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I Cant Feel Love From Him

I Cant Feel Love From Him

EMO (was EMO) helps a woman who cant feel her husbands love

Sarah has been married for 4 years.  'I love my husband and he loves me but I can't feel his love, I cant accept his love'. We explored thıs energy dynamic wıth EMO discoverıng her sheilds and barriers to his love energy and after gentle step by step healing the client was able to let go of her shield and resistance and accept his love at last then later explained why she had the problem.  This is how the session went.


Sandra: when you think of exploring this subject how to do you feel?

Sarah: I feel anxious afraid.

Sandra: Show me where you feel thıs energy in your body.

Sarah shows wıth her hands that the anxiety energy is around her chest and throat area. Sandra guıdes Sarah to use her intention to soften thıs energy. As it softens it flows and releases down her arms. She now feels ready to approach the subject.

Sandra: so lets first imagine your husband far off, you know he loves you but let that love be at a distance. Then invite him towards you and tell me when you start to feel uncomfortable.

Sarah pointing far off to her right and her body is turned away from this energy.

Sandra: Ok what we will do is take a tiny thread of this love and invite i tin to see what it feels like and to see if we can handle just that tiny bit. When you do that tell me where this energy comes in.

Sarah: I feel a heaviness in my shoulder.

Sandra: ok so lets put our attentionon this energy and think its all becoming softer, then when its soft enough allow it to flow and tell me what happens.

Sandra uses her healing hands to assist also hovering close to the shoulder area where the energy is blocked. They both work with intention to soften the energy.

Sarah: its flowing now, down my arm. Its ok now.

Sandra: ok so lets see if we can accept a slightly wider thin beam of this love from your husband. Invite this in and tell me where it comes in.

Sarah: my ears feel heavy.

Sandra: ok so lets bring our attention here. Lets thik this enegy is becoming softer and allow it to flow. Tell me where it flows as it softens.

Sarah shows with her hands the path of this energy across her face and down to her throat then some tingling in her hands and nods when she feels the energy starts to release from her hands.

Sandra: Ok so lets go back to your husbands love and see if we can take a bit more.

Sarah by this stage had turned to face the direction of her loving husband now and said it felt like he could be closer now without too much discomfort at a distance of outside the room.

Sandra directs Sarah to increase the amount of the beam of love energy to a size of a coin. This triggers injuries in the face and lips which they heal in the same way. Step by step they increase the love energy that Sarah can handle and find resistance from energetic injuries in the heart and throat and chest area, which when softened all find a way to release through the body leaving her feeling more relaxed.

After 20 minutes Sarah was now  comfortable with the thought of her loving husband standing in front of her expressing his love in the ways that he did and she could face this love full on and accept it. It felt good she said.

Sandra: where in your body does it feel good?

Sarah: in my heart and chest area. It feels warm there.

Sandra: ok lets pay attention there and think this energy is softening then allow it to flow.

Sarah does this and describes the energy flowing down through all her body and feeling even better now. She wants to take a step towards where she feels him standing but then feels a slight resistance again in her throat. We heal and release this energy.Then let her accept all his love again. This time it flows easily, a flow of joy and happiness in the client.  Sarah is now beaming and her eyes are sparkling.

Sarah: You know I really love my husband. He is a good man. We are married 4 years but in my previous marriage İ was betrayed badly and so hurt. I could never open up and trust again. But I feel safe and happy to do this now. This is so wonderful. Thank you so much. I can accept him and for sure he will be delighted with his new wife when I go home. Im so happy.

As the practitioner Sandra is also delighted and happy at the results achieved for the client. They hugged in joy and delight that she could feel and enjoy the love of her husband now and their relationship could grow even deeper as a result.

The following week Sandra contacted Sarah for an update of how things were going at home. She said:

I remember how intense the experience was, and how quick we reached wonderful results. Actually, since then, I observe that I feel more relaxed in my relationship with my husband, and happier...Love is everything, so inability to feel I was loved, was such a handicap for me and for our relationship. I even told him about it, and told him that he owes you thanks<3♥ 

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Posted Nov 5, 2012   

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