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Overcoming Procrastination to Write My First Book

Overcoming Procrastination to Write My First Book

'I am an author.' I feel such joy to say that, as right now I haven’t even written the book, but at the same time I feel like I’ve finished.

I’ve just come off the phone from a fab EMO session with my ET buddy Baya, a fellow EMO trainer and dear friend, and she has helped me get into the energy state of not only writing but having finished the book.

This energy of completion is amazing. ‘I am an author’ fills me with joy and delight! This flow of energy has made the book I am about to write flow so easily.

How did we start? Well I’d been procrastinating about this for ages...

19 November 2007

It’s my first book too. I had blocks about writing, structure, purpose, connecting with the readers and fears about ‘who am I to write a book?’ all of which were doing a great job of maintaining the status quo of inaction.

‘So Baya, I want to write the book now, can you help me with that?’

I’d just come back from launching EMO in New York Nov 2007, it was a fabulous event and I felt my own energy even more strongly as I was teaching….warm passionate open relaxed confident generous. Baya asked me to connect with that. That was easy. It was flowing powerfully through me and out.

Then she asked me ‘where do I feel the energy about writing?’. The whole warm power flowing energy disappeared in an instant, and I felt this small tight feeling inside me. So we softened and released this energy. It flowed up and out through my head. Now writing felt very different. Much more possible, much more present.

The next block was the structure for the book’. When I thought about this concept, I felt a cloudy energy out front, blocking my vision and a heavy energy in my shoulders. We softened and released in my shoulders then softened the energy outside, brought it in through and out.

Now I had a real sense of the purpose of the book which lead me to think about readers. I was able to connect with the readers in the professional, practitioners and trainers of EMO and other energy therapies such as EFT and energy healers. But the general public who would want to read and get benefit from this? I had no connection with them. That sense was once again, out there somewhere, over to the left, in front of me.

Again, I softened the energy, brought it in through and out. It was a struggle, and the areas of resistance in my body had to be softened to let it all in through and out. But we got it all flowing. It was a soft energy, and I was starting to feel joy and love in connecting with the readers.

Now to merge all the readers’ energies, my professional audience, the public and….whooah, there was a fear…the gurus, the experts, the existing authors.

I had a block in my chest about this, softened and released it. Then I was able to take in and connect with everyone. The flow was great but gentle. I thought of it speeding up and it started to flow faster and became stronger and more invigorating in my body.

So now I was connecting with and drawing strength and power from my reader audience. That felt good. Next Baya said ‘I want you think “I’ve finished it, and I have my finger on the send key to send it to the publisher”’. A moment of joy but wow a heavy block like a brick the size of my whole torso. We softened this and released it, then I started to feel fantastic, so energised, so happy, so joyful, the real sense of completion streaming through my whole being. ‘I’m an author’ I laughed out loud.

The final step was the content. I created the intention ‘all the ideas, stories, theory, wisdom and learning required for his book are flowing to me in the right sequence’, I invited them in, through and out. They flowed easily in the strong passionate flow already created. Then again, ‘all the content has already flowed to me, the book is finished’ and as I now write I still feel the excitement of this energy.

I marvel at the power of the Law of Attraction at work. I have created the energy, the state of flow and completion for the book that is written energetically, and now just needs to flow through my keyboard onto the pages. This last bit now seems so easy !!! And so with great joy happiness and excitement I begin.

Thank you Baya for being the best ET buddy!

3 December 2007


Two weeks on. The flow dried up. I was disconnected from my book and experiencing writers block. I wanted to get on but all I felt was inertia. How could I write about Love when I wasn’t feeling it now? Who was I to be writing about Love anyway?

It was time for another ET session. After my session with my love connection and flow restored I now resume my writing.

12 December 2007

Sending manuscript out to some friends and colleagues for review. I am feeling anxiety about a number of issues, sharing personal stories with the public, a sense of ‘who am I to be writing this book anyway’ and ‘did I do a good enough job on certain chapters’. Once again, I got together with an ET Buddy and cleared some more energy and felt more comfortable. Plus had a chat re some deeper spiritual issues that had arisen for me personally while writing the Unlovables section. By clearing my own energy about this subject, the extra clarity and insight I gained allowed me to develop some additional material to complete the section as well as moving me a step forward in my own personal development through the exploration.

31 December 2007

Images back from the illustrator and now in place and the initial feedback about the book is encouraging.

My first book The Love Clinic was published in 2008 and launched at the EMO Conference April 2008.

Launch of The Love Clinic by Sandra Hillawi

Posted Jan 20, 2012   

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