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Love Yourself Well - Online Course

Love Yourself Well - Online Course

I am starting this online course for those who want to learn how to love yourself and spend the time doing just that, for self healing and a return to wholeness.

It will be an 8 week online live course with me as your facilitator. It will take place in Zoom video meetings where we will gather, connect with each other, learn, apply, heal, grow and evolve in love together in a shared journey.

The course will cover ...

Love Yourself Well 


International Trainer and Author of The Love Clinic

Sandra Hillawi

hoe do i love myself

Learn How To Love Yourself and

Return to Wholeness

Official Launch in October 2019

Pre-Launch BETA Course Starting in 1 August at Special Offer Price

While Refining The Course Modules from Your Feedback

1 Connecting With Your Heart

How to give your heart what you seek from outside, healing and nourishment to power up your heart energy centre.

2. Falling In Love With Your Self

Creating the overflow of love for you, that lets you become a flame of attraction rather than the moth forever seeking the flame, and still remain humble.

3. Compassion and Love for Your Past 

Past painful events and heart breaks can be obstacles to love. Deep unrecognised injuries call us to give our attention here. In M3 we will heal our heart breaks with compassion and love bringing ourselves to wholeness.

4. From Self Judgement to Forgiveness 

Our past regrets, what we did and what we didnt do, the judgements from others that we took to heart are all obstacles to love. Forgiving ourself is not always easy, but its is possible and will set you free.


5. Recognising The Unsung Heroes 

In our struggles and in our successes we may not have received recognition of what we lived through. This can leave us demanding the attention of others as we tell and retell our past, which tests the patience of our audience. By giving recognition to ourselves, we satisfy the hunger for external recognition. 

6. Completing What Was Missing

Much of our striving and attachment to dreams we hunger for can be to achieve something that has been missing. Something that should have happened at an important time, and yet it didnt.  By fullfilling these deep needs we can free ourselves up and also discover how much more easily what we were striving for  can now flow into our life.

7. Meeting Your Soul and Endlessly Loving Self

Our endlessly loving self is our template or role model for the best version of us. It can also teach us alot, can be a source of love to us when we are low. Gain a sense of your Real Self and learn how this You can be a source of love at the times when you are in need.

8. Every Day Self Love

Our self talk, our daily actions are also a way of giving and showing love to ourself. Learn the language of love and the best practical ways to show yourself love every day.





how to love yourself 

During this course

  • You will learn the ways of self love to last a life time¬†¬†

  • You will heal, evolve to wholeness

  • Your self esteem will increase

  • You will experience how your relationships improve

  • You will become a source of love to others around you

  • You will become less dependent on others for their love and attention

  • You will have more personal power to act in the world

  • You will understand and know how love works that it can become a conscious choice

  • You will learn ways to develop yourself and achieve more of your goals in life

  • You will become the flame and no longer the moth seeking it

  • You will come to know real deep happiness and contentment¬†


Register for the Course Starting

1 August 2019

Registration and Availability Enquiries


 how to love yourself


Why Learn With Me Sandra Hillawi?


The Love Clinic by Sandra Hillawi

After discovering how to fall in love with myself, I met my life partner, my perfect match. Healing my own heart breaks of life helped me grow strong in love and compassion. Knowing how to nourish myself and satisfy the things that were missing in my life, helped me cease seeking solace outside of myself so much and have more capacity to spare to listen and care about others. Being able to rescue myself time and time again when in need, when there is nobody else around to reach out to, has been an important part for me of growing up, self reliance and self responsibility.

I have been teaching about Emotions and Energy as an International Energy Trainer and Coach, teaching the courses of The Guild of Energists since 2000. Through applying powerful transformation tools to my own relationships and my clients I came to write the transformational book The Love Clinic. I have given The Love Clinic workshops and trainings in several countries over the years. When I help anyone to find their way back to love it brings me happiness in my own heart too. 

Self Love is one of the most important things that I learned in my life. 

And now you can learn too.

So let us get started together. 

8 Weeks 8 Lessons


1. Connecting with Your Heart

2. Falling In Love With Yourself

3. Love and Compassion for Your Aspects That Are Still Hurting

4. From Self Judgement to Forgiveness

5. Recognising Your Unsung Heroes

6. Completing What Was Missing All Along

7. Meeting Your Endlessly Loving Self - Future Me

8. Every Day Self Love

how to love yourself 


Register for the BETA Course 1 August 2019

Fee £397  Beta Pre Launch price £197 GBP


Registration and Availability Enquiries

 After payment I will be in touch about class times and class joining instructions on zoom by email and add you to the closed group The Love Clinic Online ready for the start of the course 1 August and 8 Thursdays afterwards.

Meetings will be recorded so if you miss a module you can catch up.

I will add you to my email list and be in touch by email.

 lessons in self love

Thank you for taking this important step.

It is already a gift of love to yourself.


 with my love

Sandra Hillawi

 Sandra Hillawi 2017



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Sandra Hillawi 2017It's always good to talk to a human being and have your questions answered in person Smile

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