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Lessons in Self Love - Online Course

Lessons in Self Love - Online Course

I am starting this online course for those who want to learn how to love yourself.

It will be an 8 week online live course with me as your facilitator. It will take place in Zoom video meetings where we will gather, connect with each other, learn, apply, heal, grow and evolve in love together in a shared journey.

Here's what you will learn ...

Lessons in Self Love 

An 8 week online course with

International Trainer and Author of The Love Clinic

Sandra Hillawi

Starting 1 December 2018 - January 2019

Register for the Course Starting

1 December 2018 to January 2019

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You already know that Self Love is something you need to learn. But where do we learn how to do this? It's really not so obvious. We learn how to love others first in life and we dont event get that right all the time. 

Where do we learn how to love ourself?

We can learn from others who have gone before us and who are in a position to show the way, by their example and by their guidance. We can read about it. We can watch videos. We can talk and discuss it. But the only real way we can experience the real meaning is by doing it ourselves.

We have to engage with ourself. We have to bring our attention inwards to ourself and whats going on within. We need to recognise what we need within and do our healing and evolution work.

Where to look?

How to look and what tools and ways to use?

We need to learn how to bring the love to shine to the places that need it.

In turn we will experience the changes we seek in our self and in our life.

 how to love yourself

In this online course each week we will explore and apply a different way that we can love ourselves, and grow our relationship with ourself.  Where to look is simple. Our emotions shows us where the love is needed. Emotions call us to shine love to that place that is hurting or lacking in love in some way. Our unloving behaviours arise from our emotional state. They also point to where more love is needed within ourselves.

As we move towards love we come closer to our real self who we are meant to be.

Exactly who that is for you ...

is an exciting and magical journey of discovery

that you will make for yourself as we journey together


Why Do We Need To Learn Self Love?

We are all seeking love because we are deisgned that way as human beings. 

We seek love from our relationships with others, from the world around us, from our relationship with the Source of our being.

Parts of us that we judge and don't love can be the obstacles to us receiving and feeling the love from another. 

Our injuries from life really need love, yet may also stop us from feeling the love that is around us. Its painful for us to open our hearts to receive and we fear emotional pain.

When we are in need we may find others don't always have the capacity to meet our needs completely.

Its ok not to be ok. To be in a place where we need support from others is a chance for people to show love and for us to receive love. Its a blessing for relationships.

However, we ourselves are a source of the love we seek. But just how do we do that? and how often do we give this to ourselves? This is often our most neglected relationship.

Learning to be our own source of love is also one of life's important lessons.

It's part of growing up and standing in our own strength power and love.

When we experience our own love and power we become a light and source of love to others.

This course will show you how to love yourself.


Why Learn With Me Sandra Hillawi?

I have been on this journey of Self Love for 18 years. After discovering how to fall in love with myself and what it can be like to no longer need to be seeking love in another, the perfect match for me came into my life.  After applying the principles that you will learn on ths course in my own life, developing a loving relationship with myself and in helping many clients over the years I was able to write The Love Clinic, published in 2008. 

The Love Clinic by Sandra Hillawi

I continue to be an International Energy Trainer Healer and Coach, teaching the courses of The Guild of Energists and specialising in emotions energy love and relationships. It makes me happy to help another person find their way from pain into self love. Bring people back to love is my favourite job.


Knowing what I know doesnt make us immune from pain. Life goes on and brings new circumstances to stretch us and expand our limits. We can find ourself with emotional pain and stress, hungry for love again. It's then that we can apply what we know and restore our alignment and return to love and evolve. Its an ongoing journey in which I myself remain humble and compassionate.

People sometimes comment about my heart energy, about my patience, about my love and compassion.

They dont know how many times I healed my own heart. I lost count myself!

Every new heart break shows you new limits to be healed, stretching the heart, expanding your capacity for love.

Self Love is one of the most important things for us to learn in life. 

It has been for me. And it will be for you.

Stress, tiredness and emotional pain is all around us. You know it well yourself. This pain is our cry out for love. Love from others, love from our Source and love from our Self, that we have become disconnected from. Emotional stress and pain plus any state that is less than all loving, is a call to come back to ourself.

So let us get started together. 

8 Weeks 8 Lessons


1. Connecting with Your Heart

2. Falling In Love With Yourself

3. Love and Compassion for Your Aspects That Are Still Hurting

4. From Self Judgement to Forgiveness

5. Recognising Your Unsung Heroes

6. Completing What Was Missing All Along

7. Meeting Your Endlessly Loving Self - Future Me

8. Every Day Self Love

how to love yourself 

During this course

  • You will learn and apply these powerful ways to love yourself¬†¬†
  • You will heal, evolve and grow
  • You will know and feel more love for yourself¬†
  • You will experience how your life and relationships change
  • You will grow ever more in love
  • You will know how to continue in this relationship with yourself¬†
  • You will become a source of love to others around you
  • You will become less dependent on others for their love and attention
  • You will have more personal power to act in the world
  • You will understand and know how love works that it can become a conscious choice
  • You will learn ways to develop yourself and achieve more of your goals in life
  • You will become the flame and no longer the moth seeking it
  • You will come to know real deep happiness and contentment¬†

Extra Support

As a course participant you will also have access to a closed group on facebook The Love Clinic Online where we can discuss and support each other further in between lessons as we apply the ways for ourselves.

What If I Miss A Class?

The 8 Lessons in Self Love will be recorded on Zoom and made available as replays for participants only in The Love Clinic Online closed group on facebook. 


Register for the Course Starting 1 December 2018

Single Payment £297 



Registration and Availability Enquiries

 For exchange rates please see currency website eg

Egyptian participants may also pay by Vodafone Cash, please register by email on the link above

 After payment I will be in touch about class times and class joining instructions by email and add you to the closed group The Love Clinic Online ready for the start of the course 26 July. 

I will add you to my email list and be in touch by email.

 lessons in self love


Thank you for taking this important step. It is already a gift of love to yourself.

Thank you also for your trust in me as your guide. 

I will do my best for you

 with my love

Sandra Hillawi

 Sandra Hillawi 2017


Registration and Availability Enquiries





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