Stories of Transformation

Aynur 1

“Sandra is touching hearts and souls and changing lives, I love you Sandra”

Thanks to you Sandra. I am so happy and feeling so blessed to meet you when you came to my own city Izmir 8 years ago. My life really changed so much 180 degrees. There is life before Sandra and life after Sandra. I took all the programmes and learned so much from these trainings, amazing healing and evolution techniques which launched me in my new career and my personal evolution was so easy. I’m so happy and lucky. Sandra is touching hearts and souls in Turkey, changing lives and making people happy. I love you so much Sandra, thank you for everything. I wish you to be very happy all your life. <3

Aynur Apaydın
Energy Trainer and TV Therapist Celebrity

Taffy Williams

“I have been to several classes and certifications around the world and without a doubt Sandra is the best teacher and trainer by far.”

First things first, Sandra is an amazing teacher able to communicate on all levels with knowledge and experience. I have been to several classes and certifications around the world and without a doubt Sandra is the best teacher and trainer by far. Sandra’s presentations and experience shows she is well versed in the meridian therapies and she always has time to talk one on one with us students. She goes the extra mile to make sure we are ready and able to perform as practitioners or trainers.

Sandra is very clear, precise in the delivery of the class being presented. There are not enough words to say how thankful I am to Sandra for her guidance and her teaching skills. The GoE must be so proud to have Sandra as a trainer.

I will certainly let everyone know how well the course has gone for me. I will be at other courses in the future where Sandra is going to teach or present more GoE classes.

RK Williams aka Taff
 Military Trainer, Security Specialist, Professional Diving

Melissa Carter

“What I have learned is life changing” 

I have successfully completed EMO with Sandra Hillawi. I wrote to Sandra today to say thank you as, on reflection, I can wholeheartedly say that she is a wonderful teacher/trainer. What I have learnt is life changing and I am immensely grateful to Sandra for teaching with love, experience and clarity. I am also very grateful to myself for listening to my intuition that it was time to explore my understanding of and relationship with energy!
I am very excited about furthering my training.

Melissa Carter
Teacher and Life Coach

Elvan Sumer

“Sandra is perfect. From the first moment, the love and the energy she carries was felt deeply by us all”

The course really lived up to my expectations. I learned very valuable and new information and on top I made healing on myself. There was a lot of practical exercises involved and it was fantastic.

During the training I managed to have time to work on real problems and it was transforming. The pain in my neck that I suffered for many years has totally gone. I worked on my perspective and it transformed a lot for me. But the best was when I was doing all of this I became aware of a lot of things and felt very easy doing the healings.

I am a life coach and these techniques are going to make my work much easier and I will be able to make more successful sessions with my clients.

Sandra’s energy was very flowing and she answered every question. This is a very rich and comprehensive training and very well presented. If anything is added to this it would be like making something perfect more perfect. Thank you Sandra for everything. I love Sandra.

Elvan Sumer
Life Coach Istanbul

Mera AlHusseiny

“I always feel I was lucky to meet Sandra”

I have taken with Sandra The Love Clinic Self Love, Modern Energy Tapping and EMO foundation courses. She has a lovely attitude that makes everything go smooth and very powerful, too. These courses were the first courses I’ve taken in life coaching and they were my first steps in this field. I always feel that I was lucky to meet Sandra and start with her this beautiful journey into myself and of course, would recommend her to anyone who needs to enter this journey of self-knowledge and healing.

Mera AlHusseiny

Emily Pearson

“Safe in loving hands”

Sandra is a breath of fresh air! Her passion and enthusiasm shine through as she guides you into the world of energy. She is warm and encouraging when you’re learning to read energy and is able to support you to hone in your skills.
Most of all, Sandra is authentic, supportive and welcoming to all that you bring to the learning. The energy courses are not easy. The learning can bring out those parts of you that need to be healed, but you are in safe and loving hands as you learn to love these parts and grow so that you can support others in their energy journey.
I feel so grateful to have experienced Sandra’s teaching and to be a part of this beautiful community that she has facilitated.

Emily Pearson
EFT Practitioner, UK

Auk Murat

Thanks To God that he has Given Me Tools to Know myself energetically and To Realize that I have my power to manage my energy within and Raise up the energy to live the life I always want to. EMO is my chosen energy healing technique.

Sasanti Auk Murat
Energy Soul Solutions Trainer, Indonesia

Dr. Darlene Two Trees Cannon

“As usual, Sandra over delivers!”

As usual, Sandra is great as a teacher and over-delivers. EMO is another one of those “most needed” skills if you want to have a happy, fulfilling life. A course you can repeat many times and each time walk away with life-changing information and skills.

Dr. Darlene Two Trees Cannon
New Mexico

Monique Curry

“There are so many things one can do with EMO”

I feel so blessed and happy to have gained a deeper understanding of EMO! There are so many things one can do with it; I am delighted to have gained a renewed, bright and shiny tool, to spread happiness, joy and lightness! Thank you, Sandra.

Monique Curry

lorna firth

“It is an absolute delight to have Sandra for a trainer. She is beautiful, works with professionalism, integrity and well-honed intuition”

The EMO Master Practitioner course with Sandra Hillawi went beyond my wildest dreams with more techniques on how to move/raise energy. I personally found it more Energetically Spiritual and had more depth.

To me, the EMO Master course transcends all other courses. In fact, I didn’t want it to end. I would recommend every living soul to take this course for their own evolution.

On a personal level, I feel better than ever before- aches and pains gone! Feeling calmer and at peace.

It is an absolute delight to have Sandra for a trainer. She is beautiful, works with professionalism, integrity and well-honed intuition. The way she trains helps to facilitate learning easily and effortlessly.

As a trainer myself, I proudly look forward to the times when I can pass on this magical and sacred knowledge to future students.

I Love EMO it is an absolute must addition to the skills we have already achieved.

Thanks Sandra and a big heartfelt thank you to Silvia Hartmann writer of the course. Life has changed for the better!

Lorna Firth
Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, GoE Scotland

Maria Chappell

“EMO Energy in Motion is completely wonderful in so many ways”

From dissolving trauma to being totally energised, being in a couple bubble and giving unconditional energetic love, from healing the past without talking about it to the past to throwing yourself into the future, encouraging events into your life and being so easy and so much FUN!  There is so much to use and so much fun to have on this journey.

Maria Chappell
Chi-Ki Holistic Healing

Suheyla Pinar

“EMO is to me the solution to all the problems faced by all the peoples of the world.”

If only governments would be willing to endorse this training it would bring an absolute end to all the fights, war, hate, rape, violence and prejudice.

I do not have enough words to thank Sandra for her efficiency, intensive knowledge of the material, techniques, compassion. I think Sandra is an EXCELLENT teacher with STARS.

The course really exceeded my expectations. I learned so much, raised my awareness, self-understanding, understanding of others. It has motivated me to do more training, to train other people and to expand this knowledge wherever I can.

EMO has had an absolutely positive effect on my life. I am so glad and happy, overwhelmed with joy that I made it to this EMO Training. It gave me a fuller understanding about life and people, energised me and empowered me. This has to reflect on all aspects of my life. Thank you Sandra.

All the exercises contributed intensely to my personal development. 

Suheyla Pınar-Alper
University Lecturer and Emotional Intelligence Trainer Istanbul

Wendy Fry

“My only regret is I wish I’d learned EMO sooner”

EMO is both a joy to share and experience, time and time again. Having used EMO in moments of shock, resolving past issues and also to bring in ‘that which I wish for’ EMO is limitless in its usage and capacity for good. My only regret is, I wish I’d learnt EMO sooner.

Wendy Fry
Life Coach and Author

cumasiye ozgur

“All of us in Turkey know Sandra is the best in the world in EMO”

For the first time, I made a real connection with my body, I started to recognise my feelings. Secondly, I felt my body needed air and flow to feel alive. Then I started to see where the problems are in my body and EMO was the reason for my journey into health and happiness.

As for Sandra, she is not only my teacher but she is recognised as a  famous teacher in Turkey and is the main reason for its popularity in Turkey.  Sandra is EMO, is Energy In Motion is Love.

Cumasiye Ozgur
Energy Trainer and Integrative Nutrition Coach, Turkey.

silvia hartmann

“Sandra, You have so much love inside you, it is extraordinary”

Dearly beloved Sandra Hillawi, you are an amazing person. You have so much love inside you, it is extraordinary. I have always been in awe of your amazing patience and kindness, we are so lucky at The GoE that you have been with us for so long since 2002 as an Energy Trainer.

We all owe you Sandra so much gratitude. We have so many star moments with you, moments of joy happiness and enlightenment. I bless you with love, with sparkling star experiences, with all my gratitude, with all my respect, and with my very, very best wishes and everything I have to give for you now and in the future. 

Silvia Hartmann
President of The Guild of Energists, and Creator of EMO Energy In Motion

helen ryle

“Sandra’s warmth, compassion and love shine through in all that she does”

I really loved the EMO Master course. The 6 x half-day On-line format which Sandra Hillawi provided gave time to reflect and integrate the modules and taking the course with such a lovely group of people felt very comfortable and natural.

Sandra is a wonderful trainer, explaining the sometimes complex theory in simple and practical terms. She illustrated the techniques with case-studies from her extensive experience and was always ready to explain in more depth any topic we didn’t fully understand and offer any support we needed.

Sandra’s warmth, compassion and love shine through in all that she does. I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to deepen their understanding and raise their application of modern energy to a whole new level.

In the Modern Stress Management course, Sandra gave us a very professional and knowledgeable presentation combined with relevant personal and client stories. We learned, laughed, rose up in our state each day and by the end of the course, we were at + I0 and above! I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning what stress really is and how we can empower ourselves to manage and improve our energy levels on a daily basis.

Helen Ryle
Hypnotherapist, Energy Trainer, Ireland

Gulcan Arpacioglu

“The “heart energy” of Sandra was buzzing in the room all day.”

Sandra is a very professional instructor, has enormous experience about EFT and EMO and most importantly, is a very warm-hearted person. I could not hug her enough! She was clear, precise and honest about everything she taught.

Gulcan Arpacioglu
EFT Trainer, Istanbul

Kathy Hughes

“One of the most experienced trainers and practitioners in her field.”

I feel Sandra is not only one of the most experienced trainers and practitioners in her field at the moment but is also a good friend and colleague. I have benefited at various times in my life from her compassion and extensive skills. The energy methods she uses have the ability to transform one’s perception of any fear, life event large or small, and excellently for children or adults.

Kathy Hughes
Reflexologist and Wellness Coach

Il Ka Wandle

“Sandra’s trainings are a guarantee for joy, competence and the feeling of ‘Wow’”

I fell in Love with EMO many years ago, and I use it on the daily basis to reach my goals, to stay high on energy and to have the right energy to be inspired and happy. Sandra Hillawi as a trainer is one of the most competent and empathic Masters of Modern Energy Work and EMO. She has a very soft and powerful way to lead you to evolution or/and healing. Sandra’s Trainings are a guarantee for joy, wellbeing, competence and this feeling of “Wow”.

Il Ka Wandle
Energy Trainer, Germany

June Kilford

“An emotional and enlightening experience”

EMO training with a Sandra was an emotional, enlightening experience which went beyond my expectations. This was shared with such special people where we all received loving, supportive connections to achieve our EMO certification.

June Kilford
EFT Practitioner, Exmouth

Margarita Foley

“Thank you for the wonderful experience”

Thank You, Sandra and each one for the wonderful experience I had through working with my past aspects on the EMO Master course. It was a revelation of the power of the aspects to allow me to open up my life, release what I don’t need and discover who I really am.

It was a powerful experience for me to have experienced EMO in a deeply spiritual way. Sandra is an amazing trainer, gentle and yet holding the group so that each of us could discover the best of ourselves and what we want for our lives.
I am familiar with EMO for 18 years and it has been a great light for me as a person for whom spirituality is highly important as I am sure it is for most people in whatever form it takes in their lives. We had plenty of humour as well as we went deeper into each stage of the training. Silvia Hartmann is a genius in how the course is designed. any person if they are a politician, soldier, performer, lover, parent, will find what they need to be better than they could imagine by the time they finish the course. Thank you, Sandra, for enabling each of us to journey so clearly and simply through this course.

Sr Margarita Foley
Dublin, Ireland

Donna Wirth

“Sandra you are a blessing”

Thank you, Sandra. You have changed so many lives for the better over the years, including mine and my daughter’s. We travelled many miles to be in your classes in person and your online classes are wonderful too. Sandra, you are a blessing.

Donna Wirth

Dieter Maas

“Loved the course a lot, totally surprised and amazed”

I loved the course a lot, the connection with everybody was amazing, really bright and shining, and the course itself is amazing and opening up right now for me even more, and getting really fast and easy flowing my energy as I am going through the course again with a student, and me being the trainer. There is so many levels of learning with EMO, for EMOing becoming ever more easy and flowing, that I am as of today totally surprised and amazed again.

Dieter Maas
Energy Trainer, Germany

Ahmad Zabihi

“Sandra you are an inspiration”

After meeting Sandra on my first EFT Training…. I felt so inspired and encouraged about all the possibilities that opened up for me, to help myself and my clients so I took EMO and the Trainers Training and introduced these training in Iran helping many people.
Thanks to you Sandra for giving me the lift-off in my new career and for all the people that I helped as a result.

Ahmad Zabihi
Life Coach and Trainer, London and Tehran

ipek sekerdil

“Thank you so much for the perfect touches you have made to my life, I love you”

Our dear Sandra is a very experienced teacher. Her knowledge and experience about energy and about courses are very high. She gives to her students very right information with experiences. Her approach to people is very kind and sensitive also <3 I like listening to her when she speaks. She is trustworthy and she carries her educator identity very well. Thank you so much for the perfect touches you have made to my life. Thank you Sandra.

Ipek Sekerdil
Energy Trainer, Izmir Turkey

Murat Aydın

“I consider myself very lucky to have the Modern Energy Trainings with lovely Sandra”

Sandra is a great instructor who combines sincerity with expertise. I’m glad I got to know you, Sandra, thank you..

Murat Aydın
Creator of ThéoChi Healing, Kayseri Turkey

Saruhan Sari

“She is a great trainer who not only shows passion for her job but also cares for her students with patience & understanding”

I love the way Sandra goes above & beyond to ensure that students are well equipped with the materials being taught which makes them learn everything easier.

She is a great trainer who not only shows passion for her job but also cares for her students with patience & understanding.

It has been a great pleasure to have been your student & I really appreciate the effort you put in.

Saruhan Sari

Mairead O’Sullivan

“It is revitalising my work & my life. I feel very grateful.”

Thank you for an inspiring week of EMO. I was quite emotional for a few days after the training. I didn’t question why, just softened and flowed, allowing what was there to evolve. I used the basic EMO pattern with ease and have subsequently used it with clients in my practise as a psychotherapist. This year is exciting for me as I have enhanced my skills as a therapist with EMO. It is revitalising my work & my life. I feel very grateful.

Mairead O’Sullivan

Tukce Peker

The EMO training was a life-changing and transforming experience for me. As a psychotherapist I know now that the energy body knows, the client knows and we just have to be there with love as practitioners. Thank you Sandra for your amazing teaching and energy!

Tugce Peker Darcan
MSc, Psychotherapist

Sabiha Erdinc

“The quality of the training was very high. I feel very lucky to meet Sandra and feel her energy”

To feel the energy flowing in my body so strongly and fast was a very beautiful experience for me.

In my life from now on, I will focus on where my energy is blocked and I will let it flow, and from that flow, I will have more excitement and joy in my life. I realised if I’m obsessed with a particular thought or issue, softening and flowing this thought was harder and I realised that we can stay in flow it feels very good. Even the worst experience we had can be healed and knowing this feels very good.
The quality of the training was very high. I feel very lucky to meet Sandra and feel her energy.

Sabiha Erdinc

Tim McCloskey

“This is life-changing and effortless”

In this time of worry and stress, having such incredible tools is a gift I cannot truly express in words. You can feel the love radiating from the screen. Everything was explained easily and clearly, Sandra is a fantastic teacher. I’ve struggled with some persistent stuck energy, the slight differences with Sandra guiding it made a world of difference. Very illuminating! Recommend it? 10000000% Yes. This is life-changing and effortless.

Tim McLoskey

Billy Adams

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart”

I am fascinated by the fact I could consciously empower someone, raising their energy just by my using words! Sandra accommodates and makes everyone feel welcome and important either during training or just in any situations. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful gift of love.

Billy Adams

Gulcan Arpacioglu

“Enjoyable, stimulating, inspiring experience”

An enjoyable, stimulating and inspiring experience. Now knowing that is possible to do a release without Tapping…. is a new world! at work, I don’t have to ‘run’ to the bathroom to tap. I couldn’t attend live but I’ve been following the Replays videos at my own rhythm and it’s been amazing.

Ana Toste

Barbara Burgess

“This will change your world and outlook on life”

Sandra is a very gifted trainer. Kind, caring, considerate. Good at working with groups and handling different questions and situations. This will change your world and your outlook on life. I can now understand myself and other family members and where we are all coming from.

Barbara Burgess

Belinda Wells

“Sandra’s patience and wisdom seem to be infinite”

This program renewed my love of energy healing therapy and I learnt about heart power which I hadn’t done before. I enjoyed it and got a great deal out of it by way of fun and relaxation and interaction with the other course participants. Sandra’s calm, loving demeanour shines through in and her patience and wisdom seem to be infinite. Sandra is the person I wish to model my future energy therapy work on.

Belinda Wells
N. Ireland

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