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Helping Chronic Anxiety with EMO now EMO

Helping Chronic Anxiety with EMO now EMO

Mark in Canada has been suffering from chronic anxiety and had contacted me several times by email with anxious questions and fear about trying yet another therapy that didn’t work. He was too afraid to book a healing session. We had a chat on Skype. We did some EMO that helped him feel release for the first time, so that he could sleep, and he agreed to have some more EMO healing sessions. The transcript of the healing session is below, as it went on Skype chat. The client’s name has been changed for confidentiality.


Email from the Client just after our session.

'By the way I kind of finished it off after done talking to you and I feel incredible. And I DIDN’T EVEN have to figure anything out where it came from bringing of the root event etc This is soo simple and it works. I love this style feels so natural I really want to thank you I haven’t felt like this peaceful in a couple days now. I feel so good and energize I don’t even want to go to bed because I want to enjoy these moment I don’t get them often but I have a feeling I’ll be getting it a lot more. Just shows you have to basically find your answers from within and not believe people just because something works for them I have to find what works best for ME :)

I also am happy because I know when I’m vibrating good like this law of attraction makes my life a lot easier and GOOD things happen to me because I’M vibrating good frequencies so that’s what I’m going to get so now I feel more motivated to do stuff and it turn it GREAT because I’M vibrating it and the law of attraction works all the time so I can enjoy it :)'




[00:09:18] Mark  : hello

[00:10:08] Mark  : I really am thankful for your replies and time to hear me out. I can’t take this anymore though have to find a way...

[08:40:11] Mark  : Its 3.40 am here in Canada because I can’t sleep from my constant struggle of these negative emotions

[08:40:30] Mark  : I just got your email :) thank again I really am grateful for great people like you to take time

[08:40:50] Sandra Hillawi: Hi Mark, you are welcome...and who are we if we don’t make some time when it’s needed?

[08:41:12] Mark  : so you’re willing to help me?

[08:41:22] Mark  : Like I said I’ve tried everything out there that I know of

[08:41:40] Mark  : nothing has really really helped yet just minor relief

[08:42:02] Sandra Hillawi: as I said, I’d be happy to have a mini ET session with you, to see how you feel about it working with someone... and if you feel some positive shift, then we can talk about doing more sessions

[08:42:15] Mark  : ok sounds good to me

[08:42:40] Mark  : first though (I am a person who needs like THE answer) and you sounded unclear about how those negative motions are just energy.

[08:42:46] Sandra Hillawi: so now, when you are so tired, maybe isn’t a good time to start!! :) ...but its 8.40 am here now... I will be around most of the day

[08:42:47] Mark  : you said first... we have a model, a metaphor, which we call the energy model to explain it

It may not be 100% accurate explanation...but till now, the energy model, or metaphor holds up to testing

[08:43:00] Sandra Hillawi: yes...scientists need to hear this

[08:43:05] Mark  : IM not tired IM too consumed with these negative thoughts

[08:43:07] Mark  : I can’t sleep anyways

[08:43:39] Mark  : but I DO think 100% fact that it’s only energy because if you put us under a microscope you know what I mean...

[08:43:46] Sandra Hillawi: yes I do

[08:43:56] Sandra Hillawi: and I agree also

[08:44:04] Mark  : but you seemed unsure you just said "you think so that how it is"

[08:44:11] Mark  : see already I’m over analyzing before we start

[08:44:25] Sandra Hillawi: well you know, it doesn’t really matter what I some ways....because ... it works

[08:44:36] Sandra Hillawi: it works for animals

[08:44:41] Sandra Hillawi: it works for babies

[08:44:54] Sandra Hillawi: they don’t have beliefs about it

[08:44:55] Mark  : but I NEED to know like that’s all it is so it must be 100% energy

[08:45:01] Mark  : since we can move it with our intention?

[08:45:06] Sandra Hillawi: yes

[08:45:30] Sandra Hillawi: it’s the only logical valid explanation that works... otherwise, show me another that explains the phenomena of EMO

[08:45:39] Sandra Hillawi: and of emotions

[08:45:45] Sandra Hillawi: coming and going

[08:45:48] Sandra Hillawi: and getting stuck

[08:45:55] Mark  : yup so its energy ... PLUS we know 100% fact that at the core level that’s all it is

[08:46:06] Mark  : again the under a high powered microscope example

[08:46:45] Sandra Hillawi: yes... so what that means about your emotions is.... like everyone else on the planet..... Your energy is stuck in places, you have energetic injuries in your energy body to heal...that’s it

[08:47:05] Sandra Hillawi: and while they are still there you will have these emotional behaviours

[08:47:15] Sandra Hillawi: the emotions are the symptoms

[08:47:27] Sandra Hillawi: of the energy systems state of health - flowing or not flowing

[08:47:35] Mark  : I really think that’s all it is because I’ve heard other say that’s all it is too for example the Sedona method and Lester levenson when he went "free"

[08:47:49] Mark  : he said emotions are just stuck energy waiting to be release

[08:47:53] Sandra Hillawi: yes

[08:48:09] Mark  : ok well to start

[08:48:34] Mark  : last night I developed a fear of releasing like and "I can’t" type thing

[08:49:12] Mark  : but before that anything else you need to know before I get slight relief and maybe get tired so I can go to bed lol I find that I can’t sleep until I release so basically every night is a struggle until I shut my mind off so I can sleep

[08:50:14] Sandra Hillawi: so what does it feel like in your body now

[08:50:30] Mark  : but shouldn’t I try and figure it out first and tell you how it started?

[08:50:41] Sandra Hillawi: not necessary yet

[08:51:00] Sandra Hillawi: it’s about getting out of your head and into your body

[08:51:01] Mark  : it’s like a feeling of IM afraid to because by focusing on the negative ill create more of it...

[08:51:12] Mark  : like when I try to get rid of debt my focus is on debt so we create more of it

[08:51:13] Sandra Hillawi: but where does that feeling come from in your body

[08:51:29] Mark  : or I "try to get rid of these feelings" my focus is on it so I’m screwed I got no way out??

[08:51:52] Sandra Hillawi: just scan your body now and tell me what physically you are feeling, while having these thoughts

[08:52:00] Mark  : everywhere

[08:52:10] Mark  : my stomach chest

[08:52:12] Sandra Hillawi: ok... so all over your body feels like.. what?

[08:52:13] Mark  : neck

[08:52:49] Sandra Hillawi: ok good now we are getting notice what these feelings are like... how heavy or light, how big how small... just notice them and breathe

[08:53:12] Mark  : just like stuck painful don’t want them annoying

[08:53:24] Mark  : heavy

[08:53:27] Mark  : big

[08:53:35] Sandra Hillawi: ok.. These pains are nothing but blocked energy, injuries in your energy system... so...

[08:53:35] Mark  : strongest one is in my chest area

[08:53:42] Sandra Hillawi: ok so listen now...

[08:53:45] Mark  : ok

[08:54:28] Sandra Hillawi: I want you to pay attention to this energy in the chest.... and to hold the thought in your mind.... ‘This energy is softening while I’m watching it'.... and just hold that thought and focus and breathe.....and notice what happens

[08:55:11] Mark  : before we do this..I have a fear it might get stuck somewhere and out of my control and manifest and harden into something that limits me.. Like I don’t want it to get stuck near my reproductive area and make things go wrong there etc.

[08:55:20] Mark  : but I guess one thing at a time

[08:55:30] Mark  : I have a fear if the energy shooting down there and hardening and ruining me

[08:55:32] Sandra Hillawi: ok before we start.....

[08:55:46] Mark  : ok...

[08:55:47] Sandra Hillawi: I want you to think this....

[08:55:52] Mark  : ok

[08:56:39] Sandra Hillawi: whatever this energy is about, wherever it came from, whatever purpose its serving me till now, and for whatever reason it’s still here and not released.... its only energy, in MY energy system, of which I am the master...

[08:57:00] Sandra Hillawi: and that I need only have a sincere heartfelt desire that I want all this energy to release now....and it will

[08:57:11] Mark  : plus I feel bad and guilty that you’re doing this for free. It’s like I feel I should pay you before you do this

[08:57:21] Mark  : OK and Ill will think that one sec.

[08:57:54] Sandra Hillawi: so connect to your heart first and sincerely desire that you want this energy to release

[08:58:05] Mark  : ok I am the master of my energy system and I don’t want anything hardening I will release it all nothing can control or harden on me where I don’t want it

[08:58:13] Mark  : ok I DO

[08:58:37] Sandra Hillawi: ok now return to the energy in the chest....and’s all energy and its softening....breathe and hold your attention there

[08:58:41] Sandra Hillawi: and watch what happens

[08:59:01] Mark  : ok just visualise it softening what colour?

[08:59:27] Sandra Hillawi: just observe the feeling.. The density... and think 'its softening’

[08:59:32] Sandra Hillawi: and notice what happens

[08:59:36] Mark  : ok

[09:00:05] Mark  : I subconsciously took a deep breath

[09:00:17] Sandra Hillawi: breathe deeply through the nose....thinking the thought ... 'all this energy is softening' as I watch it

[09:01:02] Sandra Hillawi: knowing that when energy gets soften enough to flow it will start to move and find a way through the body and out

[09:01:18] Mark  : it feels really deep

[09:01:22] Mark  : in my chest and ALL over

[09:01:23] Sandra Hillawi: its ok...

[09:01:34] Sandra Hillawi: stay with it.... think... 'It’s all softening'

[09:01:39] Mark  : everywhere>?

[09:01:41] Mark  : or just chest still?

[09:02:07] Sandra Hillawi: it’s ok....yes... pay attention all over....the whole body... think ' all this energy is softening'...breathe...focus and observe

[09:03:10] Sandra Hillawi: think ' all this energy is softening really fast' ...breathe focus and observe

[09:03:25] Sandra Hillawi: when it softens tell me what happens

[09:03:30] Mark  : ok turning to liquid?

[09:03:34] Sandra Hillawi: great

[09:03:42] Sandra Hillawi: stay with it... think its softening and flowing....

[09:03:51] Sandra Hillawi: where does the energy want to go now

[09:04:05] Mark  : I don’t know but I twitched a couple times

[09:04:09] Mark  : breathed deep

[09:04:20] Mark  : my brain wants to analyze all this too

[09:04:26] Sandra Hillawi: stay with the physical feelings.... thinking... all this energy is softening really fast

[09:04:41] Mark  : ok should I like force it where I want it to go

[09:04:44] Sandra Hillawi: no

[09:04:47] Mark  : like picture it flowing out of my body?

[09:04:54] Sandra Hillawi: when it’s soft enough it will flow its own way

[09:05:00] Mark  : ok

[09:05:12] Mark  : so really fast softening and the flowing will take care of itself?

[09:05:18] Sandra Hillawi: all you do is think... its softening, hold that thought, watch and breathe

[09:05:22] Sandra Hillawi: yes

[09:06:29] Mark  : ok more deep breaths

[09:06:37] Mark  : and my neck tightens up a lot

[09:06:39] Mark  : and twitched

[09:06:46] Sandra Hillawi: ok observe the nature and density of the energy...

[09:06:48] Sandra Hillawi: stay with it

[09:06:50] Mark  : like it’s really deep

[09:07:01] Sandra Hillawi: it’s ok...’s all becoming softer

[09:07:10] Mark  : ok

[09:07:46] Sandra Hillawi: tell me any changes you notice

[09:08:11] Mark  : less dense

[09:08:25] Sandra Hillawi: ok stay with it... thinking... its softening really fast.... breathe... and watch

[09:08:35] Mark  : head twitched

[09:08:39] Sandra Hillawi: ok....

[09:08:48] Sandra Hillawi: it’s all softening really fast....

[09:09:30] Sandra Hillawi: hold that thought, breathe... and notice what happens next

[09:09:58] Mark  : more deep breaths occurred

[09:10:14] Sandra Hillawi: ok good.... stay with the physical feelings in the body....describe what’s going on now

[09:10:33] Mark  : it’s like I think I’m doing it wrong because I’m just thinking my whole body’s energy is softening and flowing

[09:10:36] Mark  : instead of being specific

[09:10:54] Sandra Hillawi: you have energy in several places?

[09:11:01] Sandra Hillawi: or all over the whole body

[09:11:10] Mark  : well the whole upper body

[09:11:21] Sandra Hillawi: ok so pay attention to the whole area of the upper body....

[09:11:26] Mark  : ok

[09:11:36] Sandra Hillawi: all this energy is softening really fast.... hold that through, pay attention and breathe

[09:12:39] Mark  : I just want it to go out

[09:12:43] Mark  : I don’t know how it will

[09:12:44] Mark  : or where

[09:12:57] Sandra Hillawi: when it’s soft enough it will... so just pay attention to the density....

[09:13:01] Sandra Hillawi: think its softening

[09:13:55] Mark  : ok it’s less dense

[09:14:08] Sandra Hillawi: ok stay with it... keep thinking... its softening some more

[09:15:05] Sandra Hillawi: what’s the density like now? Dense or soft as....?

[09:15:26] Mark  : in my chest

[09:15:27] Mark  : less feeling

[09:15:38] Mark  : but definitely less dense

[09:15:57] Sandra Hillawi: ok so, what would you liken the feeling to now

[09:16:35] Mark  : like a layer came off

[09:16:41] Sandra Hillawi: good... stay with it

[09:16:47] Sandra Hillawi: pay attention

[09:16:50] Mark  : BUT I don’t want it to flow downward

[09:16:54] Mark  : I just want it out

[09:16:55] Sandra Hillawi: think ' all this energy is softening

[09:17:34] Sandra Hillawi: think... its softening really fast

[09:17:48] Sandra Hillawi: breathe and pay attention

[09:18:25] Mark  : feels way less in my chest

[09:18:37] Mark  : but still there

[09:18:38] Sandra Hillawi: good so what does it feel like all over now

[09:18:49] Mark  : like it surfaced more

[09:18:56] Mark  : thin layer on surface

[09:18:57] Mark  : all over

[09:18:58] Sandra Hillawi: what does it physically feel like

[09:19:03] Sandra Hillawi: describe it physically to me

[09:19:14] Mark  : like an outer layer

[09:19:14] Sandra Hillawi: shape size location density

[09:19:25] Mark  : stuck in head

[09:19:27] Mark  : tingling in my arms

[09:19:34] Mark  : ball in chest

[09:19:41] Sandra Hillawi: ok good, now I can work with you

[09:19:48] Mark  : ok

[09:19:50] Sandra Hillawi: so pay attention to the ball in the chest...

[09:19:54] Mark  : ok

[09:19:59] Sandra Hillawi: together lets think... its softening really fast

[09:20:03] Mark  : ok

[09:20:36] Mark  : it’s like I seen it come out of my body

[09:20:42] Mark  : like I observed it form a different perspective

[09:20:49] Sandra Hillawi: ok

[09:20:58] Sandra Hillawi: so what does it feel like now physically in your body

[09:21:02] Sandra Hillawi: check head chest an arms

[09:21:19] Mark  : is that normal for it to like drop out right from the chest and like go out of body

[09:21:23] Mark  : its didn’t really flow out

[09:21:27] Mark  : normal*

[09:21:48] Mark  : head feels like thick energy

[09:21:50] Sandra Hillawi: sometimes it can happen, I’ve had that responds immediately to thought....

[09:21:58] Sandra Hillawi: ok so now to the head

[09:22:06] Mark  : but I still feel a thin layer in chest

[09:22:09] Sandra Hillawi: think 'this energy is softening really fast'

[09:22:13] Sandra Hillawi: pay attention and watch

[09:22:18] Mark  : to head now?

[09:22:23] Sandra Hillawi: which is strongest

[09:22:38] Mark  : same

[09:22:45] Sandra Hillawi: ok so then... both!

[09:22:50] Sandra Hillawi: pay attention to both....

[09:22:55] Mark  : I feel a little bit now lower toward my stomach though

[09:22:59] Mark  : stomach

[09:22:59] Sandra Hillawi: think... both these energies are softening really fast

[09:23:03] Sandra Hillawi: breathe and watch

[09:23:05] Mark  : ok

[09:24:18] Mark  : I like when u say fast it makes it work better because I see it like dissolve faster

[09:24:20] Mark  : and turn to liquid

[09:24:23] Sandra Hillawi: yes

[09:24:41] Sandra Hillawi: stay with it... so look out for where the soft fluid energy wants to go

[09:24:53] Sandra Hillawi: pay attention.... think... it’s all softening fast even more

[09:25:04] Mark  : but it’s like a heavy liquid

[09:25:10] Mark  : not a light liquid yet

[09:25:23] Sandra Hillawi: ok good... so think... the heavy liquid energy is softening fast

[09:25:47] Mark  : to loom like a light flowing liquid that flows out

[09:25:49] Mark  : look?

[09:25:59] Sandra Hillawi: ok so which way does it want to flow

[09:26:11] Mark  : I don’t want it to flow down

[09:26:13] Mark  : because it’s up

[09:26:15] Sandra Hillawi: ok...

[09:26:17] Mark  : I want it to flow out top

[09:26:24] Sandra Hillawi: well. Let’s see if it can flow up

[09:26:32] Mark  : up and out

[09:26:37] Mark  : that’s all I want

[09:26:38] Sandra Hillawi: pay attention... just think about it softening fast

[09:26:46] Mark  : ok

[09:26:48] Sandra Hillawi: and see if it starts to flow up

[09:27:12] Mark  : yes I directed it to my with thought

[09:27:17] Mark  : like picture it flowing up

[09:27:21] Sandra Hillawi: ok so describe its path to me

[09:27:28] Sandra Hillawi: to where it exits

[09:27:30] Mark  : up through head

[09:27:36] Mark  : I seen it

[09:27:38] Sandra Hillawi: ok tell me when it starts to flow out

[09:27:42] Mark  : with my mind to flow out though head

[09:27:56] Sandra Hillawi: so hats actually happening now in the body

[09:28:05] Mark  : kind of

[09:28:11] Mark  : is it supposed to?

[09:28:15] Sandra Hillawi: describe what it feels like now

[09:28:26] Mark  : like it’s all drawing up to where I want it

[09:28:27] Mark  : to head

[09:28:30] Sandra Hillawi: good

[09:28:35] Mark  : slowly

[09:28:35] Sandra Hillawi: so allow it to flow up

[09:28:41] Sandra Hillawi: breathe

[09:28:43] Mark  : fast

[09:28:50] Sandra Hillawi: think ... this flowing energy is softening fast

[09:29:06] Sandra Hillawi: and tell me when you feel it starts to release out

[09:29:30] Mark  : I felt some

[09:29:55] Mark  : but like remember I had that fear of "focusing on the negative feeling and fearing I will get more of it"

[09:30:03] Mark  : well if I can control it consciously

[09:30:07] Mark  : then I don’t understand lol

[09:30:11] Sandra Hillawi: lol !!

[09:30:17] Sandra Hillawi: ok back to the physical

[09:30:21] Sandra Hillawi: what’s happening in your body now

[09:30:28] Mark  : little lighter

[09:30:31] Sandra Hillawi: ok where

[09:30:37] Mark  : but like seriously

[09:30:43] Mark  : like they say you shouldn’t focus on the negative

[09:30:48] Mark  : but that’s what we did, focussed on the negative feelings

[09:30:53] Sandra Hillawi: I know... 'they' don’t have ALL the facts

[09:30:58] Mark  : so I don’t have to fear ill get more of it

[09:31:00] Sandra Hillawi: nobody has ALL the knowledge

[09:31:03] Mark  : BECAUSE I control it I guess

[09:31:06] Sandra Hillawi: let’s get back to your body

[09:31:10] Mark  : ok

[09:31:21] Mark  : my chest feel way light

[09:31:23] Mark  : no density

[09:31:25] Sandra Hillawi: great

[09:31:28] Sandra Hillawi: head?

[09:31:43] Mark  : there’s still an overall little feeling though

[09:31:48] Sandra Hillawi: ok stay with that

[09:31:55] Mark  : ok

[09:31:58] Sandra Hillawi: think... this remaining energy is all softening really fast

[09:32:03] Mark  : ok

[09:32:08] Sandra Hillawi: breathe and observe where it wants to flow

[09:32:24] Mark  : well shouldn’t I direct where it should flow like out trough the head again

[09:32:32] Mark  : because I don’t want it to go back to my chest etc

[09:32:34] Mark  : just out

[09:32:35] Sandra Hillawi: ok

[09:32:37] Sandra Hillawi: for now yes

[09:32:51] Mark  : ok until I get to a point where I can trust that it will flow out no matter what

[09:32:55] Mark  : lol

[09:32:57] Sandra Hillawi: yes

[09:33:11] Sandra Hillawi: and we heal the injury lower down then things won’t get blocked there again

[09:33:34] Sandra Hillawi: ok back to the head

[09:33:36] Sandra Hillawi: head

[09:33:41] Sandra Hillawi: and remaining energy all over

[09:33:54] Sandra Hillawi: think... its softening and flowing really fast...

[09:34:00] Sandra Hillawi: breathe and allow it to flow up and out

[09:34:40] Mark  : ok

[09:34:47] Sandra Hillawi: tell me what happens

[09:34:53] Mark  : more flowed out

[09:35:03] Sandra Hillawi: think... its flowing out really fast, whizzing out

[09:35:15] Mark  : but stick stuckness that I don’t KNOW HOW it will go it’s a lot less

[09:35:21] Mark  : ok

[09:35:58] Sandra Hillawi: tell me what happens

[09:36:18] Mark  : I picture everything just flowing out my chest

[09:36:18] Mark  : and a lot did

[09:36:23] Sandra Hillawi: that’s good

[09:36:25] Mark  : just like zooming out fast

[09:36:30] Sandra Hillawi: great !

[09:36:44] Sandra Hillawi: ok so scan your body now and tell me how it feels

[09:36:55] Mark  : neck head area

[09:37:09] Sandra Hillawi: ok something still there? attention...

[09:37:11] Mark  : feels stuck

[09:37:16] Sandra Hillawi: think its softening really fast

[09:37:23] Sandra Hillawi: breathe and watch

[09:37:51] Mark  : I feel a lot better than when we started

[09:37:53] Mark  : by the way to add

[09:38:03] Sandra Hillawi: good

[09:38:09] Mark  : and I didn’t even have to analyze anything

[09:38:23] Sandra Hillawi: exactly!!!!!!!!!!! out of your head and into your body ....

[09:38:33] Sandra Hillawi: heal the energy body and the thoughts will be healed to

[09:38:41] Mark  : I basically affected energy with my thoughts even though I was afraid to

[09:38:45] Sandra Hillawi: yes

[09:38:59] Mark  : because the fear was generated from my thinking soon as I got out of my thinking I could tap into the real power

[09:39:06] Sandra Hillawi: yesss

[09:39:10] Mark  : wow

[09:39:18] Mark  : this works and it was my first time

[09:39:23] Sandra Hillawi: into your body... through the energy system, get it all flowing and .. voila

[09:39:25] Mark  : it worked but I'm not completely better yet

[09:39:33] Mark  : I just don’t want to take up more of your time since you did it free

[09:39:34] Sandra Hillawi: Mark....

[09:39:56] Sandra Hillawi: now you had an experience of how it works and THANT it you can relax and sleep and have hope

[09:40:14] Mark  : well it worked but not completely at peace yet

[09:40:16] Sandra Hillawi: then next step is to go forward on this healing journey when you had some sleep

[09:40:20] Mark  : completely*

[09:40:24] Sandra Hillawi: I know....

[09:40:27] Mark  : but it’s enough to let me sleep

[09:40:32] Sandra Hillawi: we have released some pressure

[09:40:36] Mark  : exactly

[09:40:53] Sandra Hillawi: but we have more work to do... as there are more injuries maybe still to attend to

[09:41:11] Sandra Hillawi: ok so... go sleep now, you did great....

[09:41:11] Mark  : yes

[09:41:17] Mark  : I want to book something

[09:41:19] Sandra Hillawi: talk to you... later

[09:41:20] Mark  : I feel better paying you

[09:41:27] Mark  : for our next appointment

[09:41:43] Mark  : Like I said I’ve tried it all and this is new so I want to work with it.

[09:41:44] Sandra Hillawi: this session was a gift from me, so you can pay for the next ones

[09:41:56] Mark  : I need to be better or just freer in 4 days before my trip to Cuba

[09:42:09] Sandra Hillawi: so... see you later today then

[09:42:17] Mark  : YUPP lets do this

[09:42:23] Sandra Hillawi: lol ok...

[09:42:32] Mark  : do you think you can get me up and running freer in 4 days?

[09:42:40] Mark  : before I go to Cuba so I can enjoy myself and not worry about shit

[09:42:44] Sandra Hillawi: we can do major work in that time

[09:42:49] Mark  : ok...

[09:42:49] Sandra Hillawi: if you put the time in with me

[09:43:03] Mark  : Plus my parents said they would help me pay for some of it too

[09:43:04] Sandra Hillawi: and do some homework!

[09:43:07] Mark  : so I’m happy about that

[09:43:15] Mark  : they said if I find something they will help pay

[09:43:33] Sandra Hillawi: that’s good...ok now go and sleep

[09:43:37] Mark  : I felt something here so I want to roll with it and see what it can do

[09:43:44] Mark  : yes I’m going to try to sleep now

[09:43:44] Sandra Hillawi: see you later today

[09:43:50] Mark  : ok ill email you later then

[09:43:57] Mark  : by Sandra thanks

[09:44:09] Sandra Hillawi: bye for now

Posted Jul 11, 2011   

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