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Comparing EFT and EMOTrance and EMO Energy In Motion

Comparing EFT and EMOTrance and EMO Energy In Motion

Why do we need EMO Energy In Motion (was EMOTrance) if we have EFT? That’s a really great question and allows us to explore and compare these two powerful energy modalities a bit.

EFT came first. It was most people's first introduction to having an energy system and the nature of negative emotions arising from energy blockages and how to release them. We love EFT because of its simplicity and effectiveness for healing and transformation. EFT is our Ambassador for modern energy work, and Energy EFT is an evolution from Classical EFT which embodies our further understanding of the energetic engine that underlies EFT success which we have explored over the years since EFT came along. But what about EMO? And now EMO? How do they differ? What do they add? Do we need them?

EFT Heart and Soul protocol

How EFT Works

EFT assists energy flow in the energy body which allows us to process the energies and events of our lives more easily and to heal and evolve, when we have been stuck blocked or not able to move on for many reasons.

We know that we do this by focussing on the 'problem' ie the energy blockage and tapping the end points of the major energy meridians which in combination bring energy to the problem area in the energy body that needs healing and helps energy to flow again.

The EFT technique helps a natural process which has got stuck to complete. With Energy EFT we are taught to pay closer attention to the physical feelings and sensations in the body which accompany the problem. We know this as Sixth Sense Sensations, expressing the energy movements and the state of the energy body physically in the form of our emotions. We learn that emotions are nothing more than that. An expression of what’s happening in the energy body.

Remember.... processing the events of our life is a natural process as we are open to life, embrace and accept life experiences, enjoy learn and then let go of what we don’t need,  growing through these events. In other words we are a channel processing life energies flow in through and out, changing as we live. Its natural. Its normal. Its designed to be that way.

Waves of emotion need to flow

Along Came EMOTrance

In 2002 Silvia Hartmann created EMOTrance, the word standing for transforming emotions. 

She discovered that the feeling in the body that we have when we have our blocked emotions shows us the actual location of the energy blockage in the body.  When we simply pay attention, and use our intention to this blockage, breathing well as we do it, the energy starts to flow naturally. We feel it flow through the body and even leave the body. With no tapping, just paying attention and using intention and a bit of extra energy help from our hands through which our energy flows out and into the problem area too.

So by becoming aware that blocked emotions are just cries of help from the energy body, as physical pain is a cry for help from the physical body... we respond by simply giving attention and energy to the injury. And the energy starts to flow again.

So simple natural and elegant.

For me, its like learning to ride a bike. The bike being our energy body, the energy engine as we engage with energy in our life.

Many need the stabilisers as we start to learn,  tapping and learning about emotions, about energy, about events, about healing about evolution.  Then we reach a point where we really get it about the energy body and energy flow and then we can just ride the bike itself, no tapping needed, just attention and intention to assist energy flow.

Of course some can just get on the bike and ride and really take to EMO from the start. It makes total logical sense to them and is an awakening that they are ready to embrace and live straight away, they may already have been living it, just without knowing what it was they were doing. To them EFT can seem a bit awkward clumsy and slow compared to the elegance of EMOTrance.

Though its more simple, just like riding the bike without the stabilisers, EMO is a more advanced way of being and of living, not just in the therapy room, but in everyday life.

EMOTrance Grows Into EMO

As time has passed we have come to use EMOTrance  for not only healing our blockages and injuries, but to raise energy, and to explore new life experiences with conscious awareness of how we respond to life, how we perform in that area of life and invisibly, even in the moment when life is happening... assisting the energy flow through the breath, our attention and intention. And intention can move energy fast.

EMOTrance has grown up from not only a healing modality but into a 'Living with Energy' in every day life process, living with Energy In Motion, embodying Energy in Motion as we live and evolving as we go.

So EMOTrance for 'transforming our blocked emotions' has grown up. EMOTrance itself has evolved into EMO Energy In MOtion.

So returning to the original question....

Why do we need EMO if we have EFT which we love?

The first part of the answer is.... evolution. We are all always evolving. We cant NOT evolve, unless we are stuck, blocked, or resistant to change. And for that we can use our beloved EFT to set us free! Energy needs to flow.

In the moment when life challenges are happening there and then

Wiill you tap in front of the person in public as your irritation rises while talking to them, as they demand your attention or don’t respond as you expect?

No, you will wait til you are home, and if you are dedicated to your personal development, you will tap recognising that you can heal and grow in that area, and find new patience and compassion and fascination in this human being that you avoided at the time because you felt uncomfortable.

However with EMO you can deal with it there and then, in the moment. You can notice your rising emotions in your body, where do you feel it the uncomfortable feeling? breathe, soften release and let your energy flow invisibly and naturally in the moment as it happens.

This is truly a magical skill. This allows you to transform life events... as they occur... into energising enlightening experiences and have more satisfying interactions as a result.

You can transform that big news into a powerful positive event.

You can transform a moment of heart break into a moment of love and grace.

You can do it in the moment as its happening.

EMO  brings the opportunity to stop accumulating problems to heal in the therapy room, and start navigating life in a fuller more complete way as it happens.

Wow... that’s advanced spiritual living. That’s living energy. That’s the life of the evolved energist. That’s really throwing off the stabilisers and just riding the bike.

Deeper connection appreciation and wisdom

EMO allows you, through your energy awareness and developed 6th sense, to tune into the more subtle energies of nature, colours, the sun, the sky, music as well as people and animals... and to feel those energies on a deeper level. It allows you to consciously assist the flow of these energies and deepen further your experience and connection with your environment. As you navigate the energies of life through your energy body, paying attention, softening and flowing, you learn, your grow, you delight in life that surrounds you, that you didn’t even notice was there before, or didn’t know how to truly appreciate.

Of course you can do it with tapping. Tap as you smell the flowers. Tap as you listen to music. Tap as you meet a new person. Tap to connect with a tree or a mountain. Tap away on a bus plane or while your shopping or in a restaurant. But lets face it... it is a bit of a weird thing to do in public a funny tapping thing to let you enjoy life more deeply. It has to be more natural than that by design. And EMO is.  It allows you to develop conscious awareness, understand what you are feeling and experiencing in your body, the whole range of what emotions are and use intention to assist the energy flow to enhance the experience.

This is a further step along the way of spiritual living. So for all those on the spiritual path of self learning EMO is a fundamental process, a life skill not just for the therapy room, but for navigating life. It is natural and yet somewhere we lost this natural ability in our society. Thankfully, we are now rediscovering and relearning as we become more conscious and aware.

So Does the EFT Practitioner Need EMO?

Is EMO Energy In Motion good for the EFT Practitioner?

For sure, we got by so well with EFT alone so far. And we can continue to do so. But you can teach your clients how to ride their bike with stabilisers on... or stabilisers off. Some are not ready, some are. If you use the EFT Body Protocol, or have 'chased the pain' while tapping, you already have some familiarity of this process. Tapping is assisting the energy flow through and out. So for clients who are feeling their emotions in the body, it may be a faster more elegant way for them to work. Simply ask ‘where do you feel that in your body?’ and direct their intention, with the practitioners intention, towards restoring and increasing the energy flow. Stand up, move around, breathe, soften and flow.

Also, to focus on 'a heavy feeling in the chest' that 'spreads and flows down through the body and out' is more comfortable than focussing on 'all this sadness and loss about something that happened in a persons life. Its less emotional. Sometimes thats easier to heal in a more comfortable way. Along the way the client is learning, gathering evidence, about the real nature of their emotions and linking that to the sensations and feelings they have in their body and empowerment at how simple it can be to transform their state.

In hands on healer mode, its feels really good to connect deeply with the client and bring extra healing energy to the problem area. While tapping we are connected with our client but with our healing hands, that can go much further and more energy can flow between practitioner and client.

What If Someone Cant Feel Emotions In The Body?

This is often because they are disconnected from the energy source or event that they are struggling with. There are ways to bring them back to that connection and to feel the event fully, as we teach in the excellent EFT Master Practitioner Training. Then we could continue to tap or to use EMO for the actual energy flow restoring process.

We could also investigate the disconnection caused by the barriers. EMO itself can help us discover the injuries behind the barriers. When these are healed we are allowed to open up and reconnect and learn more about that aspect of life we were avoiding.

Or we can decide to use EFT on the perception of the problem, and forget EMO. Just carry on as we have been doing. A small percentage of people wont be suited to work with EMO but are ok for EFT.

Its good to have a tool kit, to be able to flexibly choose the best approach for the client at the time. EFT and EMO are powerful skills to have together. I personally use them both.

Emotrance simple natural elegant and fast

EMO is more simple and natural than EFT

With EFT we physically tap with our fingers on points on the body as we focus on our problems using a protocol to assist the process

With EMO we sense the blockage in the body or outside the body and intend the energy to soften and flow in through and out with just attention breathing and intention plus our own healing hands going to the place of injury which is a natural and instinctive process.

Which is Faster?

Tapping using our lovely tapping protocols is already fast compared to more traditional approaches to healing. But just as EFT is an evolution on traditional methods, EMO is an evolution on EFT. Simply using our intention we can help the energy to soften faster, flow faster and flow out faster? We can speed up healing and we can do a lot of healing in a session when we speed things up and get really energised in the process.

Is it Either OR or Can we Use Both?

Of course its good to have both options in the toolkit for our clients and for ourselves. Why limit ourselves to just one modality. There are advantages to both and they complement each other so well.

EFT is great for digging down under problems to find underlying problems and allowing you to be aware of the cognitive processes and changes taking place along the way.

EMO is content free, we just work with energy,  that in itself is an advantage, but we still check our cognitive shifts about life and the problem after we got the energy flowing well again.

So as with all evolution, some are curious and ready to explore and some are not. So EMO is for you when the time is right.  If you have read this far, it probably is a good step for you personally and professionally but as you prepare to explore, to throw away the stabiliser wheels of your bike, lets also consider that evolution continues on.  Others may have already explored ahead of us and that somewhere some day someone, if we are lucky, may also be teaching us to fly. 

7 Ways to Find out more about EMO?

  1. Read Silvia Hartmann’s book EMO: Energy Emotion Information and Love
  2. Read The Love Clinic – my book on the energy dynamics of relationships and love
  3. Try  for yourself – with free EMO videos here 
  4. Book an EMO session with me to get a feel for it and see if you want to go further
  5. Join me for Personal Tuition and Coaching in EMO
  6. Join a live EMO or EMO training event, check my events diary here
  7. EMO Master Practitioner Training Course Information - all welcome


Thanks for reading

Love and Light Blessings to You

Sandra Hillawi

Master Energist Trainer and Love Coach

Posted Jul 29, 2015   

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