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EMO Master Practitioner Feedback

EMO Master Practitioner Feedback

Its always a very special event for me, to teach EMO and now in its new form EMO Energy In Motion. This transformational course by Silvia Hartmann leads us all gently beautifully and logically through the basics of energy through to emotions and energy flow, through healing, the events in our lives, through to our souls evolution, the joy of creativity, reading and writing energy, living with energy on a day to day basis, and for deeper connection with our world and ourselves. Whether you are interested for healing or for spiritual living its a gift.

The last training in February in London was no exception. Enjoy the photos, feedback and poetry that emerged from our beautiful time together.

9 new practitioners at The Willow Clinic Wonersh April 2016

Dear Sandra,
Thanks for the wonderful weekend!
It was such a great three days of rejuvenating personal work and learning - I don't know how it all fit in so beautifully! We covered SO many topics, so many angles, but most of all, all of us getting so much personal work done, getting so much clarity!
And if EFT is simple, EMO is even easier to integrate into (my) daily life and work! Spending just a little time yesterday, without the 'fuss' getting into tapping, I told two of my stressed-out students in their lessons to locate that stress energy and soften and flow it. And I can see in their faces that in those few minutes the facial muscles relaxed and smiles appear. 
I am intrigued where this takes me ....
Best for now,
Vivian xx
Music Teacher and Energist
Hi Sandra,
Thank you so much for such a lovely weekend, it really was life changing. Before this course life was just happening, i didn't know how or why but i know i was missing the joy. I knew i could feel pain and every other negative emotion, but for whatever reason i wasn't allowing myself to feel love or happiness even though surrounded by such a lovely family and friendship group too. You have opened my soul again thank you.
Beauty Therapist xx
Dear Sandra...just a quick note to say a huge thank you for a fabulous, life-enhancing course. Just the right mix of listening and practical work. I have attached the poem for which I was a conduit! It was such a moving experience to listen to he heartfelt outpourings from everyone all so very different, and for your beautiful song.
Love Kim xxx
Dear Sandra, Thank you again for a wonderful 3 days that have surprised me as well as expanded and strengthened my heart. As promised, my poem is attached.
Valerie xx
My dear Sandra,
I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful healing and learning you love ourselves and all life!It was particularly healing for me regarding self love, which is the start and basis for all in the future. I was so touched by the beautiful heart gifts you gave us. It is hanging by my bed as a reminder to soften and flow always.
Also when you mentioned the poem you had written was a connection through me, I was so moved and am so looking forward to seeing it again!
Enclosing my poem for the collection. Love Lesley xx
Poems created in the course can be found at

EMO Master Practitioners Kayseri Turkey 25 Oct 2015

Kayseri 25 Oct 2015 Left to Right: Murat, Beyza, Sadullah, Özlem, Sandra, Erhan 

Sadullah Sönmez, Kayseri Turkey

This was my first GoE Training. The topics grabbed my attention and I was interested. The length and information was great and I have a new perspective and healing technique. I want to thank Sandra for setting up this trainng. It was a pleasure to meet her and I look forward to meeting again at a future training.

Hayriye Erhan, Kayseri Turkey

All my life I wanted freedom. I searched for the meaning of freedom for years. Today I realised that freedom is the ability to manage your energy and emotion. Today I realised that I am on the right path in my life. I came to understand the link between Love and The Creator. All roads come together here. Once again with eternal love and thanks.

Murat Aydın, Trainer Kayseri

Thank you very much Sandra for the amazing energy and training. I now have a new star event in my life and this I allowed even to flow.

Beyza YĂĽcel, Kayseri Turkey

I called this training with my whole heart and thank God through Sandra it came. It was fun and important to learn new information and techniques. It is a great feelig to be surrounded by people working with energy. I hope the whole world sees this and uses it in a true productive real and evolutionary way. I hope Earth will turn then into a wonderful livable place. I am glad you visited Kayseri Sandra, Thank you.


Energy In Motion Master Practitioners London 22 Feb 2015

Sally Topham, Trainer

Dear Sandra and lovely fellow  students

I'm writing to tell you how much I enjoyed our Emo Master Practitioner Training, and how good it was to meet and work with you all.

As ever, Sandra, you did a magnificent job of teaching us the new techniques and giving us all encouragement and support throughout. A million thanks for all your help, wisdom and warmth.   

Grateful thanks, too, to  the rest of you dear people for guiding me through whatever personal work we did together with such love and warmth and much appreciation also for your delightful energy and  contributions over the three days. I felt that together with Sandra,  we created an incredibly warm and nourishing bubble of energy for ourselves which was not only healing, but a joy to experience.

I shall remember our training with much fondness and feel honoured and privelged that it took place in my own home.

Do stay in touch and please know that I'd be most happy to do some swaps or just have a chat or some email correspondence with any of you should you feel the inclination or need at any time.

Thanks to everyone who has so far sent their writings from the training.  I'm amazed and uplifted by the wonderful flow of words which poured forth and each poem will serve as a happy reminder for me of our time together.

Much love, Sally

Loretta Day, London

I'm still buzzing after our wonderful Energy weekend. I somehow feel life, my attitude to life and work is different, and I have a sense of moving forward in a "new" way. Life will never be the same again !

Bhavna Patel, Bucks
I enjoyed the course so very much. I feel as if EMOTrance completed my learning and that I have enough tools in my toolbox now.
I'm so glad our paths crossed, you are a very special lady and I am blessed to have met you and trained with you.  You truly are my angel, thank you for your love, support and kindness and more importantly, for believing in me.
Looking forward to seeing you soon.
Love always, Bhavna xx

Client Poetry 

Created on the course...


We can skim the surface as we pass through this life

Like a stone thrown across the ripples of the waves

Or we can plunge deeper, feel more, sense more and

Open to the energy of all that is


Drink it in,  absorb it, embrace it and welcome it

Allow it to flow in, through and out

Be like a flower opening to the sun and the rain

Knowing both can nourish and help us to grow



Soften ! Melt!
Encourage! Be Patient!
Teach! Love! Be together!
Aspire to his Soul!
Swim! Surf!
Transcend to the crest of the wave !
Energy and light
Spring forth from the heart
Dancing singing joyful it starts
Invisible magic weaving its way
Touching within as we share and we play
Grateful and bright
with love and delight
I welcome within
And my soul starts to sing
Its love that we know
With this love that we grow
Towards the solution
Our souls evolution
Dance freely, knowing it is safe to shine. Nothing is taken only beauty added.
Sharing the heart strengthens each droplet of unified beats..tadum tadum..tadum tadum…
Sacred beloved, river runs through the veins of our being, rhythm ecstatic, feel the colours, sense the passion…..for loving creation and releasing our destiny ceremoniously. 
You are a treasure to the world
Do not resist or shrink away from responsibility.
It will sharpen you all the more
You have been given all you need in order to transform the world
your smile is a medication
your calmness is like a river and honey combs that attract people and bees
your personality is  a magnet
Accept all that come your way
They are all different types of flower in the garden
That can help you to be more attractive and useful 
Look at the sun it shines and gives light
While the moon is dull but still provides light.
This is how life is
It is full of ups and downs
since you have been equipped
The wind will blow after wind, rain then comes dryness 
But at last your well is strengthened and your well will never run dry
Thanks a million times

Six new EMO Master Practitioners Istanbul 5 April 2015

Istanbul April 2015: Senem, Heves, Sandra, Sevgi, Belma, Banu, Seda


The EMO Training showed me new ways to work with energy. It was different form the Energy EFT Master Practitioner course I took last week and felt like the next step after working with EFT. Sandra's living presence was always there helping me to gain more confidence in sharing these tools with other people. EMO is simple powerful and useful in everyday life too. It is a way of life.


EMO Master training is a wonderful contribution to our path. I will be delighted to practice this with people. The delightfulness and the feeling of love was really embedded in the training, amazing! Sandra is a lovely lively wonderful person. The way she connects us and feeds us with knowledge , energy and love is fantastic! I feel very lucky to get to know her and attend EMO training in her class.


It was a pleasure for me that I have attended this EMO Master Training with Sandra. The exercizses that we did were wonderful. For your love, your light and joy, thank you.


There are no words to explain my feeling about Energy Work and this course. Yuo haver to experience it and feel these feelings.


Being with a wonderful group was an exciting experience. Everything with energy was really beautiful. Thank you.



Posted Feb 25, 2015   

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