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Helping Chronic Dizziness with Energy Tapping and EMO

Helping Chronic Dizziness with Energy Tapping and EMO

This was a delightful and successful case with a client presenting dizziness, head pain, anxiety since 2 falls 4-5 years earlier where she banged her neck and head. As a therapist herself, the client had used some therapy skills to improve her symptoms by 50% but wanted to completely release the old traumas and be well 100% so she contacted me about Modern Energy Tapping sessions. The sessions took place online in video meetings.

Session 1 The First Fall

I introduced the client to the SUE scale, the concepts of Modern Energy, aspects and events and then asked her to tell me the stories of the two fall events using the aspect model which dissociated her from the emotions of the events.

Given the choice the client chose to heal the first aspect’s fall and I checked her energy in preparation for rescuing the aspect. She was a bit nervous so we tapped to raise the energy of calmness to bring her up to a +3 ready to start.

The aspect was going to wash at prayer time and had her foot on the sink. She lost her balance and when falling hit her neck on the corner of the bath. She went blank, as if she passed out. The pain came later and after being lifted to her bed by her husband the aspect discovered her right hand was temporarily paralysed. This recovered in 25 days but the dizziness, pain, stiffness and anxiety  persisted. Hospital treatment was only medications for the pain and vertigo which didn’t help.

The key moment was the aspect banging her neck on the corner of the bath. We froze time here and asked ‘what energy will help the aspect at this moment?’ The client answered ‘love’. So we tapped to send love to the aspect at the moment of impact. We did a couple of rounds. The client said the aspect felt better now. Then we sent ‘warm love and care’ to the aspect and this brought the aspect to a feeling of freedom. A final round of ‘complete warmth love and care’ brought the aspect to freedom and the client to a feeling of blissful and happy. The client also experienced a lightness in her head, and her chest.

Session 2 The Second Fall

Before we started I asked what changes the client had noticed since session 1 the day before. Dizziness had eased, stiffness was less and she felt lighter and less anxious. At +4 she was ready to help the second aspect.

In the second story, the aspect was carrying her baby to the bathroom and didn’t notice the marble floor was wet from the maid just cleaning. The aspect slipped and feel banging her head loudly on the marble floor. She was holding the baby and had an added fear of harm to the baby and shock of how loud the sound of the impact was. The aspect had pain in her head and neck.

We had 2 main tapping moments. The first moment we froze was the moment of slipping, before impact. The aspect felt fear for the baby and was a -5.

We tapped to send safety and protection energy to the aspect and baby. Then a second round of trust and faith. As we did these rounds, heaviness in the head released upwards and out of  the clients body. The client said the aspect was now ok during the slip so we moved to the moment of impact. We tapped to send love and healing to the aspect and especially the back of her head where the impact was. During this round the client felt warmth at the back of her head. The next round we sent support energy and the energy of being lifted up by someone. The warmth at the back of the head moved to a heaviness at the top of the head. The next round we sent comfort and the feeling of being safe and loved to the aspect lying on the floor holding her baby. The client said she felt the pain release for the aspect and also for herself. She no longer had pressure or pain in her own head.

The aspect was now a +6-7 so we sent thankfulness which turned into happy gratitude for passing the moment safely with love and even feeling great now. The client felt a +9-10 at the end of the round, happy, free, breathing deeply, and feeling that the mental emotional and physical shock had now been released.

We had some time left and I asked, what can we do for you to make you a real +10 in your health and wellbeing. The client said, as a therapist, she felt drained after sessions and also felt anxiety when her clients were having their stress and traumas. She needed more calmness, self awareness, grounding. We tapped a round. She felt better but said she needed to have more love available for her clients. So we tapped a final round on that leaving the client to feeling blissful and happy.

We scheduled Session 3 to follow up after a week and I pointed out to the client that we hadn’t tapped on the painful emotions or the pain, just sent energy that was needed to the place and time it was needed. It felt like a light and easy session and the client was very happy with the session and results so far.

Session 3 Remaining Dizziness

This session was 8 days after the last one to give a chance for the client to experience the effects of the changes we had made in her daily life. She said she had felt good, less thinking and worrying, better sleep, no frustration, no pain or stiffness but there was still a little dizziness when she moved her head downwards to do certain tasks.

So I decided to look at this with EMO to locate the blockages in performing the head movement and improve energy flow and see what happens.

I explain what I was going to do in advance to the client. I was going to ask her to make the head movement slowly an mindfully to observe all areas of pain stiffness and dizziness and describe the sensations going on in her head. There was pain in the forehead and back of the neck. We softened and flowed and then also applied softening intention to the dizzy feeling itself which was in the head. After raising the head and then repeating the movement a second time, the pain was gone leaving a small feeling on the neck and the dizziness was very small.

We continued to soften and flow and when the sensations were gone I suggested that we build even more flow in the areas by shining happy love to the areas of the head and neck which had been blocked before. A warm energy spread out and released leaving the client feeling very happy and good.

We practiced the head down  movements a few times in different ways and there was no more dizziness or pain or any sensations at all. The client was delighted and felt confident again that she was free and able to move her head in a normal way.

I asked about her daughter, as we had a few minutes left. Her daughter as a baby, experiencing the fall being held by her Mother, would have had an energy shock from that also. The daughters behaviour was generally very sensitive and needing a lot of care and attention from her Mum. The last week, she had been happier, and we discussed how the previous sessions of sending energy back to the Mother and Child aspects could have helped.

But as we had time left in our session I suggested we tune into the baby herself being held at the moment of the fall. What was she feeling and what was she needing? The client said she needed love care and safety so we sent this energy back to the baby aspect at this moment in time. It felt good. I asked if there was anything else we could send to make it 100% good for the baby? We discussed that trusting in love and safety of her Mum would be good. So we sent this energy of ‘trusting in the being loved and being safe’. The client felt very happy about this  and the results remain to be seen.

We discussed overall how much the client felt this problem of dizziness orignating from the falls was now resolved and how much she beloeved it was a lasting change? The client was very happy and felt it was completely resolved now.


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