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Energy April 2016 A Career Making A Difference

Energy April 2016    A Career Making A Difference

One Month to A New You and A New Career 

Find out how you can have a career that satisfies your heart and soul by helping others solve their life problems, to evolve and to grow to become the person they are meant to be and find yourself in the process. 

April 2016 - A Unique Opportunity - 5 Steps to a New You, New Life, New Career

Heal grow evolve in all areas of your life and align your yourself and your life to do the amazing work of helping people release stress and assisting the movement towards love lightness happiness and success.

 Could this be the change you are looking for? 

Your Guide will be International Master Energist Trainer Sandra Hillawi over 5 events in April 2016 that will change you forever. Harness the energy of Spring to launch your new career in the field of Energy!

Sandra Hillawi

For many years I felt stuck in my conventional career. A square peg in a round hole I used to say to myself. I asked 'what was the purpose of this role I did? Who was the beneficiary? I was disatisfied until I found my way to a purposeful soul satisfying career in Energy Work.

Are you like me longing for work that satisfies the soul ?

Do you want to feel good making a difference to other peopels lives ?

Do you want to heal and evolve yourself ?

Do you dream of a life of purpose ?

Could you, given the right skills and power, create a legacy, a positive wave transforming stress to love and lightness in our world one person at a time, one group at a time, one organisation at a time ?

Then a career as an Energist and Trainer

with The Guild of Energists could be just right for you

Energy April 2016 - Your 5 Steps

Energy - Your New Career

For the very first time all five training steps of your journey from self help to professional trainer are available to take in one month April 2016. Take any of 1 to 5 steps.

Step 1 Its All About Energy

Energy EFT Foundation Day  

2 April  Skype Online Training

Energy EFT is a Gift To Everyone

Learn the basics of Energy Emotion State Management and Flow with Energy EFT at the self healing and self help level. Learn how to transform stress to success by improving energy flow to high states for health love and happiness at home and at work uring the new evolved Energy EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

With a beautiful full colour manual and 1 day course leading to Certification as an Energy EFT Facilitator and 1 year Standard membership of The Guild of Energists. Course ee £150 Course Information and Syllabus


Step 2  The Professional Energist - Level 1

EFT Master Practitioner  

Horsham West Sussex 8-9-10 April

 EFT Master PractitionerIncorporating reserch and developments in EFT and energy work from the last 15 years this transformational training takes the practitioner through the basics, to intermediate and then advanced level over 3 days. With plenty of time for personal development in the exercises and practical sessions, this training prepares the practitioner with understanding, logic, confidence and powerful skills to lead a client from any starting point towards healing, evolution and lasting change in their life using EFT Emotional Freedom Technique.

Comprehensive manual and certification as an EFT Master Practitioner with 1 year professional membership of The Guild of Energists. Course fee £495. Course Syllabus Here


Step 3  The Professional Energist - Level 2

EMO Energy In Motion Master Practitioner

Guildford 15-16-17 April

EMO Energy In Motion Master Practitioner

After being familiar and versed in energy and tapping Energy EFT to improve our energy flow, we advance and learn to manage our emotional energy by intention alone. This is an evolutionary step for most Energists and allows us to manage our energy state any place, anywhere, any time. EMO is a perfect complement to EFT or any other therapies or can work perfully and simply alone.

EMO this allows us to explore the energies of life, nature, creativity, people, animals, concepts without tapping as we continue to evolve ourselves and navigate the energy world we are in and unleash our creativity.

Simple elegant powerful healing for clients too. Course includes 3 days training, manual, certification as an EMO Master Practitioner with The Guild of Energists with 1 further year membership.  Course fee £495. Course syllabus here.


Step 4  The Professional Energist - Level 3

Modern Stress Management Professional  

Guildford 23-24 April

 MSM Modern Stress ManagementAlmost every human being gets stressed low and blocked effecting their life and work. But not everyone wants therapy. The majority dont need therapy. They just need to understand about stress, emotional energy and have ways to move into a more resourceful state or higher. This course will enable you to work with anyone in the mainstream, individuals, groups, organisations, and to offer Modern Stress Management sessions, accurate personal stress assessments, plans and programmes.

With comprehensive manual and professional branded marketing and presentation tools you can take Energy anywhere and make a difference. Course Fee £450 includes training, manual, 1 year additional pro membership of The Guild of Energists. Full course information here.


Step 5  The Professional Energist Trainer

Horsham 30 April - 1 May 

ET Energist Trainer

Join the ranks of professional Energist Trainers and enjoy the privilege of teaching the whole range of professional courses of The Guild of Energists, backed up by excellent member and trainer support and ongoing free Trainer mentoring and coaching. As a trainer you will be giving certified self help workshops and certified professional trainings and building a legacy of positive energy in our world.

As you make a difference to peoples lives, teaching others how to help others, you will experience joy after joy working with your groups and individuals, leading everyone towards love and evolving further personally. With trainer manuals and support materials this 2 day pinnacle course is £995. Full course information here.

At A Glance

EEFTF Energy EFT Foundation EEFTF Energy EFT Foundation 1 Day 2 April £150
EFT-M EFT Master Practitioner

Pro Level 1

EFT-M EFT Master Practitioner 3 Days

Sedgwick Park House, Horsham West Sussex

8-9-10 April £495
EMO-M EMO Master Practitioner

Pro Level 2

EMO-M Energy In Motion Master Practitioner 3 Days

Wonersh Guildford Surrey

15-16-17 April £495
MSM Modern Stress Management

Pro Level 3

MSM Modern Stress Management 2 Days

Guildford Surrey

23-24 April £450
Energist Trainer

ET Energist Trainer 2 Days

Sedgwick Park House, Horsham, West Sussex

30 April-1 May £995

Total for 5 Steps including 11 Training Days


February Offer closes 29 Feb 2016

Option 1

Enroll in All 5 Steps by 29 February and Receive one professional level course Free, Saving up to £495


Option 2

Enroll in Step 1 EEFTF plus All 3 Professional Levels Save 50% on one Pro Level course, Saving up to £250


Option 3

Enroll in 2 Pro Level courses and Receive Step 1 EEFTF totally FREE Saving £150


Option 4

Enroll in Step 1 EEFTF plus any Pro Level course and save £50 




Is this for you?

FREE Consultation with Sandra Hillawi

by phone or Skype, with demonstrations of techniques

Contact Sandra

to book your no obligation consultation and demonstration.


Posted Feb 24, 2016   

Sandra Hillawi 2017It's always good to talk to a human being and have your questions answered in person Smile

Please feel free to contact Sandra Hillawi with any questions about personal consultations, self help workshops, self help support tools, EFT and EMO training and healing retreats.

Telephone UK and WhatsApp +44 (0) 7884 443708   Egypt: +20 101 684 7379

Skype: sandrahillawi or Contact Me by Email or Sandra on Facebook

The Love Clinic by Sandra Hillawi"Wow! Completely blown away! What a blessing, what a blessing and Im only at page 33. Thankyou for this gift. Tears of gratitude" M.Hirose, USA

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Healing Pain With Love

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