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Help for Dyslexia Anxiety

Help for Dyslexia Anxiety

Could EMO Energy In Motion (was EMO) offer a breakthrough for helping people with dyslexia? I have had the opportunity to work with a number of people who were suffering from symptoms of dyslexia. When exploring the symptoms we discovered a lot of different emotions and anxiety were involved when trying to perform reading, writing, numerical and comprehension tasks. Using simple and natural techniques to release emotional energy and release anxiety quite amazing improvements in dyslexia symptoms were achieved, literally in minutes. Help for dyslexia was achieved using EMO and this article shares three success stories of healing dyslexia symptoms using this approach.

Helping Dyslexia Case 1

The latest case which prompts my article was during a recent weekly workshop. It was a real hallelujah moment.

The story : Jackie was dyslexic from childhood and until now had difficulties reading and writing things down under instruction. She described it as a wall coming down in front of her when she was asked to do such a task, that had started when she was at school.

It was reinforced by the way her parents treated her and how she came to feel ‘thick’, ‘not good enough’ and ‘trapped and limited’ by the condition. We first did some energy releasing about her anger and resentment towards her parents for how they dealt with it by locating the pressures and pains in the body associated with her emotions, and using EMO to soften, flow and release this blocked energy.

Then we came to how she felt about her self having dyslexia. There was anger and hurt, in the chest, we softened and flowed. The energy released down her arm and out. I asked again, and we released until she could accept herself with the dyslexia. It was now ok to have it.

I then asked how much did she love herself with the dyslexia 0-10? She smiled and said 8. So we located the energy of the last part that didn’t love herself and released this until she loved herself completely.

Next I asked…the concept of your dyslexia, where does it live? She put her hands on her chest. We softened and flowed. The energy released up and out of her head. I asked again. Its gone she said. How does that feel to you? I asked. Its strange, she said. Where is this strange feeling? In my chest, she said.

Ok, let’s soften and flow this. The energy released. She smiled, and said …it feels….normal. Its gone, I feel like I’m normal, like everyone else. I noticed her getting emotional, the energy building in her chest , We softened, the energy flowed up and out. She was quite joyful at this stage.

I asked her about what activities her dyslexia made difficult for her. She said…when someone asks me to write something down. It happened last week. So I got some paper out and told her I was going to ask her to write something. She was eager and ready, but felt a pressure in the chest. We stopped to soften and release this energy which went down the arm and out.

I repeated my statement of intention, she was eagerly ready now to try. I dictated, she started to write. I asked what’s going on now? She said I have a pressure in my shoulder. We stopped to soften and flow and release this energy. She continued to write. We repeated this a few times until there was no disturbance whatsoever in her body while writing things down. She was amazed. This was a first for as long as she could remember.

So I asked what other activities are difficult because of the dyslexia? Reading, she replied. So I gave her something to read and asked her to observe what was happening in her body. She said I have a pressure in my head, around my eyes. We softened, flowed, the energy released up and out. She continued and she was able to read in a relaxed way, understanding all that she read.

Our workshop time ended with a delighted Jackie and a very impressed audience. The next week at the workshop, Jackie was delighted to announce that she had gone online to book a holiday after our session, a task which would have been impossible for her prior to our session, and she could now happily read and write with ease and that the changes had lasted.

Other cases I have worked with were similar.

Helping Dyslexia Case 2

Susan had difficulties absorbing information and said she felt pain at the back of her head and sometimes pressure in her lower back when she tried to read. She said she started having difficulties around age 11. I asked ‘did anything else happen round that time?’ She said she had a fall, rolled down a hill, banged her head and that was a bit frightening at the time.

I asked where she felt pain in her body when she recalled this fall? She said the back of her head, same place as the pressure she felt when trying to read.

So we released the energy of the trauma from the fall at age 11, then proceeded to locate and release the energies she felt in her head and her back when trying to read. At the end she was amazed at how she was so relaxed reading and she could take the information in and understand it. A new lease of life had just begun, being able to read and learn.


Helping Dyslexia Case 3:

During an EMO Training course I had a lady, Mary, with dyslexia. During the break I asked if we could explore the energetics of her problem with EMO. We didn’t have much time, maybe 10-15 minutes. The first thing we explored was what happens in her body when she tried to read something, like the poster on the wall with the small print.

She said she had a pressure at the top of her head. We softened and flowed, released the pressure. Again, we repeated this process until she could read the whole paragraph on the wall poster relaxed and easily. She was amazed.

Her other problem was writing down numbers. I asked her to write my phone number down and tell me what happens. She started to write the first number then got stuck on the second. She said it felt black in front of her eyes and a pressure inside her head. We softened and flowed the energy from the inside of the head. For the black energy in front of her eyes, we softened and brought this energy in through and out of her body.

Again, I dictated the number and we repeated until she wrote the whole number down with ease. We tested with a few telephone numbers. Mary was getting very emotional about the results we were having and the implications of change after so many years struggling.

That emotion was all in the chest. We softened flowed and released til she felt happy and relaxed. In this case the problem did return. As I stated, we did this as an quick exploration in a 15 minute break, so I didn’t have the chance to be thorough as I did with Jackie in Case 1 or Susan in Case 2.

What is interesting about these cases is how locating the blocked energy related to the task and releasing it, made the task so much easier. It was very encouraging to see the dramatic improvements in the dyslexic cases as a result of using the EMO approach to releasing emotional energy about the tasks. It was also interesting to see the speed of achievement of results.

Could this be a new breakthrough treatment for dyslexia? Whilst a few individual successful cases is very encouraging, we cant make any general claims. However, these results indicate research in this area would certainly be very worthwhile.

In fact, any task we perform, can be improved in the same way, by paying attention to how we feel about the task, and where those emotions are being held in the body while we perform the task. Identifying these energy blockages in and around the body, and releasing them with our intention for the energy to soften and flow allows us to relax and increase our clarity confidence and performance of any task.

Sandra Hillawi Master Trainer of EMO EMO

Posted Jan 4, 2012   

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