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SuperMind Explorers Club

SuperMind Explorers Club

SuperMind Grow and Evolve Through Transformation Journeys of Wonder and Magic

... when you join our relaxed community SuperMind Explorers Club meeting twice a month for webinars on Zoom.

Sandra Hillawi SuperMind Master Trainer leads you into a mind movie where you are the star and the journey you make leads to your own personal learning, healing, enlightenment, problem solving and creativity so you can bring these changes back into your life in the physical world.

SuperMind is a latent ability with unlimited potential that we all have. With knowledge, skills and practice we unlock the infinite potential of SuperMind for our life.

When you join our SuperMind Explorers Club you will start living a more magical life and be amazed at how you transform and grow. 

Sandra Hillawi says ...

I had been aware for a long time of the power of the mind to help us heal. During many years as a practitioner working with clients and when working on myself I was accustomed to directing the mind to memories and future visualisation and using techniques like EFT and EMO to facilitate healing.

And then I was introduced to SuperMind by Silvia Hartmann!

Wow!!! The SuperMind Masters course with Silvia Hartmann was astounding. That's when I began my revelations and transformations and my understanding at last about the unlimited power that SuperMind brings and how much more was possible in so many more magical ways.

During my training and in the trainings I did with others that followed I had many powerful personal transformation journeys myself as well as witnessing amazing experiences with students.

Years of chronic tiredness was healed for me in one amazing miraculous encounter with an angel. It was one of those star events that changed me forever. And it happened in moments. I experienced how fast I can change my state with the magic that is possible in the energy realms of the mind. It didnt matter if it was 'real' or not. It felt real and so the results of changes in my being were real. I found the key to bringing the magic of the mind into the real world.

Amazing transformations with SuperMind


Then I got it. The amazing wondrous unlimited power of SuperMind. Transformations could be instant, unlimited by the rules of the physical here and now world we are in. Magical transformations so easy to arise in the Mind could cause an effect in reality, if we knew how to do that. This was important knowledge and skills for not only me but what a gift for mankind if more people could use this.

And now I was so excited.

Angel Sacred Healing in SuperMind

It felt as if I had been the owner of a magical Ferrari left sitting in my driveway and occasionally I would look at it or sit in the seat and play with the buttons, without even knowing its purpose. SuperMind Masters Programme gave me the licence to drive this amazing car and have adventure upon adventure in it to enrich my life.

So here I am. To say I’m a fan of SuperMind is an understatement.

SuperMind is a huge step for human evolution, in self knowledge and personal power.

Now I use SuperMind in my personal life... a journey for healing my back, before I even get out of bed,  another journey for falling asleep fast, waking up like superwoman, journeys to find the energies I need as I meet life’s challenges, journeys to write stories and poems, journeys to create solutions, to solve problems, to heal the past, create the future. Journeys for tapping into hidden knowledge to gain deep personal insights, becoming my own oracle, evolving myself. The opportunities are endless.

SuperMind habitats

Intrigued and excited? Absolutely!

You too can learn about and explore your own SuperMind, to expand your knowledge and skills to evolve, magically, and enrich your own life.

And you can do that in two ways.

1) By attending a SuperMind Masters Programme as I did myself, which I now run 3 times a year

2) By joining the SuperMind Explorers Club

3) And of course I would highly recommend you to do both

In SuperMind Explorers Club we meet fortnightly in an interactive webinar to evolve together. As seekers of knowledge and transformation, we grow and develop ourselves through our extraordinary magical journeys using our SuperMind.

We start to learn how to use and then practice with full conscious ability the unlimited power we have for whatever purpose we might want. Here's one of our meetings.

SuperMind Explorers Club

Sandra I am so delighted you are going to begin a club for Supermind.. I have longed for this since doing Project Sanctuary Masters. I have always felt fear of being up very high. Last 'week's webinar enabled me to feel myself standing on the highest mountain peak and feel completely safe.I was able to look around and enjoy all the wonders of nature around me. Sandra you have such a gentle patient way you bring the best out in us. Thank Margarita F, Ireland
Great Webinar. You did a great job of leading the Webinar. You seem to be a natural at SuperMind. It is wonderful to listen to your experiences as well as the others. And I think we can learn from each other's SuperMind experiences. Nikki R, Florida USA

 I got a fabulous energy shift in the webinar which I'm looking forward to evolving further in the next webinar, thanks x Helen R, Ireland 

You know our mind perceives a very small part of reality. It is possible to make connections, interact, change with all existing reality with SuperMind in space and time...There is no limit to what we can do here...that's amazing...SuperMind offers the most comprehensive and broad perspective I've learned so far to use my creativity, strength and potential. This is a major threshold shift...Thanks again Silvia Hartmann and Sandra Hillawi. 
 Murat A, Turkey

 With SuperMind we can have many many star experiences, and its so easy, and so joyful... and magical  Sabiha E, Turkey

Digging is no longer required! Supermind has the ability to land you on a cloud of complete protection and clarity while Sandra Hillawi guides you through a few very simple steps and evolution. The stories we hold known and unknown resolve them selves in to positives and ultimately our strengths.
Obsolutly amazing, beautiful soft experience. Thank you Sandra. Blessings Siadbh Ireland


The SuperMind Masters is like a licence to ride dragons Dieter M, Germany


Why Not Join Us 

for your own personal evolution

SuperMind Explorers Membership 

Value of what's included 

2 Live Zoom transformation webinars of 90 minutes per month, lead by Sandra Hillawi, 20 years Energy Trainer,  12 months  subscription valued at


Step by step learning of SuperMind knowledge over the year 

£   500

Admin and meeting reminders to make sure you never miss a webinar, annual value

£   120

Webinar recordings made available for replay if you miss part or all of a class, your own library of your journeys recorded to revist and develop further, annual

£   120

Practice and sharing community on zoom and on facebook to help you flex your SuperMind muscles and announcements and webinar replays

£   120

Total Value of Membership Benefits Per Year

£ 2,060

      Value of Membership Benefits Per Month

£  172

      SuperMind Explorer Membership Actual Cost 

£    37

SuperMind Explorer Membership £172

Only £37 per Month 


Sign up now to become a 

SuperMind Explorer

After your payment you will be added to the members email list for meeting dates and times

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And though we are sure you will love what you will learn and experience, feel assured that you can cancel your membership at anytime with a simple email to Sandra if your priorities change, and start up again at a later date when you can.

Welcome to Infinite Creativity Transformation and Problem Solving

Subscribe now £37 per month and we will see you at the next webinar 

If you haven't heard from us after 2 days, please feel free to Contact Sandra as the process is not fully automated yet. Please allow a day to add you to the email list and send you a welcome email with scheduled meeting dates and times.


And as for the magnificent 

 SuperMind Masters Training Programme 


Check out How to Become A SuperMind Master in 3 Magical Days and

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if you haven't already registered or qualified 

SuperMind Explorers


What are you waiting for?

Join us

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After your payment you will be added to the members email list for meeting dates and times

and to the facebook closed group.

Welcome to Infinite Creativity Transformation and Problem Solving

Subscribe now and we will see you at the next webinar 

 Please allow a day to add you to the email list and send you a welcome email with scheduled meeting dates and times.

If you haven't heard from us by then, please feel free to Contact Sandra as the process is not fully automated yet. 



Posted Feb 7, 2019   

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