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SuperMind Masters Programme

SuperMind Masters Programme

Are you ready to explore and discover the beauty power and creativity of your own  limitless mind?

SuperMind is the combined Conscious Mind and Energy Mind, working together in the world of memory, metaphor, lucid visions, stories, imagination and much more. All that is not in the 'hard world' of the present moment that we touch and feel physically is in the energy worlds. The SuperMind Master  learns how to navigate these worlds and use them in many ways to heal, learn, evolve, create, solve and enrich life leading to SuperMind Master qualification. 

SuperMind Masters Programme


Zoom Online April 18-19 and 25-26


Zoom Online

Sandra Hillawi 

With International Master Trainer Sandra Hillawi

" the most extraordinary journey of discovery is not to go to the stars,

but to discover your own beautiful mind."-Silvia Hartmann

In 12 Amazing Modules .... 

What will you learn?

The entire 12 Unit course will give you the essential skills, abilities and knowledge to communicate successfully with your own energy mind.

Every exercise in the SuperMind Masters course adds a new layer of skills and experiences. You will use profound core methods to solve the challenges in learning a whole new language that is far richer, far more information filled and entirely transformational in the way you understand symbols, language and metaphor.

SuperMind master multi tasking

  • You will learn how to engage your own energy mind to create unique, personalised solutions to your own challenges, goals and questions.

Become The Creator

The SuperMind Masters course puts you into the position of becoming a creator of personal development models and techniques, rather than simply a consumer.

The SuperMind Masters course makes you into the story teller, rather than the audience; the writer rather than the reader; the creator rather than the repeater; the shaman rather than the flock.

You will find direct, easy, safe access to literally endless streams of pure, perfect creativity, and this is all your own.

You will learn how to control these streams of creativity and use them to your advantage in personal development, healing, communication, business success and personal relationships.

The SuperMind Masters course sets you free from having to follow other people's scripts. Instead, you can create your own, in real time, in the real world, in direct response to what is needed at the time.

  • In the SuperMind Masters course, you are going to learn how to access YOUR highest creativity - in perfect safety.


Empowering Energy Work

Improving the flow of energy and information between the conscious mind and the energy mind in perfect safety is the core purpose of SuperMind.

This creates not only wonderfully enlightening personal experiences that cannot be had in any other way, it is also extremely beneficial for the energy body.

To this end, using modern energy techniques to heal injuries, overcome blockages and restore essential connections is a major part of the SuperMind course. We sum this up with, "Fall in love with your beautiful mind!"

Significantly improved energy flow between "the head" and the rest of the energy body is highly desirable and the right thing to do.

  • In the SuperMind Masters Course, you are going to learn a wide range of new methods and techniques to significantly improve the essential flow of information rich, life giving energy in your wider energy body

SuperMind and The Energy Matrix

Reading & Writing Energy

Working with the energy body is what being a modern energist is all about. The energy body is way beyond linear language, but we have an operating system that can "read and write" energy - the energy mind.

Understanding how to read and write energy language gives us access to "conversational change work" as well as understanding and speaking in "paranormal language." This is the foundation for de-coding myth, story and metaphor, unlocking previously unknown levels and layers of information.

  • In the SuperMind Masters course, you will learn how to read and write energy in a whole new way.


From Fantasy To Autogenic Reality

Fantasy and imagination are the most wonderful gift to humankind. Understanding how stress has played havoc with this extraordinary system and learning new ways to work with fantasy and imagination to create that threshold shift into the lucid autogenic reality is the most extraordinary gift that keeps on giving for a whole life long.

  • In the SuperMind Masters course, you will learn how to make that threshold shift from fantasy to autogenic reality - under control, safely and delightfully. 

 SuperMind from fantasy to autogenic reality

Star Events & Threshold Shifts

Perhaps the most fascinating gift of being able to consciously access autogenic realities and the otherworlds is that we can have experiences there which cannot be had in the physical world.

Autogenic experiences have the power to catalyse the energy body just the same as physical experiences do; and so here we have a way to create custom events to complete the events matrix and evolve the energy body.

  • In the SuperMind Masters course, you will learn how to create powerful change events of healing and evolution that cannot be achieved in physical reality. 

Hidden Treasures

There are treasures in our life experiences that we don't see. The SuperMind Masters Training and the experiences within it, reveal to us our own precious hidden treasures.

Powerful Memory & Aspects Healing

All our memories only exist as pure information now. Using SuperMind techniques, we can literally take charge of our personal library of energy information. We can reach aspects that cannot be reached in any other way and create extraordinary experiences of not just healing, but beyond that into stellar personal evolution.

  • In the SuperMind Masters course, you will learn how to evolve energy information and create powerful energy and information flow throughout your timeline of aspects. 

 SuperMind and rewriting our memories

Empowering The Energy System

All our lives we have been in the Hard, an illusionary construct of the real world. Here, the energy body didn't even exist, and there is no real knowledge of what an energy body needs to thrive.

  • In the SuperMind Masters course, you will learn how to access the exact types of energies YOUR energy body, at the most personal, individual level, has needed for so long. This is extraordinary and profoundly healing in the widest metaphorical sense.

 SuperMind Energy Symbols

The SuperMind Symbols

The SuperMind Symbols SMS are a fascinating device to communicate with the energy mind directly in order to generate ideas, solutions and experiences on any topic of your choice.

The SuperMind Symbols are a practical, every day device to bring the conscious mind and the energy mind together, to catalyse the flash of the true SuperMind coming into being. This is extremely exciting and enlivening - the energy body loves the SuperMind Symbols.

  • In the SuperMind Mastes course, you will learn how to work with the SuperMind symbols for healing, reality creation and pure energy magic. 


Your Soul Matters

The SuperMind Masters course comes from the modern energy paradigm, where the energy body is real and contains three supersystems which are structurally designed to work together - the energy heart, the energy mind and the soul or Zauberherz - the heart of magic.

Making real, structural connections which have remained under-developed for lack of love and attention between these systems is a natural by-product of starting to engage the energy mind, which sits between the heart, and the soul.

  • In the SuperMind Masters course, you will learn practical, profoundly simple methods of restoring communication with your heart, your mind - and your soul.

 SuperMind Matters of The Soul

And finally ...


Intelligence On Earth!

Once the energy mind comes into play, and we consciously know how to access the energy mind's infinite resources at will, we have a whole brand new and entirely different way to solve practical problems of life on Earth at this time.

There is no problem too small or too large, too ancient or too intractable that cannot be evolved when the astonishing resources and connections of the energy mind come into play.

From better ways to deal with the laundry all the way to better ways to manage your entire incarnation, allow yourself to be totally astonished, surprised and super grateful for what YOUR BEAUTIFUL MIND can do for YOU!


SuperMind .... fall in love with your beautiful mind!

If I'm honest, I resisted taking the SuperMind step for a long time. I thought, I already have EFT and EMO, why do I need another technique. And then I discovered the astonishing power  magic and speed of SupeMind. When the sh*** hit the fan in life, SuperMind was astonishingly fast at changing my state to get empowered again.

I even thought all this stuff about magic was not for me, secretly, I thought I'm not a magical person, and I'm not creative enough to be able to do it. I didnt get what that was all about. But when I experienced real magic in the energy worlds, the infinite possibilities and the instant way they could come about, I realised what that magic was, and yes I could do it and transform myself at amazing speed too. And with practice my relationship between concious mind and Energy Mind got stronger as I learned to drive and this awesome ability we have, latent in so many of us. Then my creativity really flowed.

SuperMind Masters Programme

Silvia Hartmann Creator of SuperMind Masters Programme 

• Supermind Master course is created by Silvia Hartmann

• Number of course units: 12

• The entire course must be completed to receive certification as SuperMind Master qualification from The Guild of Energists. Missed modules can be caught up in future events. 

Pre-requisites : Read Infinite Creativity by Silvia Hartmann  Order it here                             Infinite Creativity by Silvia Hartmann

Plus courses that need to be previously taken as a prerequisite, one of:

  • MSM Modern Stress Management Foundation - or
  • Energy Eft Basic course - or
  • Energy Eft Master practitioner or
  • MET Professional or
  • Emo Master practitioner - or
  • Project Sanctuary Masters

If you haven't yet met the pre-requisites?

Relax completely, because you can contact Sandra to put in place your training foundation course of your choice before your SuperMind Masters Programme begins


SuperMind Master Oct 2018 

From SuperMind Masters ...

Linda Kinsella United Kingdom Heart felt gratitude to Sandra for facilitating and Sylvia for creating this magical course, that has infinite potential in all dimensions of time and space and special thanks for all the wonderful people participating in the group bubble that added so much to the experience.......was really interesting meeting an aspect who saw me as their aspect and encouraged me to grow and evolve??🤪🤯🤔 loved the magic and the speed the energy mind worked at, and was so amazed at the pin prick of a wand I had been given compared to the elaborate wands I had given to my aspects! ....yet that tiny little wand was so full of character and magical power, just loved it.....but my absolute favourite was the gremlin juice (should be bottled😂) and the can of worms! I shall never again fear this creative fire and it's transformational power💥💥👍💥💥💥

Barbara Burgess United Kingdom A super three days with the amazing Sandra Hillawi helping us all expand our minds. Lovely people to work with and three marathon days of mind exploration and evolution. Tired but exhilarated at the same time. Highly recommend this course written by Silvia Hartmann a life-changer. And I just started my new books - one needs some research. The other is based on my sanctuary full of squirrels, deer, magician and giant moose and I may add a few snow globes, just for fun.!Love to everyone on the group and I look forward to our future meet-ups. xx Bless you all. xx 

Dieter Maas Germany Driver's license in dragon riding, that's what comes to mind, after taking this course with Sandra, and the other amazing individuals participating. would like to participate 3, 4 more times, just to find out more and get more fluent with the Supermind. It's a totally different and raw real level when taking the - to me in a very personal way familiar - skills of project sanctuary into the social context of a group and fly through this content packed course together. That widens the horizon again in ways,... that a private experience with project sanctuary cannot do. How to become *really* functional on a supermind level in these crazy times of change on this planet, I think that is very helpful to find out and actually practice a lot.

Sandra Hillawi Egypt and UK One of the most powerful events for me in the course was 'Finding A Lost Treasure'. I was feeling like I had lost my youthful passion and zest for life and my aura was feeling more than a little 'tarnished'. The journey to find my lost treasure took me back to encounter the indomitable spirit of my 35 year old self who held out to me a gloriously shining lamp with light so bright and as this precious object entered into my heart I felt power and passion reignited within. The light flowed down into my legs and left me feeling grounded and standing strong again. Awesome and magical journey of transformation.

SuperMind Masters Programme 


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Here's What This Magnificent Course Includes

  • Over 40 years research and experience from Silvia Hartmann, prolific creator and modern day genius, priceless   
  • Three magical days to learn and flex your new SuperMind skills
  • Many wondrous transformations, learning and personal evolutions and star events during the course
  • How to engage your energy mind to create unique, personalised solutions to your own goals, challenges and questions
  • How to access your own highest creativity - safely
  • A wide range of methods to significantly improve the flow of information-rich energy through your being
  • How to read and write energy in a whole new way
  • How to make the threshold shift from fantasy into autogenic reality, safely, delightfully and under control
  • How to create powerful change events and threshold shifts that cannot be achieved in physical reality
  • How to evolve and create powerful energy flow throughout your timeline of aspects
  • How to access exactly the energies you need through powerful metaphorical journeys
  • How to work with energy symbols for reality creation, healing and magic
  • How to restore communication with your heart, mind and soul, in simple, practical and profound ways
  • How to consciously access the unlimited power of the energy mind for a whole new brand of solutions for today's life
  • How to lead and guide others in their transformation journeys with their SuperMind
  • PLUS
  • Full colour beautiful manual, a piece of art in itself, sent to you in advance after registering, shipping included
  • Your certificate as a SuperMind Master awarded by The Guild of Energists posted to you on completion
  • One full year professional membership of The Guild of Energists
  • Membership of the GoE professional community on facebook
  • Two Webinars FREE when you subsequently join SuperMind Explorers Club for fortnightly meet ups


Now, how can you place a value on all of that?

Your personal transformation now and for the rest of your life

Rare and ancient knowledge brought to you in a modern way so you can have self mastery

 To come to know and to become the extraordinary person you are


What value would you put on that?


£5,000 ?  £10,000 ?  £20,000 ?


Well, You Can Enroll Now For The Next SuperMind Masters Programme

for Only £1997 


Online on Zoom Course

Limited Places 

April  2020

Saturday-Sunday 18-19th and 25-26th


Single Payment  £1997           Any Course Date

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Value £39.95 incl shipping and 1 month free membership of SuperMind Explorers Club Value £37 Total bonus value £76.95

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 After making your payment Sandra Hillawi will contact you by email to confirm your enrollment details

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Please inform us when your manual arrives.


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Still not sure? Then try before you buy

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Helen Ryle I've attended a Supermind Introduction webinar with Sandra and enjoyed the techniques so much that I've signed up for the SuperMind Masters training. I loved the fascinating habitats I found myself in whilst doing the exercises and received some very valuable insight and encouragement for my own journey. I'm really looking forward to the course. Thanks so much Sandra for your generosity in providing this intro webinar free of charge



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