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Modern Energy Healer Course Feedback

Modern Energy Healer Course Feedback

Modern Energy Healer Training:"A wonderful two days; full of love, light and laughter in a beautiful environment and confirming what I had been thinking for many years, is that we all have the ability to heal within us and we don’t need symbols or attunements to effect some really helpful changes in people”. Debra Byers, Wales

"I highly recommend this course! Beautiful trainer, breathtaking location, useful information, lifechanging experience!" Katerina, Ukraine  

Modern Energy Healers at Sedgwick Park House 10 June 2017


Course Review by Sandra Hillawi from the first ever Modern Energy Healer Training

From Love, With Love, To Love. This is the wonderful experience that is The Modern Energy Healer Course. Beginning to end it was filled with powerful and profound energy events, personal healing and evolution. My thanks love and gratitude to Sandra for her guidance, support and love throughout this experience. To my couse mate Moira, thanks and gratitude fro sharing, supporting and encouraging me. To Clare for a beautiful space and energy to work in. To Silvia Hartmann, Thank you for this amazing course.

Karen Neil, Durham

Sandra and Karen

The healing power of love, shared through your heart and hands, is accessible and available to everyone. For me, this was new learning, simple techniques with profound effects. I gained new perceptions of myself and my healing abilities with cognitive shifts and personal healing from Sandra (trainer par excellence!) and Karen (my new fabulous friend). 

Sandra and Moira Blomfield

And a good time was had by all, including the evening swim in the cold outdoor pool! I am so looking forward to the EMO course as my next step. Thank you Sandra for delivering this course with love and encouragement and much laughter. I have been a therapist/healer for many years. This is different and I love it ! xx

Moira Blomfield, Chester

My overall impression of the course is that it was a “wonderful two days; full of love, light and laughter in a beautiful environment and confirming what I had been thinking for many years, is that we all have the ability to heal within us and we don’t need symbols or attunements to effect some really helpful changes in people.


Highlights: blimey, so many: connecting with beautiful people from all over the world; and probably the creative template….that connection with the “true, authentic person”; the royal touch….that physical feeling that my neck had stretched and that my body was actually in the position it should be in and feeling taller with my shoulders back. And after another insight I got from a childhood memory connected tomy shoulder pain, my shoulder is now free from tension too"

Debra Byers, South Wales


Dear Sandra,

I just wanted to thank you for an awesome couple of days learning about my hands of power and developing my intuition, skills and healing hands.

It was truly a beautiful experience and I'm honoured to have shared the loving, healing space with some amazing people and energies. 
I experienced a number of significant shifts over the 2 days and am so thankful to you and the other wonderful souls who helped to facilitate those shifts. 
It was a very powerful course that has undoubtedly made such a positive impact on my energy body 


For me, I have made such invaluable connections within myself as well as with some Beautiful people and I know that this will only strengthen as I practise the skills learned from this course. 

So much of the course has touched my soul and made a huge difference to me. The beautiful touch helped me to heal some painful blocks, which was then enhanced by further work on day 2 with the royal touch and the inner child to facilitate a huge healing shift for me personally. 

As an EEFT practitioner, I can really see how the hands of power can enhance the tapping and bring some fast, long lasting results for my clients, I will definitely be looking to integrate the techniques into my practice. 

Please pass on my thanks to Clare and John for their hospitality at Sedgwick Park, I'm sure the environment we were able to practise in, added to the experience of healing and love.
I truly feel priveleged to have met, participated and connected with you all. It was a very special love energy bubble which I will never forget. 

Much love to you, 

Emily Pearson, Northamptonshire


"Such amazingly powerful stuff, who would have thought the giant healing taking place from the little Mens" Jennine Allen, Derbyshire

Energy Constellations

 Powerful healing and evolution with Energy Constellation and our Hands of Love

Modern Energy Healer Training at Sedgwick Park House May 2017


Posted Jun 14, 2017   

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