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Self Healing for Sandra

Self Healing for Sandra

Energy Healing Much Needed for Me Today

How do I feel today?

My energy is flat. Im emotionally exhausted. The inner battery is almost empty. The bank account is also empty today. The next £1k due in is already spoken for. Medical and support costs have been high for a long time. My phone is restricted til I pay the bill tomorrow.  Opportunities are there to generate and create the finances needed to reach our goals. How can I increase my business to get us through this difficult time? My power is almost zero and everything is a huge effort. Life feels hard. I need help. Energy on the SUE Scale is -4 on the surface but underneath its a -8.

My goal :

How to help myself change my energy and circumstances with positive energies and get my life moving again.

Today my beloved is having his final gamma knife treatment for brain tumour diagnosed in February. He is in a hospital in Saudi Arabia. I am here in Gosport UK. The energy ride we have had in the last months has been big, very very challenging, very very demanding. Im depleted in many ways. How do I help myself?

So I ask myself  What do I need more of?











Achievement of Quest



Nature nurture


Well that’s a good list to start with.

I shall start with the last, Nature nurture and see what that does to my energy, just to give me enough resources to be able to help myself.


In my garden

Soft caress of the summer breeze

Gentle rustling of the leaves

Bird song dances through the air

Natures love is everywhere


Afew minutes of tuning in to nature helps to create a lightening at least in my head , body energy is still heavy and blocked.

I reach out to connect with nature. I hold in one outstretched hand the branch of a tree and in the other the branch of the hibiscus bush. I stand in surrender my body connecting the nature’s energy circuit. Natures flows through me. Emotions well up from my heart, releasing. I feel some soothing and the gentle love of nature.

Hibiscus  Tree in my garden 



I notice and meet the rose

 Heavenly Rose

Heavenly Rose by Sandra Hillawi

Heavenly heart soothing scent of the rose

Even as it harbours the fly and the tiny spider

Not sure who today has become who’s prey

Still the rose releases without condition

Its love fragrance to the world

Blind to its beauty until today when I stop to look

Heavenly scent of the rose

Caressing my tired soul

I breathe you deeply in

That you bring life to the still deep waters of my spirit

Heavenly scent of the rose

I bathe in your generous softness

Waters start to move and darkness turns to grey

Heavenly pink of the scented rose

Gently your petals unfold and open to life

Asking nothing

In connection with the source of all life

Simply being

Beauty and love

That I may come and partake today

I thank my rose the bearer of heavenly gifts

My spirit stirs grey waters turning light



And as if by a miracle the sun comes out Smile


Glorious Sun

Glorious Sun


A miracle of light

Warm power emerges from behind the cloud

Sun streams down to my thirsty body and soul

Bathing quenching generously strongly powerfully

Recharging my inner batteries

And then in a moment its gone

Behind the cloud

Teasing me with its splendour

Tempting me with the feast I hunger for

And then it’s back and I am ready

I embrace the sun

I savour its bounty til I am fed to the full

Arms outstretched head back I open to you

Flood my soul and energise my spirit Glorious Sun



And now my energy levels are up. I am at a +3. Now I feel the heavy blockage in my chest and I can pay it some attention. I take afew minutes to upoload the new poems to mysongsandpoems blog

What else to I need? I return to my list of energies.











Achievement of Quest




I add :  Music      Movement         Life

And choose a playlist :


Michael Buble’s Everything  

My own recording of  Till There Was You


And I dance ............................


Energy and feeling now is + 4.5 and I can smile

Then I find:

Walking on Sunshine : Katrina and the Waves


I dance like crazy ....... and yes ! I feel gooooood even laughing and a bit breathless ............+ 6


Dare I think a spot of happiness is flowing ! Now I want to listen to MY SONG Its Love, but its not produced yet so I sing it and dance it.


5 people have liked my new poems and subscribed to my blog this morning!!!! Wow. All I need is some customers coming in now !  In much better state to work and pick up the phone, IF the phone was working!!! Ha ha!  Smile


I recheck my list of what I need because its changing.


I have some power happiness laughter love strength lightness is coming change is happening faith is good and easiness is starting. 

So I need :



Reunion with my man

Achievement of our quest – same as Reunion


So when I think about money – what happens in my energy system?


Heavy in my chest. I need a Money dance. I play Walking on Sunshine again and think of Money. I dance again like crazy. And Im laughing now.


Energy up to a 7. Feel aliiiiive ! Yesssssssssssss Smile


Email booking enquiry comes in for Positive EFT Smile


Money feels better, weight in chest lighter tho still there. What else can I do for it?


I want to be a 10 though my battery power is definitely up now and Im ready for work.

I thank Silvia Hartmann for calling me this morning and sending me out to the garden ! :-) Thanks to Michael Bublé and Katrina and The Waves


Conclusion, even though the circumstances may be challenging I can still manage my energy system so its flowing well and I feel good and have more resources to create the life I desire.

Inviting in certain energies, bringing energy nutrition improves energy and as a consequence simply makes us feel better. I choose to pay attention each day to care for my energy body to keep restoring the flow til the circumstances in our life can change. I now have my prescription for lifting me from below zero to at least +7, even if I have to do it each day for now.



Posted Jun 17, 2009   

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