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Helping Stroke Recovery with EMO

Helping Stroke Recovery with EMO

Julie had a stroke 2 years ago. It affected her down one side, her right side, and at the point we connected she had made a degree of physical recovery but still had a feeling that her right side was feeling different from the left and aches and numbness in the buttock muscles. She felt a build up of frustration and stress about the stroke having limited her in life now.

Her energy levels only allowed her to take a short walk each day, which had a level of pain associated with walking in her hip, abdomen and groin areas.

In a phone call I offered to help and see what we could do to release some energy and to see if that could help her in anyway. We had no expectation of any particular outcome, just exploring what could be achieved through releasing energy. This is how the EMO (now EMO Energy In Motion) healing session went by telephone.

I asked first to describe what her physical body felt like. All the right side felt different from the toes up to the back of the neck.

What does it feel like compared to the left side?

Its a light feeling, it just feels different.

Ok so focus your attention on this feeling down the right side and think of it all becoming softer.

In a few moments Julie said she was hot all over and started to become emotional. The emotional energy was in her chest, so we softened and released this. It went down her body and out through the legs and feet. Returning to the heat, which had almost subsided, I directed her to think of this all over heat energy softening and flowing. It dissipated.

Now the right side feeling was lighter, almost the same as the left but not quite but she had a big pain in the right buttock. she said it felt like a heavy grapefruit.

So we softened this energy. Julie became very emotional again as this energy released moving into the thigh, as a heavy ache, and with more softening, down to the feet and eventually leaving from the toes.

She felt lighter but now a pain in the abdominal muscle that stretches through the groin to the thigh, the pain tapering to the knee. We softened and released this energy, more emotions and the energy released down the leg and out. Julie felt much lighter.

We returned to examine the difference between right and left side again. Now she said the right side seemed smaller than the left and there was a boundary between the right side and left side of her body going the full length of the body. I directed her to put her attention here, to feel the boundary, and to think of it softening.

It did, and the two sides merged.

Julie now felt the right and left side to be balanced, like she was one person again. I suggested she stand up and walk around a few steps and observe what her body feels like. It was still balanced (incidentally the first time she had felt that way for 2 years), but as she walked forward with the left foot, the stretch in the right groin gave her an ache. We softened and released this energy until she felt physically free and light on both sides and all round her hips and legs.

Julie sent me an email after the session to say how much stronger she felt, how much more energised she felt after the session and how much emotionally light she was.

1 week later this was her feedback ...."Following your session I felt great but totally drained for three days - a natural result I think. My groin has freed up and walking is better. I've taken the opportunity to use EMO three times when people have phoned and they've found it fantastic and so have I.

Thank you for re-awakening an interest in me."

Posted Jul 11, 2011   

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