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Positive EFT Distant Healing

Positive EFT Distant Healing

On one of my recent Positive EFT video conference trainings I was doing  the exercise with one of the participants about tapping to send positive energy to someone who is absent, distant healing. Or we can simply call it 'an energy gift' to someone we care about. A week later I got this testimonial back from the participant Sue who I worked with to send an energy gift to her daughter.

Sue says :

I wanted to give you feedback the night of the course, as you know when we 'practiced' giving a positive energy gift I chose my 10yr old daughter who was having trouble sleeping and general anxiety. We gave the gift of 'feeling safe' then 'serenity' then high self 'esteem'.

If you remember during the session she came in and wasn't happy, had fallen out with her brother, so I was expecting her not to be happy.

After we finished she came into the room and the first thing she said was "I don't know why but I feel really happy" I asked her how it felt and she said 'I just feel full of positive energy"

I explained to her what i had done and asked if she would like me to do it again and she said yes but to send her a gift when she doesn't know as it works best that way!"

Sue SJ Green Positive EFT Practitioner Dubai

Thanks Sue for sharing this feedback which should encourage us to tap for others and send them the positive energy that they need to help them feel better.

Posted Aug 15, 2013   

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