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The Joy of Being an GoE Trainer

The Joy of Being an GoE Trainer

It was in 2002 when I decided I would like to become an GoE Trainer. I'd been working with EFT for 2 years and having great success using it with clients in my natural healing practice. I helped release stress, aches pains headaches, more serious health problems link to stress, relationship and anxiety, confidence and self esteem, depresssion,addictions. My practice started to change from detoxification and naturopathy to energy focussed work. After two years of astonishing results, time after time and deeply satisfying work I realised more people should know about EFT and its possibilities so it became a natural evolutionary step to want to share this powerful and wonderful healing technique on a bigger scale. It was 2002 the year that EMO was launched, and in deciding to attend the launch it made sense to take the trainer's training for EMO too, and teach them both.

By teaching and empowering more people to become practitioners my influence in sharing my passion for healing was to grow far and wide in the UK and internationally. I now look back over the last 12 years with deep satisfaction, joy and gratitude, for all the people that have come through my courses, each course being its own magical joyful healing event, and knowing how those practitioners have taken the work forward in their own communities, many becoming trainers in their own right creating new positive waves going farther still.

If I've had 1800+ practitioners through my courses, I duplicated myself and my impact on others 1800 times. With those that went on to become trainers running their own courses, training their own practitioners to bring healing and change to their respective communities in turn I wonder just how many lives have been touched since that day when I became a trainer at the Oxford Energy Psychology Conference in 2002 with Silvia Hartmann. Its a humbling thought but I can feel in my heart that I did some good work during this time in my life and in the process met many wonderful people, visited several countries and met different cultures and made some truly great friends.

Working with The GoE since its early days has been a real privilege. The leadership of the GoE by Silvia Hartmann has been pioneering and visionary and has brought us great trainings to teach, keeping us up to date with research and developments in energy work. The daily support to me as a trainer from the admin team has been both professional and helpful and it has felt like being part of a growing family all these years as our membership has grown, with conferences and now an active facebook community so we are all plugged in and connected easily. I have been very happy in this work these last 12 years and have managed to made a good living too Cool

For my own pleasure and a trip down happy memory lanes I am posting some photos from some of my workshops courses over the years, enjoy! Smile And if you feel inspired to take this step for yourself, it could be a glimpse into your future too. I welcome your contact and hope to have the privilege of assisting you along this wonderful path if you decide to take this step to become a Trainer.


2003 EFT Workshop Association of Reflexologists London 2004 EFT Training AoR London

2003 EFT Workshops for the Association of Reflexologists AoR in London

2003 EMO Boston USA 2004 EFT Workshop Godalming Surrey

2003 EMO in Boston USA       2004 EFT Workshop Godalming Surrey

2004 EMO Bristol 2004 Adv MET Potters Bar

2004 EMO Bristol                   2004 Advanced MET Potters Bar

2004 EFT Southampton 2004 EFT Workshop London

2004 EFT Southampton                     2004 EFT Workshop London

2005 EFT Southampton 2005 Passion for Health HQ Sandy Taking Bookings

2005 EFT Southampton              2005 Passion for Health Offices - Sandy

2005 Passion for Health Offices - Claire 2005 Passion for Health HQ - Ty on Sales

2005 Passion for Health HQ - Claire Office Admin and Ty on Course Bookings

2006 Chateau Belleanu Retreat France 2006 The Love Clinic Sweden

2006 Chateau Bellenau Retreat France     2008 ET The Love Clinic Sweden

2007 EMO Dallas Texas 2008 Sandra Hillawi and Silvia Hartmann

2007 EMO in Dallas Texas        2008 Celebrations with Silvia Hartmann

2008 The Love Clinic - Book Launch 2008 Energy Dancing at the EMO Conference

2008 The Love Clinic Book Launch and Energy Dancing at the Conference Party

2008 Great friends Margarita and Kim 2008 Baya Salmon Hawk and Lisa Bundfuss

2008 made some wonderful beautiful friends Margarita Foley, Kim Bradley, Baya Salmon Hawk, Lisa Bundfuss

2008 EMO New Trainers Gatwick 2009 EFT Demo Bournemouth

2008   New EMO Trainers Gatwick     2009 EFT Demo Bournemouth

2009 The Love Clinic Germany 2009 Sandra and Detlev Tesch at The Love Clinic Germany

2009 EMO and The Love Clinic Germany our Group and Detlev Tesch

2009 Germany EMO Love Clinic 2009 Germany EMO Love Clinic

2009 Germany - EMO Love Clinic - There was a lot of love !!

2009 North Carolina EMO Training 2009 EMO North Carolina USA

2009 EMO trip to North Carolina USA

2009 EMO Paphos Cyprus 2009 EFT and EMO Cairo Egypt

2009 EMO in Paphos Cyprus and on to Cairo for EFT and EMO Egypt

2010 EMO Sinai Egypt by the Red Sea 2010 EFT Sinai Retreat Nuweiba Egypt

2010 EMO and EFT at my Healing Retreat Nuweiba Sinai Egypt

2011 EMO in Gosport 2011 Retreat Red Sea Sinai Egypt

2011 EMO Pracitioners Gosport and our healing hetreat Nuweiba Sinai Egypt


2011 Time for a Rest and let some new trainers take over

2011 Time for a rest by the Red Sea while new trainers take over Smile

Find out more about becoming an GoE Trainer here.

Seems I was not quite ready for retirement as the journey continued ... Smile

EFT and EMO Istanbul 2012

Radia Istanbul 2012

After EMO and full of Love 

Istanbullites in Love with EMO 2012

EMO in Casablanca December 2012



 EFT in Chertsey 2012 Sandra and Seda istanbul April 2013 

         Chertsey December 2012                         Istanbul April 2013

EFT in Istanbul Feb 2013 The Love Clinic Istanbul 2013

   EMO Istanbul February 2013         The Love Clinic Istanbul February 2013

EFT Talgarth South Wales 2013 EFT in Gosport 2013

            EFT in Talgarth South Wales           EFT in Gosport 2013

Positive EFT at Sedgwick Park 2013 Positive EFT Pool Party Sedgwick Park

 Positive EFT at Sedgwick Park 2013             Positive EFT Pool Party at Sedgwick

EMO in Izmir Turkey 2013 EMO Istanbul 2013

        EMO in Izmir        and EMO in Istanbul Nov 2013

 AMT Energist Trainers at Sedgwick Park 2014 The Champions ... ready for the world at Sedgwick 

AMT Energist Trainers at Sedgwick    The Champions ...ready for the world 2014

Positive EFT on Google Hangouts 2013 Positive EFT on Google+

Spot the Positive EFT Practitioners from down under? 2013 Great fun on Google+


MC at the GoE Conference Antalya Oct 2013 for my 50th Birthday

MC at the GoE Conference     Antalya for EFT and EMO on my 50th Birthday

Antalya in Feb 2014 Izmir Feb 2014

Antalya in Feb 2014 ... oops     Izmir Feb 2014

Izmir at the Bazaar Izmir more Turkish desserts 2014

Izmir at the Bazaar     and ... more Turkish desserts Feb 2014

Positive EFT by Skype May 2014 Positive EFT in May 2014 by Skype

Positive EFT trainings by Skype - the wonders of technology 2014

Habiba Breakfast Egypt Aug 2013 

Breakfast at Habiba Organic Farm Sinai Egypt Aug 2013

Egypt Sinai Healing Retreat

Aaaaah Egypt Healing Retreats in Sinai

EMO at Sedgwick Park April 2015

EMO at Sedgwick Park House April 2015

EMO Master Practitioners Kayseri Turkey Oct 2015

Kayseri Turkey Oct 2015 EMO Master Practitioners

Lisbon EFT Master Practitioners December 2015

Lisbon December 2015 EFT Master Practitioners 

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