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ECP Energy Coach Professional

ECP Energy Coach Professional

This is an exciting new Advanced training from The Guild of Energists, preparing the professional Energist to work as an Energy Coach Professional supporting and empowering people who are already 5+ on the SUE scale but want to be at their best, +8,9,10 more of the time in order to have the energy power and creativity to achieve their projects, goals and dreams.

Energy Coaching Professional

The Energy Coach Pro

Energy fuels the Action for the Plan to reach our Goals

That's why people need an Energy Coach

As an Energist you will already know the importance of being high on the SUE Scale in order to create manifest and achieve all you desire in your life and overcome all challenges. But life still gets in the way. Energy drops for all kinds of reasons as we know. The ECP Energy Coach is someone who has 'got your back' from the clients point of view. It's someone who is the client's Champion, who cares about the client and their goals and dreams and who knows how to help the access their best energy and potential and remain there so they can live and create the life that they want.

Within the Energy Coaching Relationship the ECP brings their skills to help the client create their own inspiring visions and works with the client to keep their energy high for success.

Through the ongoing coaching sessions the ECP is equipt to address energy needs at all levels, picking the client up, addressing energy blocks, accessing high energy states, celebrating success and cheering the client on at each step. We know when we are a +10 we can do anything. The ECP is a real partner championing the client and using all their energy skills to support the client's success.

Energy Coach Professional Training

This is a one day advanced training for those who are already certified as Energy EFT Master Practitioners plus who have an MSM qualification (MSM Foundation or MSM Pro). The training may take place live online via video training or live on location.

The course explores and prepares you for and as

  1. The Champion 
  2. The Coaching Process 
  3. Achieving Success
  4. The Modern Energy Coach 

The Champion

In Module 1 we explore the relationship between the Energy Coach and the Client. This is a new role compared to our past roles working as a therapist or stress management professional. We explore the energy of 'Team Jack' and 'Ive Got Your Back' and power up to be the client's Champion in their project.

The Coaching Process

In module 2 we explore client acquisition, the coaching contract and Energy Coach Packages, setting our pricing to be ready to start immediately. We discuss different types of clients , how to attract clients as opposed to chasing clients, and which are the perfect kind of clients to attract.

Achieving Success

In Module 3 we start from teaching MSM Modern Stress Management principles to our client and use MSM techniques for defining exciting inspiring visions for the clients projects. We define a goal for a project and become energised and inspired by the goal identifying clear steps required to achieve the goal. The mission is defined for the week ahead and the Energy Support to fuel the Action needed.

The Modern Energy Coach

In Module 4 we look at our Energy Coaching Business Entity, which specific clients we wish to target, and how Energy Coaching sits in the general coaching profession and for the Energist on the SUE Scale. This leads to a powerful and insightful exploration of the SUE scale and what we can give as a gift to the client at each level from -10 to +10. 

New Opportunities for Evolution

The Energy Coach Professional allows the Energist to step up the SUE scale to work with clients who are already achieving some success, +5 or more, but wish to achieve even more. This offers new kinds of experiences for the Energist as they provide the Energy Support for their clients to achieve their own goals and projects, to provide the wind beneath the wings. At this level, clients are not seeking therapy or stress release, just more energy for more and faster success. Its high enegy work. Its exciting inspiring joyful and rewarding.

New Clients for The Energist

Your Energy Coaching Clients may be from your old therapy or MSM clients, now free of stress and wanting to apply themselves to create, achieve with their new higher energy. You can continue with these old clients instead of waving goodbye, and enter a new coaching relationship. Plus your can attract new high energy clients who seek your Energy Support to ensure their greater success.

ENERGY fuels the ACTION for the PLAN to reach our GOALS

That's why people need an ENERGY COACH

The Energy Coach Professional Training is an advanced training requiring the Energist to already have achieved Energy EFT Master and MSM Professional Level.

Join us to launch into new exciting opportunities to help and to serve as an Energy Coach.

Pathway to Become an ECP

energy coach pre-requisites

Training Fee ÂŁ995

Includes 1 day training, manual, certificate, 1 year pro membership of The Guild of Energists. Kindly register early to allow time for manuals production and shipping in advance of your course date.

Registration and Availability Enquiries

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Modern Energy Coach 

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