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EMO Client Feedback

EMO Client Feedback

EMO is one of the most beneficial trainings I have had in my life. Now I'm sure I can use this for my personal benefit and for helping others transforming their emotions. Thank you Sandra.

Aynur Alkan



EMO Master Practitioner Sedgwick Park House Aug 2014

"This training has beenthe best so far. EMO Energy In Motion , the new EMO, has been a really powerful learning experience. the ease of listening and being present made it a truly memorable and happy 3 days. Thank you for just being you Sandra x " Clare Davison W.Sussex

"Thank you. A true education and personal journey. Materials were fantastic and will be endlessly useful. made some new freinds and look ofrward to being part of the Energist community. Sandra you were amazing as well !" Michelle Wintrip Surrey

"It was a great experience. Many thanks" R.N. London

"Sandra, utterly sparkling presentation. I really enjoyed our three days of sharing and exploring the fields of energy. I feel peaceful and inspired." Kath Hughes Hampshire


"3 days of energising tools to use and transform emotions, empowering, freeing and life giving. The work shifted stuck energy quickly and powerfully bringing instant change. I highly recommend this 3 day training for practitioenrs and those wanting advanced skills. Thank you with all my heart" Caroline Phillips W.Sussex

"Sandra the course has been great. It will continue to be my path of personal development! The course was well presentated, thoughtful, insightful, deep (for myself) and has taught me a great deal about myself and the world of energy. Thank you so much for this and also thank you for being patient with my lack of knowledge. Love and light", Tania Smeda Kent


EMO Practitioners Radia Istanbul March 2014

The EMO Training is like creating magic. Its easy to understand as well as powerful. The education itself brings happiness and Sandra's personal stories and experiences add yet more ease and joy to the training.


Maryke Blom qualified by the EMO Distance Learning Programme

Maryke Blom, South Africa:

DON’T THINK TWICE!!! DO IT, GET IT! I guarantee YOU it WILL change your life in EVERY SINGLE way, You think you know energy now, wait till You’ve learned ET then You will truly understand the impact of energy and HOW we control our realities and how we do not have to suffer anymore.

The most important aspect for me was the fact that after all my many years of Energy Healing Training which involved memorising Chakras and colours and Angel names and symbols and sigils, how to clean the auric layers and so on, I still had this thing in my head that Chi/ Energy/ Spiritual Healing isn't meant to be complicated, and then ET came to me and I sat and cried tears of joy, because it’s very very simple but so incredibly powerful.  Words cannot explain how much I love ET.  The transformations it has bought into my own life, and people I have helped around me! WOW, I wish I could mind link with you so you could see what I’m experiencing because words do no justice! For the first time in my life i feel fulfilled, I ET everything, and it fulfills me.  It makes me feel blessed and happy and pain is just something that I can ET away, whether it’s physical or holds no challenge for me anymore and the people that learn this from me are shocked to the degree where they don’t believe the power.  I feel sorry for those who are still stuck in doing hours of exercise to open their channels or balance their chakras, I feel sorry for those whom have to go through this whole ceremony before they can do effective energy healing...when ET is just so so simple and so very effective. I’m in love with this’s just awe inspiring!

I look forward to the rest of my journey, because it’s going to be an adventure! Smile

EMO: It’s a bit shocking for me how easy it is to do EMO. Now I understand better for life. Energy flows, everything flows. I  feel very happy and fulfilled. Thank you very much. I hope to be together again very soon.

Hande Kuyumau

EMO: I was very content wıth the course. I was very happy to learn that energy has a response to wholeness. It was very useful that I came. Thank you Sandra. I have realısed the healıng ın my hands and decıded to practıce that also. Im very content and she ıs very talented. Thank you very much that you have taught us how to read and wrıte energy.

Nesrın Gokpınar

EMO: I just completed the EMO Training and can say that this gave me a lot of learning about my energy field. Before this I thought I knew about energy flow and how to solve blockages, but I realised my knowledge has been renewed updated and extended. This course helped me alot. Sandra's energy played a big role in it. I am so much looking forward to the Advanced ET Training. I really think I am gaining alot by these GoE courses.

Dilek Bayerzid

EMO: In these 2 days I met a differnt way of working with energy I didnt know before. I witnessed my energy blockages being transformed in such a simple and interesting way. It is an easy fast and incredibly beautiful technique. I learned that life doesnt need to be difficult. When energy flow life is wonderful. Thank you. Gemma Kopri


Advanced EMO: This was a successful training with lots of new techniques in it. Sandra's energy and training are so memorable. Even though I didnt take notes I can remember it easily. After teaching the theory the exercises gave wholenes and reality to the theory. Thank you Sandra. Nesrin Gokpinar

Advanced EMO: 
I just took the basic ET and now the Advanced ET. I think sandra's energy and mine are really in harmony. In ET1and 2 I got many benefits and will continue so when using it. I am looking forward to attending EFT and the Love Clinic next time in May. Thank you sandra Hillawi, you are a really good teacher and I am so happy that I took these courses with you.

Dilek Bayezid

Advanced EMO: There is no end to what we can learn from Sandra! Energy, language, emotion, energy fields and much more! A wodnerful trainer who motivates and teaches so effectively. THANKYOU ! ♥

Suheyla Piner Alper

The Love Clinic: Dear Sandra,

Thank you for a wonderful workshop. It was a real pleasure to meet you, you are a very inspiring person! The Love Clinic workshop with Sandra at Radia in İstanbul was a wonderful transformative experience. What Sandra very generously offered us throughout the weekend was very simple, powerful and most importantly easy to integrate to every day life. I started seeing a change right away and can't wait to share this with people around me.  Özlem Ç.

EMO: I am so happy with this training and to meet wıth Sandra Hıllawı. Everything was perfect, thankyou. All my love and special thanks. Gulbahar  Yeni

EMO Practitioner: Thanks alot to Sandra, Even though ı took lots of courses but thanks to God I found  this EMO course because my old ways and my emotıons and blockages my energy were transformed. All thıs ıs becasue of emotrance. It is the missing link for me. Işık Posacı

EMO: For EMO the only thıng I can say ıs : ‘thıs ıs what ı was seekıng’ It ıs so benefıcıal. Thank you for all traınıngs. Aslı Aral

EMO : I am already an very experienced energy worker and this course I saw the power of energy all over again. I felt changes in my emotions and this happened in a really short time. Feeling this effect was really beautiful. I found sandra's voice impressive and her energy effected me very much so Thank you Sandra.

Racit Sen










Posted Mar 9, 2014   

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