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EMO When Life Is Hard

EMO When Life Is Hard

Life was feeling hard for some time now.

A recent client was a Wife and Mother of two with her own business. She was shouldering the responsibility of earning to support the family as her husband’s income was less than hers and working to improve herself and her future through studies. She was struggling to manage it all.  She had reached a point of feeling that life was so hard and wanted to rest from carrying all these responsibilities and wished her husband could get a better job and support them all. She was feeling this way for a long time and didn’t have much energy. Some small feelings of resentment for her husband were building at this point for not being more progressive. I introduced her to EMO.

Woman managing it all

Softening The Hardness of Life

I asked her where the hard feeling was in her body. It was in her shoulders, a bit in her chest and also in her head. I explained that it was blocked energy, reducing her power and directed her to pay gentle loving attention to the dense energy in her shoulders and head. It started to feel softer. With a bit more attention and help from me sending love to these places with her, the energy started to flow.... out through her ears, out with the breath and down the body.

She felt easier, more relaxed and comfortable. I tested this out by taking her back to her ‘responsibilities’ . She said it was better but felt a pressure on the top of her head. We softened and flowed this energy, through and out. I tested again about her life, ‘was there anything else about her life that was a challenge or problem?’ She said, ‘No it felt much easier now’ then went on to tell me about her hopes and dreams which she said seemed so far away.

Bringing Hopes and Dreams to Life

I asked to build a picture of her dreams and goals and tell me how far off from it her it seemed. She put her hand to her stomach, ‘I feel heaviness’. We softened and flowed. The energy flowed down the legs and out the feet. Then the goal felt closer.

I asked her to focus on the goal now, what was great about it, how did she feel about it? and where were the good feelings now? ‘In the chest’ she said. So I guided her to soften and flow and allow the good feelings to grow bigger to great feelings all through the body, and to let it go.

She said it felt more close, like it was here now. I asked her to think of the feeling of gratitude for bringing her dream to life. That was in her chest. Again, I suggested to her to soften and flow and let the good feelings grow and let the energy release out. She was smiling and looking really brighter. ‘I feel really good and happy about it now, and it feels easy’ she said smiling. ‘I feel I can do everything and its easy’ she was so happy.

Reigniting The Love

So I asked about her husband. How was her relationship with him now. She said ‘he’s kind and simple man and caring about me, which is really nice, I love him, except for when he is sick. I become very hard with him then which is opposite to how caring he is with me when I’m sick’. ‘And what do you feel inside you when you think of him sick?’ It was a powerful feeling in the stomach and chest. We softened and flowed til the only part left was her feeling that she would have to be 100% responsible, which was a  pressure in the head. We softened and flowed. She laughed realising that the 100% responsible was only for a short time til he became better. I asked how much she loved her husband and what she felt in her body about this. She felt her love in the heart. I asked her to focus on this, to allow it to soften flow and grow, to let it flow all through her body and out.

Afterwards she was so happy. 'I really feel so much love for him now, of course I love my kids but I had lost that feeling to my husband, it had become rare. Now its strong again. Thank you so much, I’m very happy.’

This client had re-energised for her life. Life felt easy again, that her dreams were here and now and not some far off idea, that she could change things so easily and was back in love again.

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Posted May 24, 2018   

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