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Hands of Power The Modern Energy Healer May 2017

Hands of Power The Modern Energy Healer May 2017

The Perfection and Simplicity of the touch of the hand ...

Taking the concept of the "healing touch" to a whole new level:

It's the Modern Energy Healer

"Hands Of Power"

Weekend Experience at Sedgwick Park House 13-14 May!

 "I took my partner's 87 year old mother's left hand (very arthritic) in mine and gently touched it.

"She burst into tears and said, "No one has ever touched me like this ..."

Hands of Power The MODERN Energy Healer

We all need so much more love - and we all have so much more love inside of us that needs to flow!

Experience the untold power of joy in giving and receiving healing on a whole new level - direct, hands on healing powered by MODERN energy in this beautiful 2 day retreat.


"You are the gift

that only you

would have to give ..."

You have it in your power to change the world through your touch.

You may be a channel through which universal energies flow but...

You are also a unique individual, bringing all your life, all your times, all your loves to the party.

You are far, far more powerful than you ever allowed yourself to think that you could be.

With Modern Energy, you can step into your own true birthright as a person who changes the world with the lightest touch, the touch of love.

Welcome to a whole new world of MODERN energy healing!

This isn't healing for the sick body - this is life giving, transformational energy healing for your energy body.


Real, Powerful Healing

For Your Energy Body.

Your energy body is what powers you through life.

Your energy body is what attracts experiences and opportunities you will be having.

Your energy body is the power behind recovery, restoration, healing and pure ENERGY FOR LIFE.

Your energy body holds the key to what you feel, what you think and what you do.

Your energy body is waiting, has been waiting for so long that it may feel like forever, for someone to come along and touch it in the right way, so that it may unfold, evolve, rise, become radiant as it was always designed to be.

Awaken the magical healer within with MODERN energy -

love filled, life filled but most of all, the real YOU.

In this wonderful experiential weekend workshop, you will learn ...

How to prepare for healing - in MODERN Energy, there is no healing crisis. There is only HEALING that feels wonderful, feels freeing, feels like you are finally coming home to yourself.

How to raise power for healing - totally heart centred, entirely driven by love, gentleness, care and compassion, find out how it feels to get ready for real energy healing!

Unlocking Your 6th Sense - This is the master key to real Modern Energy healing, and this is what makes energy healing real. We say, "It's only real when you can FEEL it's real!" No more waffle, no illusions, no hallucinations, no need to try and "believe" in anything - you will be able to see, hear, and most of all, feel when your healing is really happening!

How to find true confidence and certainty in healing - no guess work, no hallucinations, no nonsense, we don't have time for that! This is is the MODERN era of REAL energy healing!

No "one shoe fits all techniques" and no prescribed symbols - in MODERN Energy, we work with real energy, what is really there, in real time! (That's why it really works, and produces real healing!)

Wonderful NEW flexible approaches to helping ourselves and others evolve to the next level - Yes, we have Hands of Power, but these are also capable of delivering The Gentle Touch, The Royal Touch, The Loving Touch and so much more!

Beautifully gentle, exquisite experiences based on the solid foundations of The Laws of Modern Energy that will build YOUR healing confidence, clarity and delight, step by step.

YOUR giving, YOUR receiving - you are precious, unique and deserve to be the entire focus of this outstanding, truly MODERN approach to real energy body healing. There are no martyrs here, no need to ever take on anyone else's pain. Instead, we heal with love and are inspired and uplifted by our healing.

Natural, organic and profound - our energy bodies are alive and waiting to be actualised, and we can only do this by going with the flow, in a natural, powerful way, which is how the really real world works! (It's not a clockwork universe!!! And we're not robots or soldiers all standing in line!!!)

Exciting and inspiring - We touch so many things, all the time, every day and we can bring our hands of power "to work" in blessing and uplifting literally everything we touch! Our Hands of Power really do shape our lives - we make our lives with them. It is high time we really turned them on!!!

Safe and secure in a true circle of healing - In Modern Energy, there is no need to be afraid. What we do is inherently different from the old ways of trying to torture folk into enlightenment. A tree only grows strong in bright sunshine. An energy body only grows strong when it is loved and cared for! All our exercises, methods and experiences are there to help your energy body start to shine!

***** Please! Bring your burdens!

"My back is hurting" she said, "I've had problems for years" I placed my hand with love on her lower back, "Wow, I can feel it releasing, relaxing, warmth is spreading out and my legs feel wobbly. Oh my God, how did you do that?" she said. "With Love" I answered.


Everyone's energy body has been carrying all sorts of burdens for far too long. It has been misunderstood, ignored, and is in need of gentle, profound release and then, revitalisation as energy starts to flow more powerfully again.

Please bring the burdens you no longer want to carry. We will help you to experience the lifting you will feel when you leave them behind.

The Magic Of Touch Unlocks

The Love Of Life Itself.

Join us for a truly unforgettable weekend experience of a lifetime at beautiful Sedgwick Park near Horsham West Sussex 13-14 May this year with International Energy Trainer Sandra Hillawi as your course leader for this special training created by the amazing Silvia Hartmann President of The Guild of Energists.

Times 10 am - 5 pm

Sedgwick Park House West Sussex 

Sedgwick Park House - More Photos Here

Supported by all of life exploding into spring, with powerful Earth energies and glorious gardens to support our journey into the magic of real MODERN energy healing, a truly transformational time in your life awaits!

We welcome ladies of all ages and all experience levels who have a sincere and heartfelt desire to unlock the profound powers of their own heart, mind and soul to become a true MODERN energy healer - a person who can change the world with their touch.

Unit 1: Meet YOUR Extraordinary Energy Body!

Oceans Of Energy: Life In The Energy Universe

Connecting With Your Sixth Sense

Discovering The Power Centres & Power Lines In YOUR Energy Body

Flowing Energy & The Laws of Energy

Hands of Energy - Touching The Energy Body

Re-Defining What "Healing" Really Means

Inspiration, Power & The Happy Energy Body

The Heart of Gold In Modern Energy Healing


Unit 2: Revealing The Magical Healer Within

Releasing Shields & Barriers To Being A True Healer

Releasing Blocks & Reversals So Energy Can Flow Freely

Raising Energy For Healing

Confidence & Intuition

Finding The RIGHT Energy To Raise

The Star Seed Principle

The Gentle Touch


Unit 3: Giving AND Receiving

The Importance Of Being Able To Receive

Releasing Shields & Barriers To Receiving Love & Energy

Mother, Father & Child

Healing As A Gift For You

The Gift That Only You Would Have To Give

Giving & Receiving True Stars Of Healing


Unit 4: The Beautiful Touch

Energy Healing For The Shattered Self Image

Physical Confidence

Body Power

The 1st Circuitry

Loving & Being Loved

The X-Factor

Hands Of Power


Unit 5: Touching The Matrix

Powerful Intuition

Understanding The Messages Of Emotions

Touching The Matrix

The Crown Of Lights

The Creative Template

The Royal Touch


Unit 6: Healing In The Energy Universe

Healing The Past

Healing The Present

Healing The Future

Distance Healing In The Matrix

Magic Healing


Unit 7: Energy Constellations

Healing Relationships

Healing Family Systems

Empowering Entities

Creating Healing Energy Artefacts

The Love Principle


Unit 8: Soul Healing

Healing Beyond Words

Life Healing

Time Healing

Touching The Soul

The Blessing Of Touch


Certification Ceremony:

The MODERN Energy Healer

 The Guild of Energists

This course has been created by

Silvia Hartmann, President of The Guild of Energists

and brought to you in May by

Sandra Hillawi

International Energy Trainer with The GoE since 2002

Silvia Hartmann  Sandra Hillawi International Master Trainer since 2002

The Fee for Your Hands of Power Weekend

How do we put a value on something that is actually priceless. Genius course creator, world class trainer, beautiful venue plus your experience. The real transfer of love energy from one to another, to to touch to heal to bless to bring about release and transformation for another human being. And more, to gain a real understanding of energy, your energy body, how to help another person, how to be freed from your burdens.

Some said it should be £447, some said £397, others £347, we said £297 and that's what we will be charging. But we wanted to give an opportunity for to absolutely everyone to come and benefit deeply and personally from this weekend experience and be an introduction to Modern Energy work so we have set a incredible Early Registration for a very affordable price for a limited time only.....

Join us by registering below then share this page with people you care about.

Early Registration Offer £247 til 20 April - now expired 

One Person  £297  Two Persons £247 each

Choose Booking for One or Two

Payments Accepted by Paypal and Credit/Debit card using the above button, or by bank transfer (UK only) Contact Sandra  for Bank details for payment

After your payment an email will be sent to you with receipt and travel information and room options for residential guests at Sedgwick Park House. Rooms for 8-10 guests only so don't delay in booking.

Fee includes: Two days teaching and experience, a training manual, 1 year Standard Membership of The Guild of Energists, Certificate of attendance, Light refreshments.

Annual membership of The Guild of Energists gives you a colour glossy magazine The Energist delivered to your door 3-4 times a year, membership of the active support community of facebook, and monthly inspiration news and free downloads of talks and seminars from past Energy Conferences.

Guild of Energist Professional Members may add Hands of Power to their private practice for one to one clients.

GoE Energist Trainers may additionally offer this Hands of Power Workshop Experience to their own communities.

The Venue and Travel Information

 Sedgwick Park House West Sussex

Sedgwick Park House, Sedgwick Park, Near Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 6QQ

Times 10 am - 5 pm each day

Nearest train station Horsham. Taxi approximately £10 from the station 15 minutes drive. Map and travel information below. Please scroll down.

Overnight Guests

There are a number of beautiful guest rooms for Bed and Breakfast at Sedgwick Park House. As there is an evening event at the venue, please book quickly to ensure a room. There are also B&Bs and guest houses in the area. Reservations can be made in advance with Sandra Hillawi after you have paid for your course and paid on arrival at Sedgwick Park.

Sedgwick B&B Options

Twin sharing £45 per person, Single room shared bathroom £55 per person, Single ensuite £65.


Please bring your own packed lunch or picnic to eat in the gardens or on the terrace.

Teas coffees and biscuits will be provided at break times.

Terms and Conditions

Please note refunds are not possible for this event. By registering with your payment you are accepting this. However, should you cancel for any reason, you may transfer your booking to another person who would like to attend in your place.

We look forward to welcoming you to this

Hands of Power Weekend Experience


Sedgwick Park House near Hosham West Sussex England

Approaching by car from North of Sedgwick Park, A281 turn into Kerves Lane, follow windy roads to T junction, turn left and then right into Braodwater Lane. Continue to Sedgwick til you see the white house. Turn left into the private estate continue through to their gates and park opposite the main house, perpendicular to the grassy verge. Thank you for avoiding parking on the grass itself.

Sedgwick Park access from the North

Approaching by car from the South of Sedgwick Park

From the A24 headed north, cross over the A272 and proceed along dual carriageway. Stay in right lane and turn into a very short bar lane crossing central reservation following Copsale. Cross over the opposite carriage way to Bar Lane and proceed til you reach the pub on the left. Turn left into Broadwater Lane. Follow the road til you reach Sedgwick. Look out for the white house on the right. Turn just before the white house into the private estate. Continue through to their gates and park opposite the main house, perpendicular to the grassy verge. Thank you for avoiding parking on the grass itself.

By car from the South of Sedgwick Park



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