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The Alchemist of Love

The Alchemist of Love

Today I used the f word. I know. I was shocked at myself too.

So what does it take to turn a patient loving Sandra Hillawi into and angry defensive swearing one?

It takes someone trampling over a sensitive subject. If I'm honest it shows me that I haven't healed that yet. Doesn't mean to say that it's ok to call a person you don't know a **** especially when you don't know what that person has lived through and why. 

Judgement and disrespect is hurtful to most people. But it doesnt have to be.

Roses in my garden today

If the person on the receiving end is an energist and knows how to transform energy then they could transform that hurt experience, where the energy that arrived got stuck and stopped flowing,  back to flow and evolve through it. In this way the energist is an alchemist of life experiences.

So instead of being the person who responds in anger and hurt and the f word I can become the person who patiently allows the one who is ignorant of all the facts to have his or her point of view and say 'Thanks for your point of view' ... as the point of view also says something about the viewer.

So today I can be thankful for the reminder that I haven't healed  some subjects yet though at least I know I can, and maybe I needed that judgement to remind me.

I sat on my sofa and allowed myself to feel the ache in my heart and let the tears flow. I breathed. I paid attention to what I was feeling in my heart, in my head and used my intention to soften and to let it go. The energy wave passed through me and it left through my hands as I surrendered it back to the oceans.

After softening and flowing with new my relaxed clarity  I could see that the viewer with their limited view may not have the ability or even the desire to be respectful or compassionate and that's because of where they are at. They also have a 'why' and all that they have experienced too.

And why doesn't that deserve the same respect and compassion as my situation? It does.

So does it mean it's ok to go round judging and criticising people because they can soften and flow?

We all have choices about what footprints we want to make in life. If we can't help it ...there are reasons for that. We are all doing our best at any moment.

But if we can, because we became aware of ourselves and the consequences of our actions on others, and we want to be better ... we must learn how to transform our own emotional energy and our experience so we evolve into the person who responds and acts in a different way. Then we cease to make judgements and seek to understand more instead.

So as we are the viewer , we can decide to pay more attention to learn more about that which we viewed and judged shortsightedly ... and when we learn and know all that needs to be known we discover that there is in the end only love and compassion.

So can I forgive the one who judges ? Yes they can only do what they can do til their awareness grows. I don't know all that's going on in their life. If I did...I would have only love and compassion. 

So for me, I choose love and compassion and kindness in advance when I can. And when I can't,  like this morning, I examine why I am blocked, soften and return to flow again until I can. Then I can be thankful for the lesson and the prompt to evolve another step towards love.

All our interactions are  about energy in motion through our relationships, through ourselves, towards our evolution, towards love, and towards belovedness of that or who we are relating to.

What footprints are you making in life?and what footprints do you want to be making?

May everything evolve and become love

Sandra Hillawi  
Gosport 12 June 2016

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Posted Jun 12, 2015   

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