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Releasing A Song At My Age Its Love

Releasing A Song At My Age Its Love

I am still relishing in the pure joy energy of having had the chance to produce one of my own songs and release it to the world. It's Love by Sandra Hillawi. It sounds so great. At my age of 53 and with no musical background it was quite a surprise but such a wonderful experience. A real star event in my life. I reflect here on the journey and how energy techniques helped me along the path of transforming my emotions not only to dare to do it but to completely enjoy it and now want to do more.

I have been working as an Energist, specialising in healing and transforming emotional energy for my clients and teaching professional training courses in these techniques for many years.

EmoTrance known now as EMO Energy In Motion taught me alot about the energy flow of life and gave me a great understanding of emotional energy, and EFT the tapping technique helped me to manage and change my blocked emotions to flowing emotions.

Afew years ago I started writing songs, enabled by EMO, and 4 years ago this beautiful song came along Its Love

I had received some wonderful news that my beloved had been granted a visa to come to the UK and I was so happy. All day I was in the high state of love and joy. When I went to bed I was still feeling the thrills of being in love through my whole body. As I lay in bed in pure happiness I asked myself 'how can I bottle this feeling?' I need a song to capture this and so I started to write it into my phone as an email to myself that night starting with ...'You dont know how much I'm feeling, the thrills that set my whole heart reeling, they're gonna burst right through the ceiling, Its you Its you Its you Im meaning It's Love....' and the rest flowed from there.  In about 10 minutes the perfect little song Its Love was born.

Over the years I would sing it to myself, as it came with a catchy happy tune and rhythm, and I started to dare to sing it to my clients and selected friends on my retreats for a bit of fun. For anyone in love It's Love was the perfect song for them and its catchy chorus got stuck on repeat in the head!! I sang it in Nuweiba Egypt. I sang it on my trainings in the UK, Istanbul and I sang it in Australia.

All the time people asked 'why dont you record your songs?' I had investigated and found the cost to be quite significant for hiring a studio and musicians and every time I had the money available the studio was not available. When the studio was available I had other priorities for the money, so it didnt happen. But I could visualise it.

Though I was dreaming about it I was very nervous at the idea of singing in the studio, to a bunch of musicians, and singing one of my own songs. Who was I to be singing in public? Who was I to be releasing a song? I did an EFT session on this. I tapped to relax my future aspect in the studio and as she relaxed she started to enjoy the process and even be thankful for the help from talented musicians to make her song. 

In Melbourne I had a great marathon training with a group of new trainers. It was 10 days training and I shared afew of my songs to lift the energy of the group here and there and by sharing myself with the group created great connection between us all. I practiced some of the techniques for addressing the group entity as opposed to individuals, which brings another quality to the energy of delivery, touching people in a different way.

One of the new trainers had such a great experience during the week and liked the song so much that she made a surprise gift to me. At the end of the course she offered to sponsor my first song production in a studio. Jo Blachut, Thank you so much.

I was overwhelmed and delighted with such an amazing gift. That was August 2016. I travelled alot in the following months to Egypt Turkey and back to the UK in November so it wasnt until 23 November 2016 that I found myself in the studio with a wonderful group of musicians to record the song Its Love. It was also timely because my beloved was ill and I really wanted to make this and send it to him to help lift his energy up for his recovery.

Making Its Love in Quay West Studios Gosport 

Nick Bowen on drums Jim Cutts on saxaphone Ben Marks sound engineer and producer Nick Bowen on bass guitar 

Wonderful musicians at Quay West Studios Gosport

I found that the tapping had worked. I was excited but hardly any nerves. I loved the whole day. Watching and participating in the process of building the song and the recording was fascinating and exciting. They all gave so much attention and care to it I was really grateful for that. I just sang the song, explained how I wanted the sax and drums and bass from how I heard it in my head and they felt it, added their own touches, a bit of polish and hey presto the song was now in the world, a real entity, and just like I had been hearing it in my head for 4 years. Amazing work from Nick Bowen on drums and bass guitar, Jim Cutts on saxaphones, Rob Mason on lead guitar and Benjamin Marks engineer and producer. I thank all at Quay West Studios Gosport for a most wonderful life event that filled me with happiness.

I'd never sang so much at once in my life. By the end of the day my voice was getting sore but with a little polishing off the final song came out wonderfully well and I went home with my song on a flash drive deeply happy and excited to share it with everyone.

I sent the first copy to Jo Blachut my sponsor in Australia. She loved it and so did my beloved and so did my Mum. In fact everyone liked it. A simple, catchy, feel good, happy, dancy love song. It's Love really was bottled in a song. 

I started the process to release it as a single onto the internet through which distributes songs to iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all the normal music online stores then took my next flight to Cairo for the next trainings ahead of me in Egypt.

On 6 December in my hotel at Cairo airport in the early hours I checked my DittoMusic account and saw that it would be available to download on iTunes and Amazon from 7 December. I was so excited that I posted about it on facebook at 3 am as I couldn't sleep. Then next day I made the song available on Youtube for anyone to listen freely and shared that on facebook. Wowwww I was delighted with the feedback and responses. People really liked it and commented. I was so happy.

As I left my hotel to take a taxi to my course I had a real lightness in my step and had my song playing on my phone in my pocket. I played it to the Cairo taxi drivers who connected it to their in car radios by blue tooth to listen to it well. They loved it.  My course particiants in my trainings had a treat of a +10 Sandra teaching them and singing Its Love to them as an extra highlight of the courses.

I started to collect some video clips as it appeared a good idea to make a music video. And that's the next step.

Sandra Hillawi Its Love Cairo Dec 2016

Songs for Valentines ?

As I write its 13th January and 1 month to go til Valentines Day. I made a lyrics video of Its Love for people to learn the words and plan to promote it a bit more in February to complement the Love Season. I think Its Love is a great song for Valentines don't you?

Now we just need a fun lively happy in love music video with clips of people having a good time.

It occurred to me how uplifting the whole project was and how much it helps make people feel good and sing love words to each other, friends, family, partners. And how many uplifting love songs are there really? 

Now I would like more people around the world to know the song, to play it and enjoy it. Whilst I'm an Energist and normally bringing love and lightness through my sessions and training courses, I am delighted to have a new way to bring afew moments of happiness and love energy to maybe even more people.

Want To Be In The Music Video?

So I am collecting video clips. If you would like to have some fun and join with us and be part of the music video then download Its Love from iTunes or Amazon or play it on Spotify, listen and learn the words with the lyrics video and have fun. Get someone to make a short video to capture your in-love fun happy moments and send it to me.

We will edit the best bits and assemble them into a fun music video that will add to the happiness of those who watch it and encourage them to share the love.

So thats where I am today. I'm planning another studio session for another song soon and there are plenty in the pipeline waiting to be recorded at so an album will come eventually, funds allowing. I'm thinking of a Crowdfunder project to help make it. Hope you will join the project and support us in some way. 

Thanks so much for reading and being part of my late starting artists journey. Please add me to your facebook to be better connected and keep in touch about my musical news as I journey on along side my training business in this surprising new path I find myself on with new horizons ahead.

Much love to you 

Sandra Hillawi

Download Its Love at Amazon or iTunes

Thank you for owning a copy if you are able.

If not enjoy it on Youtube or Spotify for free 


Thank you for listening and sharing

Its Love by Sandra Hillawi



Posted Jan 13, 2017   

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