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EMO Training

EMO Training

Healing releasing and transforming our emotions has never been more simple. All we have to do is pay attention to our body's language and ... soften and flow!

The best way to learn EMO for stress release is at a live workshop or training with the worlds most experienced EMO Practitioner and Master Trainer, Sandra Hillawi. Sandra's EMO trainings are in Gosport Hampshire, Horsham West Sussex, any place in the UK or internationally by group request, and by Skype web conference at a date to suit you.

Course information follows ...

We all get stressed from time to time in our busy lives due to work, family, relationships, the world around us, difficult events. Releasing emotional stress is so much easier than we ever thought. We just need to pay attention to our body's language.

When we feel an emotional response to life we simply ask: "where do I feel this in my body?"
We pay attention and start to heal this 'energetic injury or disturbance' using thought or 'intention'. Energy softens and starts to flow immediately. We feel it spread through and out of the body, pressure releasing leaving us feeling relaxed and clear. It’s simple, natural, logical and it works. No special talents are needed except being human and having the desire to heal, to change and to be free. We call this simple process EMO for TRANSforming EMOtions. Learn EMO as a skill for life or a simple tool for integrating into your healing practice.

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Learn The Simplest Energy Healing Modality in the World

EMO Self Help and Practitioner Training

Certified by The AMT

Day 1

EMO Theory Demonstration and Practice

EMO as Energy, Emotion, Information and Love

The Even Flow and Energy Nutrition

Demonstration and first exercise

Transforming incoming energies

Learning to transform your response to incoming energies of life, such as criticism, words that hurt, insults and judgements, and become energised and strengthened and resourceful instead

Learn to transform your emotions

Learn to help others transform their emotions

Changing Beliefs and Concepts

Understand the energetic nature of beliefs, words and concepts, and how we can change our relationship with these concepts, change our beliefs with ease with EMO

Your Creative Template and The Heart of Energy

Discover,  experience and understand your Creative Template

Identify your path towards The Real You

Understand the importance of the heart energy centre

Learn how to heal the energy heart

Learn how to feed and strengthen the energy heart

Energy Nutrition

Experience the power of deeply receiving recognition, praise, compliments and love

Understand the importance of Energy Nutrition and its importance in life.

Understand how to tap in to the oceans of energy around you and receive deeply in knowledge, experience and energy ecstacy.

Day 2

EMO as a Practitioner

The Client-Practitioner Co-Joint Healing Dance

Experiencing your client's creative template

Hands on and hands off healing and legal responsibilities

EMO by Telephone

Sheilds and Barriers

Understand what sheilds are and the problems they cause

Learn how to identify different kinds of sheilds

Learn how to safely dismantle a sheild for reconnection

EMO Theory and Mastery

Review of EMO Theory

Hard energy

Energy mastery techniques to accelerate healing

The EMO Practitioner Session

The client session

What you can and can't say

Soothing down with innocent energy

Client homework suggestions

Integrating EMO into your practice

Affirmations and EMO


Course fee £295 includes 2 days training, professional licences and membership of The GoE, training  manuals, certificates, tea and coffee on the day.

Course fee will increase  in 2015 to £395 


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Further Training

Take your personal and professional development further by attending:

Advanced Practitioner Training

EMO Relationships Consultant Training

Become an GoE Trainer and teach EMO in your own community

Course information to follow soon, meanwhile please ask for details


Master Trainer Sandra Hillawi

Sandra Hillawi

Sandra attended the launch of EMO in London 2002 with EMO creator Silvia Hartmann. After integrating EMO into her practice Sandra went on to become the most active trainer giving popular courses in the UK and internationally. Sandra continues to help clients by phone, runs training workshops and retreats, presents at the Annual European Energy Conferences which she has also hosted as MC in the past few years.


Sandra Hillawi's Training Diary




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Sandra Hillawi 2017It's always good to talk to a human being and have your questions answered in person Smile

Please feel free to contact Sandra Hillawi with any questions about personal consultations, self help workshops, self help support tools, EFT and EMO training and healing retreats.

Telephone UK and WhatsApp +44 (0) 7884 443708   Egypt: +20 101 684 7379

Skype: sandrahillawi or Contact Me by Email or Sandra on Facebook

The Love Clinic by Sandra Hillawi"Wow! Completely blown away! What a blessing, what a blessing and Im only at page 33. Thankyou for this gift. Tears of gratitude" M.Hirose, USA

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Healing Pain With Love

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