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Modern Energy Tapping Foundation

Modern Energy Tapping Foundation

Learn Modern Energy Tapping with Sandra Hillawi, The Guild of Energists No. 1 Trainer of the Year in 2017.

The NEW Modern Energy Tapping Foundation course, created by Silvia Hartmann, was previously known as Energy EFT Foundation. It is a live training and distance learning course, that is powerfully focused on healing yourself, and covers self-help, as well as using Modern Energy Tapping with friends and family. 
The Modern Energy Tapping (MET) Foundation contains contains a wealth of uplifting and inspiring exercises, tips and techniques that are future orientated and solution focussed and is the perfect course for the beginner to Energy Tapping. Its pure delight and a real treat as well!

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Whats missing in your life? 

What's missing in your life?

Client Feedback for Modern Energy Tapping Foundation

Detailed Professional and Personal Review by Sandra Hillawi

Modern Energy Tapping Foundation, created by Silvia Hartmann, is the perfect course for you if you would like to learn the Modern Energy Tapping Foundation tapping system for both self-improvement and helping others.

By learning how to improve energy flow and move further up the SUE Scale, you'll discover how to go from problems to solutions in a broad range of applications. Modern Energy Tapping, like its predecessor Classic EFT and Energy EFT, teaches you skills about gaining emotional freedom from negative or low energy states, but this updated method is also applicable for creating high-energy states suitable for goal setting, inspiration, creativity and more.

With Modern Energy Tapping Foundation, Hartmann has created this highly comprehensive, knowledgeable and practical course, which is packed full of ideas, tips and techniques. This is very much a course for intelligent adults, and you'll have plenty of opportunity putting Modern Energy Tapping to work on improving all aspects of your life.

Silvia Hartmann is one of the original tapping developers. In 1998 Hartmann wrote the first professional level Classic EFT training, The MET Prac. In 1999 Hartmann wrote the very first book on Classic EFT, Adventures In EFT, and in 2012 Hartmann developed the Energy EFT Master Practitioner training course. Modern Energy Tapping is a further step in evolution in knowledge and skills. Its future orientated, solution focussed and feels amazing as we use and raise only positive energies to heal and evolve.

If you are looking to become a professional Modern Energy Tapping Professional, then Modern Energy Tapping Foundation is the perfect springboard for you an a pre-requisite training.

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Modern Energy Tapping Foundation is a course of four units, and the live training is normally taught in one day. By the end, you'll have learned:

1) Unit One: Introduction To Modern Energy Tapping

The History of Modern Energy Tapping
The SUE Scale 
The Heart Position 
The Modern Energy  Tapping Points 
How To do Modern Energy Tapping
The Modern Energy Tapping Round 
The Modern Energy TappingSet Up 
How To Raise Energy 
Positive EFT

2) Unit Two: The Energy Billionaire

The Different States of The Energy Body 
The Stress To Success Pyramid Model 
How To Give The Energy Body What It Needs To Be Stronger, Happier & Healthier 
How To Become An Energy Billionaire 
How To Draw On Powerful Nature Energies 
How To Draw On Pure Animal Energy 
How To Energize With Colour Energy 
Using Modern Energy TappingTo Unlock The ‚ÄúOceans Of Energy‚ÄĚ For You

3) Unit Three: From Problems To Solutions

How To Manage Real Life Stress 
How To Use The Aspects Model 
How To Release Negative Emotions 
Set Ups For Different Stress Levels 
How To Stay Energized In Real Life 
How To Convert Problems Into Solutions 
How To Find Powerful Positive Set Ups 
How Many Rounds To Tap 
How To Tap For Past Aspects 
How To Tap For Future Aspects 
How to Tap By Proxy For Other People

4) Unit Four: Modern Energy Tapping For Two - And More!

Tapping Modern Energy Tapping With A Friend 
Modern Energy Tapping With A Partner 
Modern Energy Tapping With A Group 
Tapping With Children 
Tapping With Older Children & Teenagers 
How To Teach and Share Modern Energy Tapping
The Heart of Gold Pattern

One Training - One Entire Year Of Benefits!

Upon completion you'll be awarded your Modern Energy Tapping Foundation certificate by your trainer. You'll also be awarded one year of GoE Standard Membership, gaining you many amazing benefits including:

  • Active GoE Members-Only Support Group - Talk to other members online, arrange swap sessions, ask questions and contribute to the members only group
  • Quarterly Magazine "The Energist" - Keep up-to-date with the latest news and articles in this wonderful member-only full-colour magazine delivered to your door
  • Weekly Energy Downloads - Includes video and audio presentations for further learning
  • Member Files & Documents - download high-quality tapping protocols, slide shows and diagrams in many languages

Note: If you're already an active GoE Member, you'll receive the following membership extension on completion of the course: Standard - One Year. Professional: Six Months, Trainer: Three Months.

Available via Live Training or Distance Learning

Modern Energy Tapping Foundation will be available as an English Language distance learning course, and as live training. Live training dates here. GoE trainers will also be able to deliver this course easily in languages other than English.

No matter whether you opt for live or distance learning training, the qualification is the same and you'll receive the same full-colour printed manual, delivered directly to your door. This is a wonderful resource you'll enjoy reading time and time again.

Live Training with Sandra Hillawi


£150 includes 1 day training, full colour book, attendance certificate, 1 year standard membership of The GoE Guild of Energists. Other countries please enquire about fees.


Contact Sandra to check availability and reserve your place on the next workshop. Payments by Card, Paypal, Bank transfer. Registration is required a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the date to ensure you receive your book on time. Otherwise an e-book will be supplied.

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