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Sandra Hillawi, World Class Trainer Coach and Author guides you in the simplest way to release stress and blocked emotions

EMOTION = Energy In Motion = E.M.O.

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Do you often struggle to keep your emotions and stress under control?

Do you ever feel so overwhelmed down by emotions and stress to the point that it starts to affect your physical and emotional wellbeing?

And would you like to break free from the negative effects of stress – in a way that is natural, simple, sustainable without it effecting your productivity?

So many people are disabled by stress as a side effect of our demanding modern life. Some know they are perpetuating more stress waves by acting from their stress states, yet don’t know how to be any other way.

What if the whole subject of emotions and stress could be made easy?

In fact, what if stress emotions could be transformed in one simple natural way, to not only create new resilience and freedom but to create powerful positive states with energy to fuel you into a healthy extraordinary and fulfilling life?






Sandra Hillawi - Relationship Rescue During Lockdown

The Emotions Made Easy program is a mini course by Sandra Hillawi that teaches you one simple powerful transformation tool that gives you the power over your emotions leaving you able to handle the challenges of life with ease and speed.

By following Sandra’s simple steps, you’ll become able to handle any kind of uncomfortable emotion or stress that you may encounter and ultimately enjoy a better quality of life, without compromising on your success or productivity.

The beauty of Sandra’s process is that it trains you – on both a mental and physiological level – to naturally handle stress in an easier more productive way. All without any willpower struggles or conscious behavioral change.

Sandra is a globally renowned trainer in emotional transformation to create behavioural change through the simple method of E.M.O. Energy In Motion. Through this Mini Course you too can experience this highly acclaimed approach to personal transformation.

Meet Your Trainer Sandra Hillawi

Trainer Credentials

World class Trainer’s Trainer in EMO and EFT/Tapping for 18 Years

Appeared on BBC TV and Radio to present highly acclaimed book The Love Clinic

Personally trained Professional Coaches, Counsellors, Therapists and Healers in over 10 countries and is loved worldwide

Trainer Credentials

World class Trainer’s Trainer in EMO and EFT/Tapping for 18 Years

Appeared on BBC TV and Radio to present highly acclaimed book The Love Clinic

Personally trained Professional Coaches, Counsellors, Therapists and Healers in over 10 countries and is loved worldwide

The Guild Of Energists Trainer Of The Year, year upon year

Sandra Hillawi panel
Sandra Hillawi GoE Trainer of the Year 2017
Sandra Hillawi GoE Trainer of The Year 2018

Sandra Hillawi is widely recognized as an international trainer, coach and author who has personally trained thousands in over 10 countries over 18 years of dedication to the field of emotional transformation.

Sandra is celebrated worldwide for her extraordinary ability to teach and train in clear easy to understand terms the principles of emotional transformation and to facilitate lasting change for using state of the art methods of EFT/Tapping, E.M.O. Energy In Motion and SuperMind.

Her highly-acclaimed book The Love Clinic, which incorporates the principle of E.M.O. Emotional Transformation, has transformed relationships and lives creating lasting happiness for those who have applied the steps within.

Sandra has been the top Trainer for the International Guild of Energists since it’s foundation, presented and been Master of ceremonies at annual Conferences for the Advancement of Modern Energy Methods for Human Development.

Sandra is a much loved trainer and coach, exuding warmth and wisdom, love and compassion gained through being a living example of the methods she teaches and the experience of 18 years of helping and teaching others.

In this new Emotions Made Easy Mini Course you will discover the same simple powerful method that has helped so people overcome fear, anxiety, stress and heart break and that Coaches, Therapists rave about as their secret to creating powerful change for their clients.

Stories on Sandra Hillawi

Wendy Fry

“My only regret is I wish I’d learned EMO sooner”

EMO is both a joy to share and experience, time and time again. Having used EMO in moments of shock, resolving past issues and also to bring in ‘that which I wish for’ EMO is limitless in its usage and capacity for good. My only regret is, I wish I’d learnt EMO sooner.

Wendy Fry
Life Coach and Author

Taffy Williams

“I have been to several classes and certifications around the world and without a doubt Sandra is the best teacher and trainer by far.”

First things first, Sandra is an amazing teacher able to communicate on all levels with knowledge and experience. I have been to several classes and certifications around the world and without a doubt Sandra is the best teacher and trainer by far. Sandra’s presentations and experience shows she is well versed in the meridian therapies and she always has time to talk one on one with us students. She goes the extra mile to make sure we are ready and able to perform as practitioners or trainers.

Sandra is very clear, precise in the delivery of the class being presented. There are not enough words to say how thankful I am to Sandra for her guidance and her teaching skills. The GoE must be so proud to have Sandra as a trainer.

I will certainly let everyone know how well the course has gone for me. I will be at other courses in the future where Sandra is going to teach or present more GoE classes.

RK Williams aka Taff
 Military Trainer, Security Specialist, Professional Diving

Gulcan Arpacioglu

“The “heart energy” of Sandra was buzzing in the room all day.”

Sandra is a very professional instructor, has enormous experience about EFT and EMO and most importantly, is a very warm-hearted person. I could not hug her enough! She was clear, precise and honest about everything she taught.

Gulcan Arpacioglu
EFT Trainer, Istanbul

What You Will Learn

1. How to Be Resilient To Stress

Learn and apply EMO the simplest process to transform any stress emotion into relaxed ease and positive states

2. How To Create Positive States In The Moment

Develop the ability to handle stress in the moment as it arises so that you can respond to the challenging situation with clarity and resourcefulness

3. Develop a Mindset of Hope and Positivity

Expand your vision to apply EMO to release your stress and raise your energy in many areas of your life. Become a source and emitter of positivity in your life.

Emotions Made Easy Curriculum      

Emotions Made Easy is a set of 5 videos that teach you how to release and transform your painful emotions using the simplest natural method that there is, E.M.O. Energy In Motion.

It is powerful and simple because when you work at the most fundamental level, that underpins most other modalities, the level of energy and vibration change is simple rapid and profound.

At the end of this mini course you will understand emotions, be able to transform all your emotions and know how to get rapid powerful results with EMO so you can manage yourself well and lead a stress-resilient life.

Emotions Made Easy - EMO Mini Course

Video 1: Discover and Understand

Discover the real nature of your emotions at the most fundamental level and the power of attention and intention for creating emotional transformation

Video 2: Guided EMO Session and Practice

In a guided practice session, that you can use again and again until you are fluent, Sandra will lead and teach you how to transform a specific emotional problem that you have in your life now so that you can experience how easily change can take place.

Video 3: FAQs and Mastery Tips

In part 3 Sandra shares her tips for getting the best results with EMO, answers frequently asked questions and reveals how to get really rapid results by speeding up the emotional transformation process.

Video 4: When We Don’t Feel Emotions

In part 4 you will discover and understand why you sometimes shut down to avoid feeling your emotions, the consequences of this and how to open the barriers to your heart safely, reconnect again with strength, courage, love and wisdom.

Video 5: Expand, Apply and Master Your Life

In part 5 Sandra shares 23 ways that you can apply EMO to improve your experience in many areas of life from stress to happiness and freedom.

What You Get

  • 5 Videos
  • Worksheets for each step to consolidate your learning
  • Bonuses: Copy of The Love Clinic, Heart Power Video, 1 Month Membership of Evolve Together

Program Cost: $97

If you want to become a master of your own transformation, say YES to love and help others to do the same then Join the Emotions Made Easy Mini-Course for $97 today!

Bonuses Included When You Join Today

The Love Clinic - Second Edition - Free Copy

Free Copy of The Love Clinic

Get your Gift Copy of the second edition of my bestselling book The Love Clinic, an amazing step-by-step self-help guide. Navigate your way back to love in the simplest way.

This is a 308-page book with tools, love stories and examples to help you in your relationship with yourself and with others.

Evolve Together - By Sandra Hillawi

1 Month Free Membership of Evolve Together

Monthly workshop live on Zoom to practice with like-minded individuals all on an evolution journey too.

$37 normally per month. 1 hour, 20 minutes session.

Heart Power Guided Session by Sandra Hillawi

Heart Power Guided Session

Heart Power Guided Session with Sandra Hillawi on Video to Power Up and Strengthen Your Heart of Love and Courage

If you want to become a master of your own transformation, say YES to love and help others to do the same then Join the Emotions Made Easy Mini-Course for $97 today!

What People Say

Melissa Carter

“What I have learned is life changing” 

I have successfully completed EMO with Sandra Hillawi. I wrote to Sandra today to say thank you as, on reflection, I can wholeheartedly say that she is a wonderful teacher/trainer. What I have learnt is life changing and I am immensely grateful to Sandra for teaching with love, experience and clarity. I am also very grateful to myself for listening to my intuition that it was time to explore my understanding of and relationship with energy!
I am very excited about furthering my training.

Melissa Carter
Teacher and Life Coach

Maria Chappell

“EMO Energy in Motion is completely wonderful in so many ways”

From dissolving trauma to being totally energised, being in a couple bubble and giving unconditional energetic love, from healing the past without talking about it to the past to throwing yourself into the future, encouraging events into your life and being so easy and so much FUN!  There is so much to use and so much fun to have on this journey.

Maria Chappell
Chi-Ki Holistic Healing

Suheyla Pinar

“EMO is to me the solution to all the problems faced by all the peoples of the world.”

If only governments would be willing to endorse this training it would bring an absolute end to all the fights, war, hate, rape, violence and prejudice.

I do not have enough words to thank Sandra for her efficiency, intensive knowledge of the material, techniques, compassion. I think Sandra is an EXCELLENT teacher with STARS.

The course really exceeded my expectations. I learned so much, raised my awareness, self-understanding, understanding of others. It has motivated me to do more training, to train other people and to expand this knowledge wherever I can.

EMO has had an absolutely positive effect on my life. I am so glad and happy, overwhelmed with joy that I made it to this EMO Training. It gave me a fuller understanding about life and people, energised me and empowered me. This has to reflect on all aspects of my life. Thank you Sandra.

All the exercises contributed intensely to my personal development. 

Suheyla Pınar-Alper
University Lecturer and Emotional Intelligence Trainer Istanbul

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