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Launching The Love Clinic 2nd Edition

Launching The Love Clinic 2nd Edition

Special offer for the launch of The Love Clinic 2nd Edition Your Way Back to Love, Self Help Guide  April 2020

Order a copy of the ebook  and

Enroll on the first online course The Love Clinic Loving Your Self with Sandra Hillawi as your guide and pass through coronavirus season in the very best way possible, the way of love.

The Love Clinic by Sandra Hillawi

In todays demanding and stressful life with uncertain times, it is even more important to learn and understand and find our way to the path of love which lies within us.  The second edition of The Love Clinic brings Sandra's classic milestone book up to date in language and concepts with even more inspirational stories of relationships rescued from the edge, now restored to true Love and a happy secure future.

In The Love Clinic, Energy Expert Sandra Hillawi reveals the real reasons for the problems with love and relationships, and explains in accessible, every day language, what we can do to alleviate problems and pain, and to start experiencing the joy of love in a whole new way.

With her vast experience of helping people find their way out of love pain, jealousy, low self esteem and negative emotions in relationships, Sandra Hillawi demonstrates that finding love is easy - if you know how.

Supported with many real case stories and detailed descriptions and instructions, The Love Clinic is a practical, engaging Self Help Guide  to help you grow in Self Love, Loving Others and your deeper Spiritual Relationships showing how to solve 32 different problems in love.  This book will be of interest to anyone who wants to improve their experience with loving, and being loved.


5 Star Reviews

D     Lee    

Great book by a great teacher!  5 Stars

This is a wonderful and very useful book. How to bring more love to our lives and work. Not romantic love but that deep love that is the matrix of all we are and do. Sandra has found ways to help us bring a more loving attitude and foundation to our lives and our work as practitioners. A terrific job. She is a wonderful teacher and practitioner.  This is a book I will always refer to.


H Carmichael

Inspirational!  5 Stars

An excellent transformation book that does what it says! Sandra is a talented Practitioner, Trainer and Author who walks the talk and inspires others to follow her lead. This book is clear, to the point, interesting, enlightening and easy to read. A must-have for all those journeying on this path.


K Bradley

A fantastic book for all aspects of love! This book was a joy to read  5 Stars

It has helped me to heal past hurts, to increase and attract love in my life, to improve my relationship with my husband and children and most importantly has helped me to have a deeper respect and relationship with myself.

Andreas Stocker

One of the best books on Energy Healing - and the best on EMO  5 Stars

For those interested in Energy Healing for professional or private purposes, 'The Love Clinic' by Sandra Hillawi is an absolute must-read. In my opinion, it is the best book ever written on EMO for emotional transformation. The writing style is full of energy, love, hope and joy and one has sort of no option but to try out for oneself energy healing based on EMO Energy In Motion.

Think this summary is a bit of an exaggeration? Fine by me. Where do you feel this in your body? Place your hand there and think, "it's only energy, it's softening and flowing". Whether you are a professional coach, counselor or therapist - or "just" a caring parent, partner or friend - EMO for transformation is made for you - for you as spiritual being and any down-to-earth human being.


Don't Let The Title Fool You! 5 Stars

Yes, this is an amazing book for relationships, but it is also an amazing book about relationships with yourself. I highly recommend it to any and all. Tons of well explained exercises and just an overall awesome read, way cheaper than a therapist and you learn a tool to help others as well!


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New Course Love Training 1 Loving Your Self

A wonderful opportuijty to let Sandra Hillawi guide you and personally walk alongside you as you work through The Love Clinic chapters so that you actually do the inner work to heal and transform yourself and your relationships.

Especially in the current climate of huge uncertainty and change brought on by the pandemic of Coronavirus, an added stress on top of what people already have to deal with, it is imperative that as many people as possible find the way of love within and hold that energy for others to align with.  This way we can pass this season as safely as we can for our health and for our communities and grow strong in self love and love each other.

Starting Soon

12 week live course with Sandra Hillawi


Loving Your Self Through Cornoavirus Season

Love Training 1  April - May - June

Part 1


Preparing For The Work


1.1 Emotional Self Assessment
1.2 Understanding Our Self Our Events Matrix
1.3 Transformation Toolkit
Part 2


The Past You -  Healing with Love 


2.1 Self Acceptance and Allowance
2.2 Healing The Past With Love Compassion and Mercy
2.3 Self Judgement to Self Compassion and Forgiveness
2.4 Recognising Your Unsung Heroes
Part 3


The Present You - Growing Your Heart of Love


3.1 Healing Anger and Heart Break
3.2 Falling in Love With Yourself
3.3 Heart Meditation Practice
Part 4


The Future You - Becoming The Love and The Way


4.1 Becoming Future You
4.2 Letting Go vs Surrender
4.3 Celebration of Love and Thanksgiving 


Each part will include 

  • Weekly live transformation workshops of 2 hours online with Sandra
  • Replays to catch up and watch again and again¬†
  • Weekly additional live feeds for Q&A and to settle your energy
  • Tips to master emotional transformation techniques
  • A private facebook community for sharing, questions, support
  • Email reminders to never miss a meeting
  • Committment from Sandra to serve you in your journey to her highest ability

This is a transformational course like you have never seen before, a life changing event, that will led you into a new way of being in your life, becoming the love that you are. 

You will change, your relationships will change, your life will change and you will have enjoyed a community of love to accompany you on your journey through the most challenging times that we have.








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The Love Clinic by Sandra Hillawi"Wow! Completely blown away! What a blessing, what a blessing and Im only at page 33. Thankyou for this gift. Tears of gratitude" M.Hirose, USA

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Healing Pain With Love

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