course really exceeded my expectat─▒ons. I learned so much, ra─▒sed my awareness, self-understand─▒ng, understanding of others. It mot─▒vated me to tra─▒n other people and to expand this knowledge wherever ─░ can.

Its had an absolutely posit─▒ve effect on my l─▒fe. I am so glad and happy, overwhelmed with joy hat ─░ made ─▒t to th─▒s EFT and EMO Tra─▒n─▒ng. Both gave me a fuller understanding about life and people, energised me and empowered me. This has to reflect on all aspects of my life. Thank you Sandra.

All the exercises contributed intensely to my personal development. 

─░ do not have enough words to thank Sandra for her effic─▒ency, intensive knowledge of the mater─▒al, techniques, compassion. I think Sandra is an EXCELLENT teacher w─▒th STARS.

EMO is to me the solution to all the problems faced by all the peoples of the world. ─░f only governments would be w─▒ll─▒ng to endorse th─▒s tra─▒n─▒ng ─▒t would br─▒ng an absolute end to all the f─▒ghts, war, hate, rape,v─▒olence and prejud─▒ce.

Suheyla P─▒nar, Un─▒vers─▒ty Lecturer and Emot─▒onal Intell─▒gence Tra─▒ner Istanbul

EFT Master Practitioner and EMO: Th─▒s course far exceeded my expectat─▒ons. The most natural way to heal by bu─▒ld─▒ng up the energy body ─▒s now w─▒th me to apply and explore on me and my cl─▒ents. Th─▒s tra─▒n─▒ng for me was the result of a long pat─▒ent wa─▒t─▒ng. I learned a lot about myself and my relat─▒onsh─▒p w─▒th energy. I learned how to work w─▒th my ─▒ntent─▒on ─▒n much eas─▒er ways w─▒th EMO. I can see my work expand─▒ng so eas─▒ly w─▒th these tools becasue I eas─▒ly solved my blockages w─▒th EFT. I can really recommend ─▒t.

I got used to the new Energy EFT very eas─▒ly. It ─▒s much more attract─▒ve and effect─▒ve compared to the old way. I resolved lots of ─▒ssues about feel─▒ngs and relat─▒onsh─▒ps dur─▒ng the tra─▒n─▒ng and also ga─▒ned─▒n self conf─▒dence through the pract─▒ce exerc─▒ses. I saw how eas─▒ly and fun ─▒t ─▒s to feel emot─▒ons and energy.

I am very happy that our ways crossed w─▒th the lov─▒ng and joyful Sandra who ─▒s a real example of a good tra─▒ner and pract─▒t─▒oner.

Sezın Ardanuc  Istanbul

EFT Master Practitioner and EMO: The course really l─▒ved up to my expctat─▒ons. I learned very valuable and new information and on top I made healing on myself. There was a lot of practical exerc─▒ses involved and iy was fantastic.

During the tra─▒ning ─░ managed to have time to work on real problems and it was transforming. The pain ─▒n my neck that I suffered for many years has totally gone. I worked on my perspectve and ─▒t transformed alot for me. But the best was when I was do─▒ng all of this I became aware of alot of things and felt very easy do─▒ng the heal─▒ngs.

I am a l─▒fe coach and these techniques are go─▒ng to make my work much easier and I w─▒ll be able to make more successful sessions w─▒th my cl─▒ents.

Sandra ─▒s perfect. From the f─▒rst moment the love and the energy she carr─▒es was felt deeply by us all. Her energy was very flow─▒ng and she answered every question.

Thıs ıs a very rıch and comprehensıve traınıng and very well presented. If anythıng ıs added to thıs ıt would be lıke makıng somethıng perfect more perfect. Thank you Sandra for everythıng. I love Sandra Smile

Elvan Sumer L─▒fe Coach


EFT Master Practitioner, EMO and GoE Trainer: Th─▒s course was beyond my expectat─▒ons. I found EFT was prepared very deta─▒led both for the cl─▒ent and pract─▒t─▒oner the steps have been made much eas─▒er than before. For EMO, to feel the energy flow─▒ng so strongly and fast was a very beaut─▒ful exper─▒ence for me.

In my l─▒fe from now on I w─▒ll focus on where my energy ─▒s blocked and I w─▒ll let ─▒t flow, and from that flow I w─▒ll have more exc─▒tement and joy ─▒n my l─▒fe. I real─▒sed ─▒f Im obsessed w─▒th a part─▒cular thought or ─▒ssue, soften─▒ng and flow─▒ng th─▒s thought was harder and I real─▒sed that we can stay ─▒n flow ─▒t feels very good. Even the worst exper─▒ence we had can be healed and know─▒ng th─▒s feels very good.

The qual─▒ty of the tra─▒n─▒ng was very h─▒gh. I feel very lucky to meet Sandra and feel her energy. Thanks to Sandra and The AMT.

Sab─▒ha Erd─▒n├ž


Th─▒s course was beyond my expectat─▒ons. My l─▒fe w─▒ll start aga─▒n from now. I ga─▒ned someth─▒ng from th─▒s tra─▒n─▒ng, how to control my stress. I healed my thoughts and my energy was ─▒mproved and th─▒s was my f─▒rst t─▒me Id done a 3 day tra─▒n─▒ng 7 hours a day. Im very very happy w─▒th Sandra. The tra─▒n─▒ng process was very balanced.

Hakan Sev─▒mser

EFT Master Practitioner: I am very content w─▒th the course wh─▒ch was beyond my expectat─▒ons. What I learned was very useful. On a personal level I ga─▒ned ─▒n self conf─▒dence. Sandra ─▒s very talented and successful as a tra─▒ner. The tra─▒n─▒ng was very useful. I cannot f─▒nd anyth─▒ng to add more. It was a perfect tra─▒n─▒ng. No lack ─▒n any area.

Guler Karsel

EFT Master Practitioner: The course was more than I expected. It w─▒ll ─▒ncrease my awareness and I w─▒ll be much more eff─▒c─▒ent to myself and my cl─▒ents w─▒th these new techn─▒ques. I w─▒ll add EFT work to my Angel Coach─▒ng work about cutt─▒ng the cords and ─▒t w─▒ll be a better heal─▒ng sess─▒on. Everyth─▒ng was perfect. Sandra ─▒s a very clear tra─▒ner. I enjoyed a great t─▒me be─▒ng w─▒th her.

Gulc─▒n Onel

Happy EFT Master Practitioners


EFT Master Practitioner : I had a healing event called DANCING IN THE DARK! It was an amazing journey! EFT has worked to change my life and it will also continue. I believe that I can help myself and others with EFT now.

EMO is really easy and fluent! I was carrying a hard heavy energy block but when I put my attention there and used my intention it melted and flowed rapidly like water!

Ipek Alper

EFT Master Practitioner: Before this course I knew almost nothing about EFT but I have now fallen in love with EFT! All due to Sandra's teaching and great healing experiences on the course! In one exercise Sandra and the group helped me evolve a old bad event from my childhood which has effected me all my life. Actuially this has now become a good event and this also has effected me so much but now in a good way! EFT is magic! and with sandra's teaching I realised that magic more. Thanks to sandra, my classmates and the AMT. I will do my practice now on myself family and friends then get started to help people in a professional way. These three days gave me a new job to do and I know I can do it! Thanks again.

Senay Karakas

EFT Master Practitioner: I cant belive how these 3 days pased so quickly. Sandra's nature and energy took us directly to the main subjects. We worked like a team with her clear explanations and the pace of her teachinga nd examples. she made us understand every detail of the subjects. Her exercises and directions to teh class were wonderful and she helped me gain experience at the same time. The redirections during the exercises were also very helpful to steer me in teh right way. Now I trust myself that I can be an EFT Practitioner. I learned alot about life in this course. Thank you so much. Gemma Kopri

Feedback from our Turkish Translator Ozlem:

Sandra established good communication with her trainees. her energy and soothing tone helped maintain a productive and growing teaching and learning environment. I witnessed many transformations and the calm uplifting guidance from Sandra balanced the course. The practice, 'theory put to test' turned the the connection into friendship. Everyone's leaving their cocoons and turning into butterflies. Thank you Sandra!

EFT Master Practitioner: I have met other EFT teachers and masters but chose to return to Sandra Hillawi. She is inspiring, encouraging, completely impasrtial, highly experienced and a great teacher. Don't hesitate to take this training. This is a powerful tool not only for self healing and we all need that but as a tool to heal others and benefit from this process. Good luck you will grow and only gain. Clare Green

EFT Master Practitioner: Sandra is an inspiring teacher. She teaches with confidence, knowing and easy ability to guide new EFT Master Practitioners to their future. I thoroughly enjoyed the transforming 3 day training with Sandra. Energy EFT was made an easy, simple and profoundly efficient way to change my lost hidden negative personal memories for positive lovely ones and bring so much awareness in the process.  Sue Keeping

EFT Master Practitioner: A wonderful 3 day course - I feel excited about the possibilities of how I can help to evolve energy in other people's lives so they can experience their potential. sandra is a wonderful teacher and whilst there is a lot of content to work through, each day went quickly and I left absolutely energised. Dawn Tottle


EFT Master Practitioner: To dear Sandra Hillawi, eternal thanks . When she was explaining all 12 units of this training she used all her efforts, We did lots of exercises, and Sandra was very generous with her time.

I would lıke to say a specıal thanks to Sandra Hıllawı forher valuable controıbutıons durıng the whole traınıng. She answered all our questıons ın detaıl wıth patıence and ınformed us wıth extensıve effort.  Asl Aral

EFT: Actually I have exper─▒enced EFT yet th─▒s tra─▒n─▒ng ─▒s so effect─▒ve when ─▒ compare them. I am plann─▒ng to help myself and the others and th─▒s s─▒tuat─▒on makes me really happy.

EFT Master Practitioner: Actually th─▒s course was so benef─▒c─▒al for me even though I was the most rat─▒onal person of our group. Wh─▒le I was s─▒tt─▒ng on the cl─▒ent place my pract─▒t─▒oner was Sandra, our ─▒nstructor, mak─▒ng a demonstrat─▒on and I exper─▒enced very we─▒rd and magn─▒f─▒cent event about my ch─▒ldhood dur─▒ng the course. I am not able to expla─▒n th─▒s transformat─▒on ─▒n a systemat─▒c way but I learned to ─▒nterpret the s─▒tuat─▒on from a d─▒fferent p─▒nt of v─▒ew wh─▒le I was releas─▒ng my negat─▒ve enegy.

Also the behav─▒ours and att─▒tudes of our ─▒nstructor was really k─▒nd and she tr─▒ed to answer all of my quest─▒ons even in the breaks. She never sk─▒pped any parts of the course and tr─▒ed to ment─▒on about all components as far as she could.

I wanted to thank to all people who made an effort towards th─▒s successful and mean─▒ngful course. Best w─▒shes, Aydan Bayir

EFT Master Practitioner: Its very useful and I have learned a lot. Sandra ─▒s very succesful tra─▒ner full of energy and she has such a lovely enegy. Thanks alot Sandra I love you, D─▒lek Bayaz─▒d


 Istanbul EFT Master Practitioners March 2014

EFT Master Practitioner:

Even though we didnt speak the same language and used a translator during the trainng, Sandra still managed to make a good connection with us and we felt her energy well. The contentof the training was very rich. It was only 3 days but we succeeded to treat all the subjects. I am thankful to everyone who has helped to introduce EFT to the world since it started.

Dr. ┼×afak┬áDa─čl─▒ Bozkurt

EFT Master Practitioner:

Sandra, you had a really good energy during all of this training, I could feel it. From my point of view it was something that made the training even better. Even though the content was so good I would have liked a bit more time for the exercises as they were so good. Fopr me this was not only a training, but I feel I made a new friend and colleague in this work. Thank you so much Sandra.

Murat Aydın

EFT Master Practitioner:

This training brought me a lot more than I expected. It was a really great experience. The material and the technique was great to show me how EFT works and how to apply it effectively even though this was my first ever EFT Training. Very dear Sandra, with her smilig face, her energy and experience, enabled me to make this important step for me with EFT. I thank Sandra so much and the Radia team from all my heart for organising this training and I would like to state that I would love to join other trainings at Radia in the future.


EFT Master Practitioner:

I joined the Energy EFT Master Practitioner training to know what could be new as I have already been working with EFT for 10 years. During this training we learned first about the neergy body and this was a different perspective and right from day 1 of the training I was learning new information. I have left the old EFT behind now and embraced the new Energy EFT. It was a marvellous training. Sandra as a trainer cares about everyone. She uses words and examples to explain the concepts perfectly. I was very happy to be here in this training and to learn so many new concepts for using EFT.

Nevin Samsunlu

EFT Master Practitioner:

This EFT Training, the energy of the group and the trainer Sandra, all helped me feel very good. The training from Sandra was excellent, very successful in all ways. Thanks very much to The AMT.


EFT Master Practitioners Guildford 8 March 2015

New EFT Master Practitioners At The Willow Clinc Guildford March 2015

Lesley Irvine

Fabulous course! I came to learn how to facilitate and not only has Sandra taught me clearly with gentleness, wisdom and strong guidanbce, I have cleared more deeply seated blocked energy than I would ever have believed possible! I feel lighter and more personally empowered. Such a fun group with upbeat energy that with Sandra at the head we enjoyed our 3 days immensely. Thank you so much. This is an amazingly powerful therapy!

Bridget McConnell

Great course, very down to earth and clear delivery. Powerful and effective treatment that will compliment my existing counselling practice well. Thank you.

Kaysen Asante

Transformational experience that has been very practical. I have loved it. Sandra is a great calm teacher with great energy, a star!

Sal Worringham

The course was fantastic, I really enjoyed the discovery of 'its just energy'. Ive learned about beliefs and choice. I feel I have dramatically changed my thinking from this course. Thank you Sandra for your teachings.

Kim Hale

Great course. A wonderful addition to my existing qualifications. I have learned a lot and felt that this course was very intensive and informative, also very well structured. Many thanks to Sandra who kept us on track and focused with lots of positive encouragement.

Simon Card

Yes, thoughly enjoyed the course this weekend and was very suprised in many ways by EFT. Kelly my partner has been telling/showing me pretty much since we met, but I've a terrible stubbon streak and as I explained on the first day just didn't understand the mechanics of it - I've since realised that doesn't matter, going with the flow is the way forward. Got a bit of work to do on me as I've been finding out but I've certainly the tools and in Kelly and yourself some amazing support.
Certainly looking forward to the future, its going to be amazing!

International EFT Master Practitioner Training by Skype 

EFT Master Practitioner by Skype Training 19 Nov 2014

Joining from  : Portsmouth, South Wales, London, Nigeria, Canada and Australia Cool

Hi Everyone ( I just woke up after 3 long nights :) )
I just want to say thank you to each and everyone of you for sharing and your connection over the last 3 days.  
Sandra it was an amazing course, even more so as it was held on a global platform.  This technology will only get better and better so the future with this work is certainly exciting as the world becomes more connected.
Terry I loved your excitement and willingness to learn and explore what EFT can do.  Brenda you have a calming nature and I feel you have a special gift to share as you ride that merry-go-round.  Ashley you are a true professional and I can see and feel that you wear your heart on your sleeve, the best way to be :).. And James you have the most infectous laugh, thanks for being part of the group.
Sandra, you really facilitated a wonderful program, I felt safe at all times and yet was challenged to go further when needed to. ┬áThank you all for the experience and IÔÇÖm sure we will remain connected. ┬á
Stay safe, be blessed and be in gratitudeÔÇŽ
Cheers from down under, Arthur, Sydney Australia

Hi all,

Echoing ArthurÔÇÖs sentiments, my thanks and gratitude to everyone for your warmth, connection and enthusiasm. It was special indeed to spend the 3 days with everyone and the skype setting certainly added a fascinating dimension to the connection and the training. Quite incredible to be able to connect in this way!

Special gratitude to you Sandra ÔÇô I know how much giving goes in to these trainings and to manage the technical aspect as well is a real feat! Your warmth and love of your subject came through very strongly and it was wonderful to be able to share your knowledge, insights and wisdom.

And to everyone, our individual sessions together were a great opportunity to connect personally, which I felt kept building the group energy! I kept looking at everyone on my screen and seeing smiling, open and warm faces - spread out throughout the world ÔÇô all connected through some powerful yet simple principles that furthers our own growth and puts us in a privileged position of being able to help others, very often in my experience in ways they never imagined possibleÔÇŽ

Special mention to you Arthur who went the extra step of going through the nights, literally turning your world upside down to be part of the training.

Looking forward to remaining in contact and sending love and blessings for your onward journeys.

Ashley, London

Hi Sandra and our wonderful EFTeam,

What a great experience!┬á My sincere thanks to you, Sandra, for the benefit of working with you on three occasions ÔÇô Positive EFT (a true gift to the world), Emotrance and now EFT Master Practitioner.┬á Your love for and dedication to your profession shine through, and the knowledge you so generously share inspires confidence and inspiration.

To my fellow students and new friends, thank you for your trust in working with me at such a personal level, for your support and encouragement, for your expertise, spirit and good humour.┬á It was a privilege to be among you in this training ÔÇô there were more than a few ÔÇťAha!ÔÇŁ moments for me and I couldnÔÇÖt have found them without you. ┬á

The course content is remarkable, so comprehensive and thought-provoking, and our manual will continue to be an outstanding resource. ┬áI had been a bit concerned about potential problems with Skype over the three days, but we managed very well with you at the helm, Sandra, coordinating the meeting of students from around the world.┬á As a recovering Luddite I marvel at how far weÔÇÖve come from the days of air mail letters and astronomical phone bills!

Warmest wishes to you all for a steady and fulfilling path ahead (or round and round, as the case may be!), and for rich blessings along the way.┬á IÔÇÖm looking forward to staying in touch.

With love, Brenda Ontario Canada

Dear Sandra,

A personal thank you to you for the wonderful 3 day training ÔÇô I feel nourished! Some feedbackÔÇŽ

I am so pleased I did the course, which I thought you delivered brilliantly. It was clear that a lot of thought had gone in to the putting together of the course and when I started re reading one of┬á Silvia HartmannÔÇÖs books a couple of weeks ago, I recalled how impressed I was with the way she expresses things.

As an EFT old timer, I explore, experiment and work intuitively/ creatively and over the time have done many courses. This GoE training seemed to have so many overlaps with so many other things ÔÇô NLP, Inner Child work, Mindfulness, Focusing, Classic EFT, Spirituality ÔÇô much of what I bring in to my own practise, and I kept getting ÔÇťwowÔÇŁ moments through the course, how this has all been brought together in your training. Well done to you and to AMT!

So pleased to have met you and I look forward to our paths crossing in the future.

With heartfelt thanks and very best wishes,

Ashley Meyer

EFT Master Trainer London

 EFT Master Practitioner Training by Skype

"Dear Sandra , Linda, Katerina and Trude

Firstly, I want to extend a huge vote of thanks to you, Sandra, for conducting this 3-day marathon so professionally and efficiently.┬á I remain totally amazed at how we linked up to the various different countries and managed to work together as well as have a sense that we were all actually in the same room together!!┬á WellÔÇŽÔÇŽ.we WERE - energetically!!!┬á Thank you dear Sandra for all your help and guidance, for your warmth and experience, and above all, for your immense patience.┬á You are an inspiration and a model of excellence!

Secondly, I'd like to extend my warm appreciation to my fellow students - Linda. Katerina and Trude - for the ways in which you worked with me and for letting me work with you. Your open-hearted  and trusting participation was a joy.  I found I learned hugely from the work we did together and am also immensely grateful to all of you for helping me work through some tricky issues for myself.  Blessings and love to you all - and do please stay in touch.  It would indeed be wonderful to Skype again either to give general support and encouragementand to hear how you are doing or to do some more work on any personal issues that may arise.  I'd be delighted to help any of you and do exchange sessions or just have a chat at any time.  I must admit to not being very keen on FaceBook groups, so am unlikely to participate in the GoE group Sandra mentions, and  would prefer to be in contact with you in future privately and individually.

And finally, I'm getting very excited about that new certificate which will be arriving in the post shortly!. I already have a frame awaiting it and a  place on the wall for it in my therapy room.   It's been a fascinating 3 days and my head is buzzing, but I can't wait to implement some of my new skills with my clients over the next few weeks, and of course on and into the future. Once again, my heartfelt love and gratitude to you all."

Sally Topham London

"Hi Everyone!
Thank You Sandra for an amazing training weekend! You are a truly gifted teacher. I look forward to meeting you someday (perhaps on one of your retreats!) I'll send that intention out to the Universe!
Thank You Sally, Trude and Katerina for trusting me to practice and learn from your personal issues. I feel such gratitude that you allowed me that privilege. I'm not used to sharing intimate details of my own life and thank you for keeping me safe when I was a client to release the old hurts and wounds! Trude and Katerina - You were both amazing! Sally, I loved your energy! It was such a joyful experience to see your evolution in a few demonstrations. 
I am definitely open to swaps! Just email me and we can set up some swap sessions. 
Thanks again Sandra!"

Linda Ellerker, Ontario Canada
"Thank you for a great, inspiring and very interesting weekend, a wonderful journey with lots of great energy EFT work experience, which we shared during the Energy EFT Master Practitioner Course.

Sandra thanks a lot for creating a safe arena, for being such a patient and relaxed guide and leader, which in a very natural way showed us and handled both the many helpful tools for an Energist and the modern technology and Skype in teaching situation!

Very professional!

I must admit I was not very convinced about these technologies possibilities on beforehand, and quite sceptical for using Skype in this kind of EFT energy work. Could it actually work?

My experience from our weekend is that modern thecnology, used in this new way for energy EFT works!  It is actually a major gift and great tool for those of us, which, for many different reasons are not able to join a "live energy" course.

So from this point of view, It was really helpful that Sandra also took time, and did such a solid preparation for making us feel safe and comfortable with using the Skype technology as our classroom. Before the journey started.

From this well prepared starting point, jumping into this new technology and EFT energy world was made into something exciting and manageable.

This was such a fun and great experience!

The group was fantastic! The energy we together managed to establish and share was absolutely present!  Even though we sat around in our homes, in different countries, even in different continents!

For me personal, this experience with exploring online technology in this new context ,takes the energy EFT work into an even more amazing and fascinating new dimension. We do connect energetically with each other, regardless physical distance!  Energy flows, are meant to flow, regardless limitations as time and distance.

This was really experienced and an eye opener during this weekend.

Even from┬ábeing quite inexperienced with using Skype technology in this kind of┬á energy work, and also from having some reservations about┬á the second┬á language issue, ┬áto be an extra challenge in such ÔÇťtechnology classroom situationÔÇŁ

- Also these issues turned out to be fully manageable, as it was really created a very relaxed, kind and friendly classroom world atmosphere, as we together explored the course with great enthusiasm.

I am so happy that I overcome my sceptical mind and joined this Skype course, and the amazing group as fellowship!

I am also very happy that I took the chance on giving new technology an opportunity to let me experience, first hand, EFT energy work in a new way.

I would very much recommend everyone, and anyone, which consider the Master Practitioner Coarse, with or without reservations, to jump into it and join Sandra and her skilled guidance into this world of fascinating EFT energy work and  technology.

I do believe, you too will also be happy you took the chance and jumped.

Thanks a lot!"

Trude Hafnarmark, Norway

Istanbul March 2015 9 Wonderful EFT Master Practitioners

Thank you Sandra for feeling my energy. If you want to recognize yourself and your inside world you have to meet her and EFT. My lovely teacher I learn that there is no stress or problem that I could not solve now. I am impatient to share this magical way to my friends and family, maybe everyone I can know. Thanks and Love.

├ľzlem Kutlu ├ľNER

This course expanded my vision tremendously. I'm much more confident, full of love and ready to share the gifts Sandra has shared with us. Being in this course was a joy! Her smooth warm loving presence and the space she created supported me alot. With gratitude.

Heves Atasoy

It was an amazing experience learning EFT from Sandra, who is a great trainer. Deep inside I feel that while I started to make the first step on my way of EFT this journey will include lots of great experiences for me. Thank you all who gave us this opportunity to learn this great traning. I am a good Energist! 

Cihan K─▒l─▒c G├╝r

From the very first minutes of the training Sandra has been a great leader, supporter and trainer. By the end of day 3 I feel like I am capable of conducting sessions by myself and helping my clients. The applications and exercises were just great. Also the duration of the training was good. 1 day is too short to understand and feel competent about the methods. 3 days were more than enough. Thanks for 3 days of joy, info and demos, for a great environment and the snacks too. Until next time.

─░nan├ž Civeleko─člu

In this training I've experienced to learn from a wise loving and frank woman, Sandra. Beyond the training it was great to know such a person like her. The training was very well designed and learning from Sandra made it easier to understand, feel and execute. She helped us on every question that we asked and explained deeply until it was ok for everyone. Thank you Sandra for your kindness and sharing your wisdom with us! Hope to see you soon! Love Derya.

Derya Bilgin

I waited to have this course from Sandra. And now I know why.... Sandra is a great person, loving, caring, sympathetic and energetic! She teaches from the heart! She created a lovely, comfortable, joyful environment in the class, full of passion for loving and healing. I feel so lucky to get to know her, to have learned EFT from her. Thank you, your lovely being! I'm grateful! And I'm excited to attend your EMO Energy In MOtion Class next!

Senem Tu─čcuo─člu

Thanks for your energy, creativity and encouragement during training. It was amazingly teachful for me to understand and feel both theory and practical parts. I had come knowing EFT already but I realised that several aspects can be experienced since we talk about emotions and made them free. Hope to see you soon, Thanks alot.

Mehmet Dalyanda

Sandra, I have no words in life to describe how wonderful this training was. You are a great teacher with great energy and you gave us 3 wonderful days. I am sure after this training I can rely on myself to practice EFT. It is a pleasure to know you. Thanks for everything.

Alper Akba┼č

I waited a long time for this training and I'm very grateful to complete it with the right teacher in the right place. I am very happy to learn EFT and that I can now create immediate changes and results for people. As a professional coach I believe I can create miracles in life and I can really help my clients with this technique. Now I have hands that can touch all emotions and feelings. Thanks again Sandra. As I practice I will remember you and your guidance.

Aynur K─▒l─▒n├ž┬á


Luis Farrajota

Sandra Hillawi is a great trainer. She teaches by using both theory information and practical exercises, and keeps the students motivated and excited.

Her online EFT Master practitioner course exceeded my expectations and was a true revelation for me. We could see and feel the potential of EFT as an energy therapy. I have practiced basic EFT for some years now, but this course brings EFT to a new level, it will allow me to work as an EFT Professional.


Posted Nov 29, 2015   

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