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Health needs Nutrition plus Flow

Health needs Nutrition plus Flow

The Health Equation:   Health = Nutrition + Flow

This applies to whatever level of health and what aspect of life we are dealing with or talking about.

Whether we are talking about digestion, blood circulation, emotions and spirit, health is about removing the blockages to create flow and as a result nutrition can happen, and looking at what nutrition we are putting into the system which can increase flow and vitality. This principle works for the mind body spirit system, plus our relationships, work, family, communities and organisations. Its a universal principle.

Lets consider the physical body first

Physically, flow is about digestive flow, and circulatory flow, eliminatory flow.

In our digestion good flow allows absorption of nutrition and elimination of wastes.  Without flow we get blockage, which could be in the small intestine, the colon, liver, kidneys. This leads to poor absorption of nutrients, toxic build up and problems up leading to physical symptoms and disease.

In our blood and circulatory system flow means all the blood gets to all our cells, including the heart as it pumps the blood and the micro circulation that brings blood to the cells and deep into the organ tissues. Good blood supply is essential carrying essential nutrients, absorbed from our digestive system, to our cells, allowing us energy for life, bringing the immune systems healing and defences and repair mechanisms.

And now the energy body or spirit

In our energy system, flow also means nutrition which means health. The food for our energy system are our life experiences, which we call energy nutrition. How we handle these energies of life gives rise to our emotions. We dont get the learning and growth unless we have energy flow.

If we are open, we can accept, understand, enjoy, love and let go of our life experiences we have flow and have energy and this leads to learning and transformation. Flow brings all our positive emotions and new learning and growth.

Stress and painful emotions indicate blockage in the energy system, ie life is not flowing well in through and out of our energy system. This happens when we resist, don't understand, are hurting from life or hold on and cant forgive and let go. Releasing these energy blockages that causepainful emotions, restores energy flow and positve emotions. This brings us joy happiness love gratitude transformation and growth.

We Are What We Eat

You have heard that it said that we  are what we eat. This should be 'we are what we absorb and circulate to or cells', as this allows regeneration of cells from those nutrients. The nutroients have to get in and delivered to the right places.

But we also become what we experience, according to how we experience it. If we are in flow and handle life well then we will become adventurous, happy and confident, have clarity and resources to engage in life with joy success fulfillment and love.

If we are blocked, resisting life, hurting from life, holding on to life we will be stressed, short tempered, impatient, angry, unhappy, fearful, resentful with aspects of ourselves stuck in the past.

Stress Affects The Body

Furthermore, as the mind body spirit system is all one, stress and blockage in the energy system leads to blockage in the physical system. The places we feel the tension or we hold our unresolved emotional issues restrict the blood flow and circulation and nervous system on a physical level. This creates potential for physical problems to arise as a result. More about Emotional Causes of Disease here or watch a powerpoint presentation about Stress and the Mind Body Connection.

The Way Back to Health

So at whatever level we are looking, physical or spiritual we need both Nutrition and Flow and we can either

A. Release Blockage and Restore Flow, thereby increasing nourishment which brings healing and health

Or we can

B. Increase Nutrition, physically or energetically and Increase Flow as a result

Physically: Starting from the physical side, we can flood our systems with high quality nutrition and this in itself can bring healing and flow. This may be fresh organic fruits and vegetables and juices, flooding our cells with vital nutrients.

Spiritually: Or from the spiritual side we can flood our energy body with love, appreciation, acceptance, compassion and understanding, be that from ourselves or through our relationships.  Or soak up the richness and beauty of nature each with their own nourishment and healing power, our animals, or our art and creativity.

Nutrition + Flow = Health

All modalities I offer address these areas : restoring the flow and improving nutrition physoically and energetically.

Nutrition Support: Check out JuicePlus dietary supplement for 27 fruits vegetables and berry juices in capsules every day or my raw food and juicing retreats.

Digestion: Check out the Intestinal Cleanse and Detox Programmes 

Circulation: Check out Pro Argi 9 Plus and the role of L-Arginine Nitric Oxide. This is like soften and flow in a pot, vascular dilation and cleaning promoting great circulation and cardiovascular health leading to great overall health.

Emotional and Spiritual: Check out EFT and EMO perfect for unblocking our uncomfortable emotions restoring our happy emotions and facilitating our transformation and growth. Book a session with Sandra or join a training.


Health in All Areas of Life

We can apply the Health Equation to other areas of life eg our relationships and work life, family life. To know how much flow is happening simply ask: How good do I feel in this area of life?  If we feel great and have great energy then its a healthy area of life. If we dont feel good and we have low energy then.... we can start to look at flow and nutrition to get back to health.

The way back to health is simple.

A). Release the blockages to increase the flow

nourishment happens once again and we start to feel great again. or

B). Increase nutrition intake to increase circulation and flow

the right or better nourishment can increase our flow, physically in circulation and emotionally towards feeling better emotionally

Health Equation

Health = Nutrition + Flow

What Can You Do TODAY to Improve Your Health in your Life?

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Posted Jan 20, 2012   

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