Modern Stress Management

Achieve Happiness Every Day

Modern Stress Management

10 Hours


7 September 2020


Do you ever feel weighed down by stress and feel tired during the day?

Do you often have challenges with relationships?

And would you like to know how to manage your energy flow better so you feel energized instead?

Many people believe crippling stress is just an integral part of our fast-paced modern life. Some even believe stress is necessary to achieve your goals and have success in life.

But what if there was a better way – to have no stress at all – or even happiness instead?

In fact, what if you could transform your emotions from stress to love the easy way? What if you could handle difficult behaviours with ease? What if you had some easy ways to handle your emotions and raise positive energy?




Positive Resilience without Stress

Sandra Hillawi - EMO PRO

The Modern Stress Management program gives you the skills and tools to improve your emotional state and become a better version of yourself so that you can have a happier experience in your day-to-day life with better relationships at home and at work.

  • Following the steps in the program
  • You can have harmony in your relationships
  • You can understand yourself and others better
  • You can understand how to transform your energy when you’re feeling low to happiness and high performance states.

Enjoy this one-week online course with International Trainer Coach and Author of The Love Clinic, Sandra Hillawi who will take you from Stress to Success!

Trainer Credentials

Recognized by Guild of Energists at the Trainer of the Year since 2002.

Sandra Trains Trainers and Professional Therapists in EFT, EMO, Supermind and many other programs.

The Bestselling author of the highly-acclaimed book The Love Clinic, now in its Second Edition.

Trainer Credentials

Recognized by Guild of Energists at the Trainer of the Year since 2002.

Sandra Trains Trainers and Professional Therapists in EFT, EMO, Supermind and many other programs.

The Bestselling author of the highly-acclaimed book The Love Clinic, now in its Second Edition.

Sandra Hillawi is an International Master Energy Trainer, living between London and Cairo, specialising in Modern Stress Management. With powerful techniques of EFT/Energy Tapping, EMO Energy In Motion and SuperMind Sandra can help you to completely transform and evolve your experience of love and relationships.

Sandra is a highly sought-after public speaker and the well-loved author of the highly-acclaimed book The Love Clinic as well as the inspirational Healing Your Heart Poems Songs and Prayers.

As an International Trainer of Trainers for 18 years and a world-class healer, Sandra is seen as the leading voice in the rapidly-growing field of Modern Energy. She is a regular presenter at the International Energy Conferences and Conference Master of Ceremonies.

Stories on Sandra Hillawi

Tim McCloskey

“This is life-changing and effortless”

In this time of worry and stress, having such incredible tools is a gift I cannot truly express in words. You can feel the love radiating from the screen. Everything was explained easily and clearly, Sandra is a fantastic teacher. I’ve struggled with some persistent stuck energy, the slight differences with Sandra guiding it made a world of difference. Very illuminating! Recommend it? 10000000% Yes. This is life-changing and effortless.

Tim McLoskey

Billy Adams

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart”

I am fascinated by the fact I could consciously empower someone, raising their energy just by my using words! Sandra accommodates and makes everyone feel welcome and important either during training or just in any situations. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful gift of love.

Billy Adams

helen ryle

“Sandra is an excellent trainer”

Sandra is an excellent trainer, she gave us a very professional and knowledgeable presentation combined with relevant personal and client stories. We learned, laughed, rose up in our state each day and by the end of the course, we were at + I0 and above! I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning what stress really is and how we can empower ourselves to manage and improve our energy levels on a daily basis.

Helen Ryle

The Modern Stress Management Program Delivers All This:

  • Five Live Interactive Video Classes
  • Facilitation by International Master Trainer Sandra Hillawi
  • A Full-Color Training Manual (Shipping Included)
  • Training Replays
  • A Support Community for the Duration of the Course
  • Revision Tips After the Course
  • A Printed Certificate From The Guild of Energists (GoE), UK
  • A Stress and Energy Monitoring Wrist Band
  • A 1 Year Standard Membership of the Guild of Energists (GoE)
Modern-Stress Management - By Sandra Hillawi

In This Certificated Course You Will Discover

Module 1: Personal Stress Assessment - 2 Hours

  • Stress Awareness and Symptoms
  • It’s All About Your Energy Flow
  • Your Detailed Personal Stress Assessment
  • Heart Power to Energise Your Soul

Module 2: Improving Your Energy - 2 Hours

  • Turning What You Know into Strategies for Love and Happiness
  • How to Take Control of Your State in a High-Stress Situation
  • Modern Energy Tapping / EFT to Raise Positive Emotions
  • Use Supermind to Take a Mini Holiday to Energise or Relax
    • The Energy Chart

    Module 3: Relationships and Spheres of Influence - 2 Hours

    • Is it All your Own Stress?
    • How Far do your Stress Waves Travel?
    • Relationships and Spheres of Influence
    • Communication that Raises Energy and Makes Others Feel Happy
    • Energy of Leadership in Family, Work, Community
    • Empowerment and Mastermind Groups

    Module 4: Handling Difficult Behaviours - 2 Hours

    • Transforming your Emotions from Stress to Love the Easy Way
    • Healing Injuries with Love
    • Handling Difficult Behaviours Easily
    • EMO Energy in Motion the Simplest Modality

    Module 5: Reaching Your +10 and Love Again - 2 Hours

    • Feeling Great at +10
    • Use your Favourite Modality for Forgiveness and Love
    • Creating the Future You, a Better You – Empowered By Love
    • Love Celebration

    Program Cost: $397

    Hurry! Places are limited. Act now and join the Modern Stress Management Program for $397 today!

    Bonuses Included When You Join Today

    The Love Clinic - Second Edition - Free Copy

    BONUS #1:
    Free Copy of The Love Clinic

    Get your Gift Copy of the second edition of my bestselling book The Love Clinic, an amazing step-by-step self-help guide. Navigate your way back to love in the simplest way.

    This is a 308-page book with tools, love stories and examples to help you in your relationship with yourself and with others.

    EMO Pro Group

    BONUS #2:
    1 Month Free Membership of Evolve Together

    Monthly workshop live on Zoom to practice with like-minded individuals all on an evolution journey too.

    $37 normally per month. 1 hour, 20 minutes session.

    The next programme starts on the 7th of September. Join the Modern Stress Management Program for $397 today!

    What People Say

    Gulcan Arpacioglu

    “Enjoyable, stimulating, inspiring experience”

    An enjoyable, stimulating and inspiring experience. Now knowing that is possible to do a release without Tapping…. is a new world! at work, I don’t have to ‘run’ to the bathroom to tap. I couldn’t attend live but I’ve been following the Replays videos at my own rhythm and it’s been amazing.

    Ana Toste

    Barbara Burgess

    “This will change your world and outlook on life”

    Sandra is a very gifted trainer. Kind, caring, considerate. Good at working with groups and handling different questions and situations. This will change your world and your outlook on life. I can now understand myself and other family members and where we are all coming from.

    Barbara Burgess

    Belinda Wells

    “Sandra’s patience and wisdom seem to be infinite”

    This program renewed my love of energy healing therapy and I learnt about heart power which I hadn’t done before. I enjoyed it and got a great deal out of it by way of fun and relaxation and interaction with the other course participants. Sandra’s calm, loving demeanour shines through in and her patience and wisdom seem to be infinite. Sandra is the person I wish to model my future energy therapy work on.

    Belinda Wells
    N. Ireland

    Places Available! Act now and join the Modern Stress Management Program for $397 today!