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Now Offering EMO Practitioner Distance Learning Course

Now Offering EMO Practitioner Distance Learning Course

The Guild of Enegists Official Distance Learning route to become an EMO Practitioner has now closed. The only way to become a professional EMO Master Practitioner is to attend a live on location course, to have the full range of experienes and learnings that this brings. Check my training diary for my next live events.

However... you may still follow this original EMO training by Distance Learning for Personal exploration and learning with myself, the most experienced EMO Trainer in the World today, as your tutor and coach. Check out the details and register here.

Learn EMO with Sandra

for personal healing, transformation and living with Energy... for you, your life, and to help freinds and family.

Client Feedback

Maryke Blom, South Africa:

DON’T THINK TWICE!!! DO IT, GET IT! I guarantee YOU it WILL change your life in EVERY SINGLE way, You think you know energy now, wait till You’ve learned ET then You will truly understand the impact of energy and HOW we control our realities and how we do not have to suffer anymore.

The most important aspect for me was the fact that after all my many years of Energy Healing Training which involved memorising Chakras and colours and Angel names and symbols and sigils, how to clean the auric layers and so on, I still had this thing in my head that Chi/ Energy/ Spiritual Healing isn't meant to be complicated, and then ET came to me and I sat and cried tears of joy, because it’s very very simple but so incredibly powerful.  Words cannot explain how much I love ET.  The transformations it has bought into my own life, and people I have helped around me! WOW, I wish I could mind link with you so you could see what I’m experiencing because words do no justice! For the first time in my life i feel fulfilled, I ET everything, and it fulfills me.  It makes me feel blessed and happy and pain is just something that I can ET away, whether it’s physical or holds no challenge for me anymore and the people that learn this from me are shocked to the degree where they don’t believe the power.  I feel sorry for those who are still stuck in doing hours of exercise to open their channels or balance their chakras, I feel sorry for those whom have to go through this whole ceremony before they can do effective energy healing...when ET is just so so simple and so very effective. I’m in love with this’s just awe inspiring!

I look forward to the rest of my journey, because it’s going to be an adventure! Smile


John Staples, USA:

I had some important personal learnings in this course.

The expansion and growth, the connection I made with myself and the wisdom and insight I gained about everything and everyone, especially myself.

As I am finishing the course I am feeling a kind of melancholy that this part of the “work” that brings new and wonderful aspects forward of who I am and who I am evolving to be is about to be over.  And then I remember that the shifting and growing and learning that is so exciting about this practice will never end.  There is no end.  I didn’t know that before.  Before I stepped into the love and light of energy work, and in particular EMO.  I know it now.

To anyone thinking about this course:

If you wish to be one of the members of a new paradigm of the human race.  If you have a desire to expand and enlighten your self and others. If you believe that you have a purpose and that purpose it to serve yourself and others.  If you wonder who you really are and what created and creates you moment to moment.  If you believe that love is all there is that matters, or would like to know what does matter.  If you are lost and want to find your way.  If you are all you thought you can be and would like to be sure.  If you wish there were more than you are getting from life.  If something is missing and you would like to find it.  If you are terrified, lost, hopeless, afraid, or suffering from any emotion which cripples you and blocks the pleasure of living.

Whatever it may be, or however it is manifest, if you have a feeling about anything that you would like to know and own and embrace, or be released, cleared or allowed to let go, then if any of these if’s speak to you, I promise you, you will be rewarded beyond your wildest imagination, beyond your beliefs of what is possible, if you commit to embracing the wisdom of EMO.  Get out of your comfortable, safe place and be free to be you and to know that your are surrounded and engulfed in love, and that love is there for you, always and forever.  You will become one with the love field, with all and all that is, and you will know it, and share it and be it.


Jamie Streett, Baltimore USA:

What a wonderful wonderful experience that I will incorporate into my life daily from here on out. There are not many words I can say to describe this course and experience.... All I got is "WOW & AMAZING" 

To anyone thinking about taking this course I'd say: What are you waiting for??? Just do it already! It is amazing, and the most life changing of all the classes I have taken. You can not go wrong with it, who doesn't want easy and life changing all in one? I don't know why more people aren't doing this.


Posted Dec 15, 2012   

Sandra Hillawi 2017It's always good to talk to a human being and have your questions answered in person Smile

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The Love Clinic by Sandra Hillawi"Wow! Completely blown away! What a blessing, what a blessing and Im only at page 33. Thankyou for this gift. Tears of gratitude" M.Hirose, USA

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