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Positive EFT Client Feedback

Positive EFT Client Feedback

Feedback from clients attending Positive EFT Facilitator or Practitioner Training with Sandra Hillawi at live events or by Skype online training.


Positive EFT Training by Skype
Positive EFT Skype Training
I wasn’t sure how much I’d get from the Positive EFT course as I had already completed the Master Practitioner course but I have to say I really did enjoy it and get lots more from it. It was great to consolidate learning from the Master Practitioner course but also to have another set of skills to be able to use with clients. I would say for any Master Practitioners who are thinking about doing it, DEFINITELY DO IT! You won’t regret it! It’s a good introduction if you’re new to EFT or a new perspective if you’re already an EFT Practitioner.
I did my Positive EFT course with Sandra over Skype and had the same positive experience as when I did my EFT Master Practitioner course. Sandra’s passion and enthusiasm for EFT is contagious. I think that it makes all the difference if the trainer is supportive, down to earth and fun, which Sandra definitely is! Thank you Sandra for being such a great trainer, for your on-going support and encouragement. I look forward to more courses with you in the very near future! Leah Freeman

Positive EFT Practitioner: 

Hello from Canada, Recently I completed an online Positive EFT Practitioner course with Sandra Hillawi, and I am writing to say how very much I enjoyed the experience.  Sandra is a lovely teacher, articulate, very well informed and clearly passionate about her work.  Although I was challenged by some complications with the technology in use during both days of the program, Sandra patiently dealt with what could have been a much more disruptive situation and made it possible for me to complete the course with minimal difficulty.  It was a pleasure to work with her, and I look forward to a future opportunity to do so again and, hopefully, meet her in person.

I am delighted to now be associated with the GoE as a Positive EFT practitioner and am studying toward completion of the Energy EFT Master Practitioner course.  All my experiences to date with this organization and its representatives have been most positive and pleasurable.

Many thanks, Brenda Hansen

Positive EFT Training at The Willow Clinic Guildford

Positive EFT at The Willow Clinic, Guildford organised by Sal Worringham

"I liked the simplicity of the positive EFT and how quickly it can be used to raise your vibration.  I'm looking forward to having a play with it.  I liked Sandra's style - she was upbeat and fun and was very helpful when we were 'stuck'."

Love, Sharon Downes xx

"I had been looking forward to the EFT Workshop. Unfortunately when I arrived I was not feeling 100% partly due to the fact that I had not slept well for the previous 2 nights.  Sandra Hilawi started the EFT Workshop doing tapping on positive energy.  We worked in pairs and I chose Abundance and after tapping on Abundance for 2 or 3 times I really felt my energy level rising.  I started off feeling +1 and soon found myself at +7.  We then went on to work on clearing energy blockages and improving energy flow.  Later in the day we again worked in pairs on Solving Past Problems & Challenges.  I chose to tap on a particular stressful event that happened to me about seven years ago and with Sue’s help we worked through it - I remember feeling about -1 in the Energy Stress Table at the start. We tapped on how stressed my body was feeling and gradually worked through each stage until I felt I had reached +10 which in itself would have seemed impossible at the start.  But Sandra felt we still had not gone far enough and asked me whether there was anything more I could feel that would make that situation even better.  I thought about it and said that to feel happy about the moment would be raising my positive energy even more so we tapped on that one more time and I actually finished laughing about it!  The whole day went very quickly and Sandra’s positive outlook on EFT made me feel that any challenges we may face on a day to day basis could be helped with Positive EFT.

Thank you again for organising Sal."    Vi Rickets x

"Fantastic day, not sure yet if I will go for the “Master Training” day, but hope to do so if the timing is right.  It was basically quite an eye opener.  We had loads of one to one and working in groups and with a partner. !  It’s amazing how you can tune into someone else’s emotional feelings, I feel I am personally in a very different place now, which gives me different viewpoints" Marion Withers

"What a fascinating experience. Using Positive ETF to get to the depths of how one really thinks and feels. Then finding, again from ones true feelings and thoughts, what you really need in that moment. Life changing. Thankyou Sandra for your enthusiastic and openly loving teachings. " Sal Worringham. The Willow Clinic

Thank you so much for sunch an inspiring training and also for being so flexible in allowing me to do the training the day I was able to." LRosenberg UK

"Hi Sandra, Thanks for the course. It was very pleasurable as well as educational.

Had a patient ocme to me yesterday with whom I have been struggling for several years, real deep trauma. I have tried conventional EFT & Matrix reimprinting with him with limited success, so I was a little disinclined to suggest something similar for him again..but I dared.  We did 3 rounds of Positive EFT.
He went from a minus 9 (in deep despair) to a plus 5 and was so happy. He could not believe it. He was going to continue tapping all the way home - which is about a 4 hour journey for him.
Lets hope that he maintains the progress he made in a relatively short time here in my office, perhaps even improving on it. So a good start" Clive Lowe Norway


Posted Oct 20, 2014   

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