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Join Heart Beat

Join Heart Beat

After attending a course or workshop to learn Modern Energy Techniques such as EFT/Energy Tapping, EMO, you dont have to go it alone. By joining Heart Beat, a monthly online group lead by Sandra Hillawi, you can continue to receive support and inspiration and develop yourself with your new skills. Whether you want self help development or as you use techniques in your client sessions, support is available.

Plus, after creating a lovely group bubble of warm connection and friendship in the training people often want a way to stay in touch with their new friends and colleagues. This is the perfect way, uplifting you as you go forwards.

Monthly Heart Beat

Membership £27 Per month 

what you get:

  • Monthly meeting on Zoom, relaxed and informal, last about an hour to 1 hr 20 to reconnect
  • Opportunity to identify and release your own blocks and increase your energy flow
  • Solutions to your life challenges by tapping together and applying the energy techniques we know
  • A place to ask questions arising from your client sessions, supervision, improving your professional skills
  • Demos and to help improve skills towards mastery in the techniques
  • Experience and learn about new techniques you may wish to train in later
  • Energize your business and your life by tapping as a group together
  • Feel the Love and Support of your peers long after your ended your training
  • Replays of meetings if you miss a month
  • Access to Sandra Hillawi outside of the meeting for extra Q&As, supervision and guidance
  • Monthly inspiration for your practice and business and life

All techniques of Modern Energy  from Energy EFT/Tapping, EMO, SuperMind, Heart Power, Modern Stress Management and Coaching may be used.

Join us and be welcome and let Heart Beat support you an inspire you in your life and work.

Sign Up for  Heart Beat Meetings at £27 per month for one meeting/workshop on the last Monday of the month, and receive meeting reminders and joining instructions. 

Use the form to sign up to the Heart Beat contact list and then Go to Payments Page and set up your Membership subscription. You should also receive a welcome email box with meeting dates and times.

Welcome, see you at your first meeting


Community Heart Beat

Posted Dec 11, 2018   

Sandra Hillawi 2017It's always good to talk to a human being and have your questions answered in person Smile

Please feel free to contact Sandra Hillawi with any questions about personal consultations, self help workshops, self help support tools, EFT and EMO training and healing retreats.

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