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MSM Modern Stress Management in Egypt

MSM Modern Stress Management in Egypt

I am most delighted and proud to be bringing amazing new Modern Stress Management Trainings to Egypt to help people to release and manage stress stress, learn about their emotions and energy, feel energised and great again and to enjoy more love happiness and success in life.

This exciting MSM Modern Stress Management training programme offers everything from self help for stress management through to professional practitioner and group leadership and facilitation training. The programme will provide participants with knowledge and skills to set themselves up as a Centre for Modern Stress Management supporting their community if they wish offering private sessions and leading workshops and support groups. Our 2017 dates starting in September as follows :

 Happy EFT trainings on The Nile

Venue  Cairo to be confirmed

 The Guild of Energists

Trainings accredited by The Guild of Energists in the United Kingdom

Registration Enquiries to Sandra Hillawi

Level 1 MSM Modern Stress Management Workshop  

GoE MSM BadgeSelf Help Training. This empowering course brings great self awareness about stress, emotion and energy and through a range of practical exercises, participants learn and apply a range of techniques for releasing stress and raising their energy. Raising energy leads to greater happiness, fullfillment, performance, relationships and activates natural talents and abilities. As well as improving their state in the course of the day participants take away important self awareness, understanding and skills to be able to identify stress signs and take control of their emotional state on an ongoing basis.

Fee International £150 GBP Egypt only 1000le  1 day training and Colour Handbook and Energy Monitoring Wrist Band. More Course Information.  See offer below.

Advance Registration Contact Sandra stating which event you wish to attend.

Which one is you?

Level 2 Energy EFT Foundation Day

GoE EEFTF BadgeSelf Help Training. Powerful training day teaching the simple powerful technique of Energy EFT and how to use it to release stress and negative emotions, and to increase positive emotional energy for a happy successful life. Perfect for beginners to Energy EFT for self help. If you have taken MSM Foundation and would like to learn more skills for healing and lifting your stress and emotional state you will learn many creative and fun ways to lift your energy to a +10 state and enjoy an amazing energizing day. More Course Information.

Fee International £150 GBP Egypt 1000le includes 1 day training and attendance certificate, full colour manual and 1 additional year membership of The Guild of Energists, value 350le. 

The First MSM Modern Stress Management Foundation Training in Egypt

Level 3 EFT Master Practitioner Training

GoE EEFTF-M BadgeProfessional Training. This is a powerful modern and comprehensive training for professionals who help others and those active in personal development. It is suitable for coaches, healers, health professionals and therapists and those wishing to understand themselves and others more deeply. Required for those wishing to progress to MSM Modern Stress Management to ensure all MSM Facilitators are equipped with comprehensive skills to address underlying stress issues effectively. 12 empowering modules of Energy EFT with 45 core skills bring understanding of human thinking, feeling, and behaviour, the psychology of events that affect us and develop skills, confidence, logic and structure to help people to heal, evolve, grow and transform themselves and their lives. Full Course Syllabus

Fee International £495 GBP Egypt 4000le for 3 days training plus 600le for professional certification, comprehensive manual, professional membership of The Guild of Energists. 

Level 4 MSM Modern Stress Management Facilitator Training

GoE MSM BadgeAdvanced Professional Training for practitioners, group leaders, facilitators and those wishing to lead workshops and groups. This course of 8 exciting enlightening energizing and modules empowers professionals to offer Modern Stress Management to mainstream audiences with skills and tools accessible to every human being wishing to reduce stress, energize and empower themselves into success. The MSM Facilitator will be able to:

  • Conduct consultations designing customised modern stress management programmes for individuals
  • Conduct customised modern stress management programmes for groups and organisations
  • Facilitate MSM Modern Stress Management Workshops for self help groups and organisations
  • Become a Centre for MSM Modern Stress Management for your community

The course comes with ready made support materials, brochures, handouts. Full course Information

Fee International £450 GBP Egypt 3000le for training  plus 600le for professional certification, professional membership of The Guild of Energists UK, training manual

Total Fees Levels 1 to 4 MSM Modern Stress Management Facilitator 

Including all professional licences, memberships, manuals and accessories with 30 months membership of The UK based international Guild of Energists 

Registration Enquiries to Sandra Hillawi

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Further Training Available

EMO in Giza


Level 5 EMO Energy In Motion Master Practitioner

GoE EMO BadgeAdvanced Professional Training and for Spiritual Explorers Those who wish to become a master of emotion energy and enlightenment may consider becoming an Energy in Motion Master Practitioner. This course leads you to explore how EMO can be used for healing our blocked emotions transforming them to love enlightenment and evolution. It covers use of EMO for self help, for professional healers helpers and coaches, and for living with energy flow in our daily life. EMO invites us to lead and create a magical life for ourselves with deeper connection knowledge and wisdom of the world we live in and make living a life in love a reality. Its versatility allows EMO to be integrated with many other therapies and modalities as well as being used on its own. Its a beautiful simple profoundly powerful course for explorers that brings direct personal spiritual experience and evolution. EMO may be taken as a stand alone training or following other Levels. Full Course Information.

Fee International £495 GBP Egypt 3000le for training plus 600le for professional certificate, pro membership of The Guild of Energists, training manual.

Offer Attend Levels 1 to 4 and Save 33% on Level 5

Attend all 4 levels to become a qualified MSM Modern Stress Management Facilitator in September and save 33% on the Advanced Course EMO Energy In Motion Master Practitioner.

Level 1  MSM Modern Stress Management Self Help Workshop 1000 le
Level 2  Energy EFT Foundation Self Help Training Day 1000 le
Level 3  Energy EFT Master Practitioner Training 4600 le
Level 4  MSM Modern Stress Management Facilitator Training 3600 le
Level 5 EMO Energy In Motion Master Practitioner Training 4600 le
Total Levels 1 to 5  14,800 le
Offer  Offer for All Levels 1 to 5 to be announced  

Registration Enquiries to Sandra Hillawi

Level 6 GoE Energy Trainer

1-7 June Eastbourne United Kingdom 

GoE Trainer badgeIt is possible to apply to become a licenced Energy Trainer with The Guild of Energists and have the licence to teach all of these amazing, life changing trainings issuing professional certification, becoming a leader in knowledge love and light to your communities with the highest quality professional support materials. 

The next Trainers Training programme is 1-7 June 2017 Eastbourne UK. To apply to become a Trainer, please contact Sandra Hillawi for more information. 


 Sandra Hillawi

Posted Nov 16, 2016   

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