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Joys and Delights of Being an Energist Trainer

Joys and Delights of Being an Energist Trainer

The Joys and Delights of being an Energist Trainer

I was thinking about how much I have personally gained and enjoyed in my years as a Trainer with the AMT. It's been joy delight and deeply rewarding. Here's 15 reasons why.....


  1. It’s an evolution from helping people as a practitioner one to one, to helping people farther and wider by teaching others how to do that, duplicating yourself and this powerful knowledge of energy flow
  2. It completes the learning and integrating process for yourself as a practitioner when you start to teach what you practice
  3. Its a privilege to teaching worldclass leading edge concepts tools and trainings of the GoE to audiences who always appreciate you and for bringing them this important information for their evolution. The training materials and supports from Silvia Hartmann are awesome.
  4. Its great to feel supported and valued by your professional association and community as you do your work
  5. Its the joy of helping groups evolve and experience healing together, bringing more love and lightness to the world and a delight to feel the connection and love in the group energy
  6. Its the joy and deep satisfaction when your trainees go forward and help others in their own circles and report back their healing successes to you
  7. Its personal evolution every time you work with a new group of people
  8. Its love and friendship and respect with people everywhere in a growing family
  9. Its a job that fills your heart and raises your energy every time you give a training
  10. Its a job that challenges you to be open and ready to participate fully, to evolve and respond to new experiences at each unique event
  11. Its a job where thanks praise and appreciation for your efforts flow abundantly as you make a real difference to people’s lives and empower them to do the same
  12. Its a job that you can decide where you work and with whom you work with that can take you wherever you want in the world and truly enrich your life
  13. Its a job that’s pays well financially as well as spiritually for doing a good job
  14. It is indeed an honour and a joy to be an Energist Trainer with the AMT/GOE.
  15. It’s Love, Its Evolution, Its Precious

People need to learn about stress, emotions, energy and ways to manage their stress, to move into higher energy flow states and to and grow and evolve in their journey in life towards love. This is important work with purpose and meaning. Welcome to you if you are considering taking this step to train the next generation of energists.

To discuss your own aspirations to become a Trainer with the Guild of Energists, please feel free to contact me any time.

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With love and thanks

GoE Master Energist Trainer Sandra Hillawi

Posted Apr 20, 2016   

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