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EMO Training

EMO Training

Healing releasing and transforming our emotions has never been more simple. All we have to do is pay attention to our body's language and ... soften and flow!

The best way to learn EMO for stress release is at a live workshop or training with the worlds most experienced EMO Practitioner and Master Trainer, Sandra Hillawi. Sandra's EMO trainings are in Gosport Hampshire, Horsham West Sussex, any place in the UK or internationally by group request, and by Skype web conference at a date to suit you.

Course information follows ...

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EMO Advanced Practitioner Training

EMO Advanced Practitioner Training

Enhance your skills and understanding of EMO and Living with energy in your life by attending this 2-day EMO Advanced Practitioner Training with Sandra Hillawi.

Over 2 days you will become an Advanced Energy Healer exploring the following concepts :

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EMO Relationships Consultant Training

EMO Relationships Consultant Training

The EMO Relationships Practitioner Training is an Advanced EMO Training course based on Sandra Hillawi's book The Love Clinic.

This course will help you understand and master the energy secrets of love and relationships so you can:

HEAL the PAST and LOVE PAIN at last

Make Difficult Behaviours Seem EASY To Handle

Increase SEXUAL ENERGY and Attraction



Grow in YOUR Own Spirituality

... and become a qualified EMO Relationships Consultant


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Helping Chronic Anxiety with EMO now EMO

Helping Chronic Anxiety with EMO now EMO

Mark in Canada has been suffering from chronic anxiety and had contacted me several times by email with anxious questions and fear about trying yet another therapy that didn’t work. He was too afraid to book a healing session. We had a chat on Skype. We did some EMO that helped him feel release for the first time, so that he could sleep, and he agreed to have some more EMO healing sessions. The transcript of the healing session is below, as it went on Skype chat. The client’s name has been changed for confidentiality.

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Helping Stroke Recovery with EMO

Helping Stroke Recovery with EMO

Julie had a stroke 2 years ago. It affected her down one side, her right side, and at the point we connected she had made a degree of physical recovery but still had a feeling that her right side was feeling different from the left and aches and numbness in the buttock muscles. She felt a build up of frustration and stress about the stroke having limited her in life now.

Her energy levels only allowed her to take a short walk each day, which had a level of pain associated with walking in her hip, abdomen and groin areas.

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Audio Course Emotional Healing with EMO

Audio Course Emotional Healing with EMO

Audio recordings of a one day workshop with Master EMO Trainer Sandra Hillawi. A great way to understand more about your emotions, your energy system, how EMO works to help with emotional healing, to manage your emotional state, the way you respond to life and to help you feel better.

"The audios are really fantastic. I really think they complement your book "The Love Clinic" also. These audios show your ebook in real life. Your explanations are superb and down to earth. Even a lay person can understand even if he doesnt know anything about energy psychology. The sound is a bit distant in some parts but overall the audios are really awesome. Great gift for a starter like me."

Nadeem Bhai, Kenya

A quick intro video from Sandra ...

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Free Self Healing Now for Emotional Stress Release

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The Love Clinic by Sandra Hillawi"Wow! Completely blown away! What a blessing, what a blessing and Im only at page 33. Thankyou for this gift. Tears of gratitude" M.Hirose, USA

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Healing Pain With Love Videos 

Healing Pain With Love

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