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He Had An Affair

He Had An Affair

'He had an affair. My heart is broken. I love him but how can I ever trust him again?' These were the words from a colleague of mine which lead to my first healing story of The Love Clinic, healing love pain and helping improve relationships through the very different medium of modern energy work, in this case, namely EMO.

I was in a bar with friends at a weekend health conference when a colleague approached me. ‘Kim sent me over to you. She said you might be able to help me. I haven’t been able to eat for 2 weeks as I have this knot and pain in my stomach and I have no appetite at all.’ I was known for being able to help people with digestive problems. I asked her ‘What happened in your life two weeks ago?’

Tears welled up in her eyes as she tried to get the words out ‘my husband had an affair’. I took her over to a comfortable sofa away from the crowd.

I explained to her what she was feeling was a build up of pressure in her stomach resulting from this news and having to deal with what that meant right now, and that there was a way that we could release some of that pressure and pain.  I explained that the energy build up in her stomach area was actually what was causing her intense emotions, the pain and her loss of appetite, and I invited her to work with me to gently release some of this emotional energy.

I directed her to put her attention on the knot in her stomach and to think of it softening. It responded immediately, spreading out and up, ‘a thick treacly’ feeling she said. She felt nauseous. We continued.


‘What you are feeling is only energy, think of it becoming softer.’ As it softened it flowed up the body more easily, the nausea lessened and the energy released out with her breath. ‘Tell me what happened 2 weeks ago feel if there’s still any discomfort while you are telling me.’

My colleague was now able to do this with much less emotion. There was still some tightness in the stomach, so we softened this energy again, it released in the same way, flowing up and out with her breath. She now felt relaxed in her stomach for the first time in 2 weeks. But tears welled in her eyes again as she turned to me.

‘But my heart’s broken’.

‘Where do you feel that in your body? Show me.’

In my heart, it feels like it’s in two pieces.’ She placed her hand there, tears rolling down her face. Again I directed her to put her attention on this feeling in the heart, to think of the energy softening. It flowed and released out this time downwards and out through her feet. After this she felt so much better, so much more relaxed, much clearer.

‘How do you feel about your husband now?’

‘I really love my husband, and I know it was a one off, but how can I ever trust him again?’

So when you think of trusting him, what do you feel in your body?’

It’s a pain in my heart again.’

Ok so let’s think of this energy softening and flowing as before, tell me where it wants to go.’

It’s going up and out, with my breath again.’

When it had all released: ‘So how much do you trust him now?’

Well,I almost trust him, there’s just a tiny feeling left in my heart.’

We cleared this until she felt happy, free, back in love with her husband able to feel trust again. The whole exchange between us took only 40 minutes, sat on a sofa in the corner of the hotel bar. Her husband was at the same conference. Next morning after breakfast, she approached me with a huge smile and gave me big hug and thanked me, as everything was great once again between them.


That was the first time I had the occasion to apply the principles of transforming emotional energy for a major problem in a relationship, and it was so easy to do. The Love Clinic had begun, transforming the emotions of hurt, pain, heartache and distrust, which has an effect of the physical body too, into to love, trust, happiness, physical health and restoring love and connection in relationships simply by healing injuries in the body’s subtle energy system and restoring energy flow.


Many more healing miracles were to follow over the months and years, solving love problems wherever I happened to be, on a boat, in a restaurant, visiting friends, on a plane, on holiday, over the phone, in my treatment room and in my own research laboratory, i.e. myself and my own relationships. The Love Clinic tells the stories and explains the principles of why and how it’s so easy to do, and how you too can help yourself and your friends and family to transform all kinds of emotional pain restoring lightness, love and happiness.

The Love Clinic Audio Course lets you listen to Sandra teaching the live course that leads to qualification as an EMO Relationship Consultant, otherwise known as Love Clinic Practitioner.

Posted Jan 20, 2012   

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