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Energy EFT Foundation EEFTF Feedback

Energy EFT Foundation EEFTF Feedback

Attendees of my Skype and Live trainings share their feedback on this wonderful EFT introduction course for self help answering questions like:

What is your favourite unit of the course?

How are you going to use Energy EFT after the course?

Would You Recommend the Course and Why?


 Energy EFT Skype Training with Sandra Hillawi

What is your favourite unit of the course?

  • Mindful tapping and tapping with love and the manual is just beautiful
  • I really enjoyed Unit 1, the extra information about the meridians and it was nice to have the extra information as we were tapping slowly
  • Its really easy to understand how to tap at each levels of stress
  • I liked the explanation of how Classic EFT fits in with Positive EFT and Energy EFT and we go on a journey through the course ending with a +10 Heart of Gold
  • Its difficult to pick a favourite unit. Unit 1 slowing down the tapping mindfully and with love surprised me about how much I could feel in the body that normally I would miss by tapping faster. Thats good for new people to experience too. I liked Unit 2, the Energy Billionaire, it was such fun and we all had a great time getting energized by all kinds of things. I also like the way Silvia has planted seeds of different concepts in the foundation level which are developed in the later practitioner trainings. This is helpful for those going on to be practitioners.
  • I liked how it explained how and why at certain times we need help from someone else, a friend or a practitioner, and not to feel bad or a failure at these times when we cant lift ourselves up, as its a structural thing, and to have some very simple things to do at low energy states to help stabilise and move towards a more resorceful state. Very important information for everyone.

How are you going to use Energy EFT after the course?

  • I want to run basic level workshops for everyone, to introduce these concepts. Its affordable and great value for money and will cascade out.
  • I like this getting back to self help and stress management as we have been steering towards doing EFT for therapy.
  • It explains the energy body well, understanding the emotions, what level you are and what to do at each level. It makes it easy to follow with great understanding of yourself, energy body and emotions.
  • Its a great shift from the stressors to the stress and to change the energy state in front of the problem.
  • Its great to have an awareness of stress levels in daily life for me and people I know in daily life. This is already great, and how the level of stress impacts our thinking feeling and behaviour.
  • This course really motivates me to go back out there and teach the basics again with fresh inspiration.

Would You Recommend the Course and Why?

  • For sure, wonderful
  • Its much easier to have a Foundation course for new people before the EFT Master, especially to explain Energy EFT. Its all set out like a primary school book. They cant fail to understand it !
  • Its easy for us as Trainers also to understand and explain the basics to people.
  • Absolutely. It’s perfectly wonderful in all ways.

Maria Chappell, GoE Energist Trainer:

It really does take you on a journey from stress to success with such ease and simplicity that will enable participants to bring this home with them and share with their family and friends.

The manual is THE self help book that you need! 

The course was interactive and such fun - I think we all raised our energy quickly and by the end of the day were easy +10 ..... and extremely "ENERGISED" !!! :-) to say the least!.
Delivered magnificently, as always and taking us to new levels irrespective of experience levels.

Im energy is still on a high!

Many thanks to Silvia for yet another superb creation and Sandra for delivering it so comprehensively.  Highly recommended!   Maria

Posted Feb 23, 2016   

Sandra Hillawi 2017It's always good to talk to a human being and have your questions answered in person Smile

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