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Distance Learning by Skype

Distance Learning by Skype

Sandra Hillawi has been offering training by Skype and Google+ Hangouts for those not able to attend a live group workshop or training event for the last two years. Its really a great way to learn. You can set the dates and times to suit and do your course in full days or in a modular way to fit your own schedule. And not least of course, you have access Sandra's expertise on an exclusive one to one level or in a small group if you wish to learn with a training buddy. Google+ Hangouts are great for group video trainings.

Distance Training is available for the following courses : Positive EFT Practitioner, EFT Master Practitioner, EMO Practitioner, Advanced EMO Practitioner, EMO Relationships Consultant, (also known as Love Clinic Practitioner) and AMT Trainer.

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International Training by Webconference with Sandra Hillawi

The requirements for doing a one to one training in this way are :

  1. A Skype account or Google+ account
  2. Add Sandra to your Skype or Google+ contacts : sandrahillawi
  3. A broadband or DSL connection to the internet
  4. A web camera with microphone and speakers
  5. Some practice clients or another student to train with you (optional)

Then simply contact Sandra to enquire about dates and to arrange a technology test, to check the quality of the connection between you and register for and schedule your course.

Video Quality

I have found Skype quality video can vary from excellent to terrible, and am experimenting now with the new Google+ hangout which seems to have slightly better quality, and allows up to 10 people in a group video. So its great for one to one or group trainings.

Training manuals can be sent by email or in the post and your certificate by post on completion and meeting the appropriate qualification criteria.

Here's what some past trainees said about working in this way :

Patricia DancingElk, Texas USA :

Skype training with Sandra Hillawi.  Yes, what a wonderful experience!  I trained with Sandra in a live workshop originally.  Then as two of my students wanted to complete Trainer's Training and needed a training partner for the exercises, I sat in with them on the skype Trainer's Training.  So, I had the priviledge of experiencing it first hand as well as going through the Trainer's Training 3 times with Sandra.  You will love the skype training with Sandra.  It gives you the option of saving travel expenses, convenience of working from home and a flexible training schedule....  and Sandra is a first generation EMO Trainer with years of training experience to share with you!!

Distance Training with Sandra Hillawi

Edeltraud Grace, EFT Master Practitioner and Trainer, Australia:

“Sandra was recommended to me by someone and I decided to do my training with her via Skype. I am so glad I did! She immediately put me at ease and guided me through the training in a highly professional and very efficient manner. Sandra then tackled exactly the areas I was most in need of working on, and she did that in a comprehensive, skilled, warm and very intuitive way. I benefited considerably from this training. These Master Trainer sessions set me up to be very optimistic now and for my future endeavours, freeing me of any lingering self-doubts and concerns.

Sandra is a special person and a great trainer. She is very warm hearted and highly skilled. I am also looking forward to completing an EMO Skype training with her in the very near future as well. I can wholeheartedly recommend Sandra’s Skype training sessions to anyone who wants to train with a highly capable, efficient and professional trainer, who is in addition to all of the above a wonderful person as well. Thank you Sandra for all that I have gained out of this wonderful training you did with me!”

Video conference training using Google+ Hangouts


"Thank you Sandra for holding such a marvellous training with 5 people from around the world. You did a wonderful job!!!!! I'm still buzzing with the energy from Positive EFT" Edeltraud Grace, Australia

"Thank you for a great, inspiring and very interesting weekend, a wonderful journey with lots of great energy EFT work experience, which we shared during the Energy EFT Master Practitioner Course.

Sandra thanks a lot for creating a safe arena, for being such a patient and relaxed guide and leader, which in a very natural way showed us and handled both the many helpful tools for an Energist and the modern technology and Skype in teaching situation!

Very professional!

I must admit I was not very convinced about these technologies possibilities on beforehand, and quite sceptical for using Skype in this kind of EFT energy work. Could it actually work?

My experience from our weekend is that modern thecnology, used in this new way for energy EFT works!  It is actually a major gift and great tool for those of us, which, for many different reasons are not able to join a "live energy" course.

So from this point of view, It was really helpful that Sandra also took time, and did such a solid preparation for making us feel safe and comfortable with using the Skype technology as our classroom. Before the journey started.

From this well prepared starting point, jumping into this new technology and EFT energy world was made into something exciting and manageable.

This was such a fun and great experience!

The group was fantastic! The energy we together managed to establish and share was absolutely present!  Even though we sat around in our homes, in different countries, even in different continents!

For me personal, this experience with exploring online technology in this new context ,takes the energy EFT work into an even more amazing and fascinating new dimension. We do connect energetically with each other, regardless physical distance!  Energy flows, are meant to flow, regardless limitations as time and distance.

This was really experienced and an eye opener during this weekend.

Even from being quite inexperienced with using Skype technology in this kind of  energy work, and also from having some reservations about  the second  language issue,  to be an extra challenge in such “technology classroom situation”

- Also these issues turned out to be fully manageable, as it was really created a very relaxed, kind and friendly classroom world atmosphere, as we together explored the course with great enthusiasm.

I am so happy that I overcome my sceptical mind and joined this Skype course, and the amazing group as fellowship!

I am also very happy that I took the chance on giving new technology an opportunity to let me experience, first hand, EFT energy work in a new way.

I would very much recommend everyone, and anyone, which consider the Master Practitioner Coarse, with or without reservations, to jump into it and join Sandra and her skilled guidance into this world of fascinating EFT energy work and  technology.

I do believe, you too will also be happy you took the chance and jumped.

Thanks a lot!"

Trude Hafnarmark, Norway

 International Online EFT Training by Skype

Posted Jan 20, 2012   

Sandra Hillawi 2017It's always good to talk to a human being and have your questions answered in person Smile

Please feel free to contact Sandra Hillawi with any questions about personal consultations, self help workshops, self help support tools, EFT and EMO training and healing retreats.

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