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NEW Arterial Formulation

NEW Arterial Formulation

I am excited to share with you this new dietary supplement Arterial Formulation from Salutem Supplements launching now in the UK in 2017. 

Its an L-arginine and L-citrulline based supplement aimed at increasing nitric oxide levels in the body, which is known very well for its cardiovascular benefits.

The new improved formula and the attractive low price of only £35 a tub compared to similar products which retail around £60 make it a great choice and easy to maintain on an ongoing basis to support a circulation and healthy cardiovascular system. And it tastes great so it's a winner all round. Take a look at the details below. You can order it below.

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Releasing A Song At My Age Its Love

Releasing A Song At My Age Its Love

I am still relishing in the pure joy energy of having had the chance to produce one of my own songs and release it to the world. It's Love by Sandra Hillawi. It sounds so great. At my age of 53 and with no musical background it was quite a surprise but such a wonderful experience. A real star event in my life. I reflect here on the journey and how energy techniques helped me along the path of transforming my emotions not only to dare to do it but to completely enjoy it and now want to do more.

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MSM Modern Stress Management in Egypt

MSM Modern Stress Management in Egypt

I am most delighted and proud to be bringing amazing new Modern Stress Management Trainings to Egypt to help people to release and manage stress stress, learn about their emotions and energy, feel energised and great again and to enjoy more love happiness and success in life.

This exciting MSM Modern Stress Management training programme offers everything from self help for stress management through to professional practitioner and group leadership and facilitation training. The programme will provide participants with knowledge and skills to set themselves up as a Centre for Modern Stress Management supporting their community if they wish offering private sessions and leading workshops and support groups. Our 2017 dates starting in September as follows :

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Trainers Training Events with Sandra in 2016

Trainers Training Events with Sandra in 2016

Here are the UK and International opportunities to become an Energist Trainer with Sandra Hillawi in 2016. 

For existing AMT/Guild of Energist professional members who wish to take the next step to become a trainer and evolve their business and for existing Trainers upgrading to Energist Trainer by November.

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Joys and Delights of Being an Energist Trainer

Joys and Delights of Being an Energist Trainer

The Joys and Delights of being an Energist Trainer

I was thinking about how much I have personally gained and enjoyed in my years as a Trainer with the AMT. It's been joy delight and deeply rewarding. Here's 15 reasons why.....

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Energists Poetry

Energists Poetry
For the energists who express their art in words I have created a blog
This arose from the EMO Energy In Motion Master Practitioner trainings originally, where we have a session on creative writing from an energised state. I wanted a place to preserve and share the lovely creations emerging in our courses and have a Turkish section as well as an English section.
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Energy April 2016 A Career Making A Difference

Energy April 2016    A Career Making A Difference

One Month to A New You and A New Career 

Find out how you can have a career that satisfies your heart and soul by helping others solve their life problems, to evolve and to grow to become the person they are meant to be and find yourself in the process. 

April 2016 - A Unique Opportunity - 5 Steps to a New You, New Life, New Career

Heal grow evolve in all areas of your life and align your yourself and your life to do the amazing work of helping people release stress and assisting the movement towards love lightness happiness and success.

 Could this be the change you are looking for? 

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VIP Exclusive Retreats - Just for You

VIP Exclusive Retreats - Just for You

For the times in life where you need a real shift, a real breakthrough, a real transformation to manage a difficult time in your life or to really address long standing patterns that you wish to change and just heal your life.

When an hours healing is just not enough for all that you have going on a one day or two day VIP Healing Retreat with Sandra can be the perfect way to have the support you need to make that shift and change, sort some of your life problems out, and get back to who you really are, and how you want to be and behave in your current situation. Love yourself enough to give yourself this time attention and care with the experience and expertise of Master Energist, Author and Trainer Sandra Hillawi


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Certificate in Modern Stress Management

Certificate in Modern Stress Management

This advanced, professional certification program is available for existing GoE EFT Master Practitioners ONLY.
*Don't hold the Energy EFT Master Practitioner certification yet? Click here to find Sandra's training dates for Energy EFT Master Practitioner. Click More after the video for registration details.

Introducing the NEW Modern Stress Management program - yes, we really do have "The Trillion Dollar Stress Solution."Find out more about the Certificate In Modern Stress Management here:

Posted by Silvia on Monday, May 18, 2015
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Love EFT By Silvia Hartmann

Love EFT By Silvia Hartmann

Here is an exciting book .....
Special Offer 3 EFT Books FREE when you join The Guild of Energists £29.95

                 Love EFT by Silvia Hartmann

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Positive EFT London Training Saved by Technology

Positive EFT London Training  Saved by Technology

Arriving at Southampton at 7.30 am to take my train to London on Sunday 27th July, I was dismayed to learn that no trains were running from the south to London due to signal failures at Woking. On route back to my home by train, bus and then on foot I texted, emailed, called, facebook-ed the group who were all at various stages of their own journeys to see if we could rescue the day in some positive way ...

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7th Annual GoE EFT and Energy Conference

7th Annual GoE EFT and Energy Conference

This EFT Conference is a fantastic opportunity to get up to date with all the great work going on in the modern energy world of EFT. With 22 world class speakers there will be plenty of inspiration for new ideas and direction in modern energy work.

Tickets are at 50% discount til Weds 4th June at only £149 so register here if you havent done so, and after that the % discount reduces.

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The Joy of Being an GoE Trainer

The Joy of Being an GoE Trainer

It was in 2002 when I decided I would like to become an GoE Trainer. I'd been working with EFT for 2 years and having great success using it with clients in my natural healing practice. I helped release stress, aches pains headaches, more serious health problems link to stress, relationship and anxiety, confidence and self esteem, depresssion,addictions. My practice started to change from detoxification and naturopathy to energy focussed work. After two years of astonishing results, time after time and deeply satisfying work I realised more people should know about EFT and its possibilities so it became a natural evolutionary step to want to share this powerful and wonderful healing technique on a bigger scale. It was 2002 the year that EMO was launched, and in deciding to attend the launch it made sense to take the trainer's training for EMO too, and teach them both.

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Thank You

Thank You for requesting the FREE Mini Course. An email will shortly arrive in your inbox of how to access the course from your email box. 

This Free Mini Course is available to Free members of 

Meanwhile on the subject of emotions and stress and navigating our journey through life with all its ups and downs you may also be interested in siging up for regular transformation videos at my new website.

At I have created a Free, Personal and Professional membership levels, with high quality help and inspiration videos and content for self help for love life and relationships or to support professional development.

EMO Free Mini Course


Looking forward to working with you 

Love and Thanks, Sandra


Apr 5, 2014

EFT and EMO Master Practitioner Training - Spring 2014

EFT and EMO Master Practitioner Training - Spring 2014

EVENT CHANGE NOTICE 15Mar2014: This EFT Master Practitioner Course will now take place at Sedgwick Park House, Horsham 22-23-24 March 2014 and EMO Master Practitioner on 13-14-15 June 2014

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Online Support Groups for Clients Practitioners and Trainers

Online Support Groups for Clients Practitioners and Trainers

I am most excited to be starting this new project for 2014 setting up regular support groups online using web based video conferencing that has now come of age.

This creates the opportunity for Trainers, Practitioners and Clients, that means everyone Smile to stay in touch with me and each other on a regular basis without even having to leave home and to enjoy ongoing healing, support, personal and professional development at an affordable price and make great spiritual and personal development buddies.

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The Love Clinic Workshops

The Love Clinic Workshops

Join International Traıner Sandra Hillawi, author of The Love Clinic, to learn the energy secrets of love and relationshıps and transform your experience in love and relatıonships forever.

The Love Clinic workshops are open to everyone and take place as 1 and 2 day workshops both online by Skype and at various locations. These are hands-on experiential days that will be really transformational in your thinking, in your feeling, in your relationships and in your life. Read on for more details.

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Turkey News Energy ıs Growıng for EFT and EMO

Turkey News Energy ıs Growıng for EFT and EMO

Once agaın we had the most fantastic training ın Istanbul at Radıa, personal development centre run by Seda Rodop ın October 2012.

Master GoE Traıner Sandra Hıllawı reports on the EFT Master Practıtıoner Traınıng and EMO Traınıng and welcomes new practıtıoners and two new traıners to The AMT. After the traınıng Sandra had some tourıst tıme so ıncludes some pıcs of İstanbul too.

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Free Self Healing Audio with EMO

Free Self Healing Audio with EMO

I have recorded a 10 minute self healing session in mp3 format with guidance and help using EMO Energy In Motion (was EMO) to help anyone release the pressure of emotional stress, past and present, that they may be experiencing right now.


A quick hello and intro from Sandra

You can use this to obtain release right now from : stress, pressure, tension and pain in the body, painful emotions, fear and anxiety, heartache, headaches, and all disturbing and painful emotions, collectively known as stress.

To request this free self healing audio simply complete the form below. You will be sent an email link to the free audio tracks which you may play online now for immediate relief or download later.

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Atelier EMO à Casablanca Maroc

Atelier EMO à Casablanca Maroc

Traduction française en bas.

I am most delighted and excited to announce that I will be presenting EMO in Casablanca Morocco 27-28 NOvember 2012. I am just so excited! To me this is one of the most exotic romantic locations and definitely a perk of being an GoE Trainer, getting to visit such wonderful places and meet wonderful people from different cultures.

For this event I am the guest trainer of Dr Hassan Atlagh, who in addition to being a medical doctor, has a training and personal development centre in Casablanca introducing new therapies and techniques to his fellow countrymen. 

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The Love Clinic by Sandra Hillawi"Wow! Completely blown away! What a blessing, what a blessing and Im only at page 33. Thankyou for this gift. Tears of gratitude" M.Hirose, USA

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Songs and Poems

Its Love by Sandra

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  • Till There Was You This is my first ever recording, a cover of one of my favourite Beatles Songs, recorded at MutantLab ...
  • Pay With Your Attention Pay with your attention It buys a lot It buys nature in its glory People’s essence and soul The ...
  • Star I place my hands upon my heart With love to set me free Power up my heart with love Shine that all may ...
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