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The Love Clinic Workshops

The Love Clinic Workshops

Join International Traıner Sandra Hillawi, author of The Love Clinic, to learn the energy secrets of love and relationshıps and transform your experience in love and relatıonships forever.

The Love Clinic workshops are open to everyone and take place as 1 and 2 day workshops both online by Skype and at various locations. These are hands-on experiential days that will be really transformational in your thinking, in your feeling, in your relationships and in your life. Read on for more details.

Love and relationships are our greatest source of joy when they go well and greatest source of pain when they end or  go wrong. The Love Clinic workshops will not only give you a new understanding of how to do relationships well but give you the real opportunity to make changes in you that will change your experience of love and turn you into a master of relationships.

This is a totally fresh perspective offering real practical change to those who want to improve relationships and understand and feel more love.

Love Heart 

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An Exclusive One To One VIP Day with Sandra Hillawi

The Love Clinic  1 or 2 Day Workshop Themes

  1. Loving Yourself 
  2. Relationship with Others
  3. Attracting Your Perfect Partner
  4. Money Work and Business
  5. Compassion 


 The Love Clinic

Love Your Self Workshop

We all know that loving ourselves is the key to love and happiness in all areas of life. But how many know why that is? and how many know just How to do that? And of those that do, how much time do you spend actually doing that?

This one day workshop is a chance to spend time on you and this important relationship with yourself. With warmth compassion and wisdom Sandra Hillawi will guide you to deeper understanding, connection and love with yourself through 6 different ways with hands-on practical exercises on the day. During the day you will:

  1. Learn and practice EMO Energy In Motion to transform your emotions
  2. Understand Why really loving yourself will change everything 
  3. Gain deeper connection and love for yourself
  4. Explore How to love yourself through 6 different ways to love yourself more
  5. Spend the time you know you need on Actually doing it, loving you
  6. Emerge with more self love and new awareness and tools for life to help you to grow your loving relationship with yourself.

These workshops are open to everyone, professionals and non professionals alike. Signed copies of Sandra's book The Love Clinic will be available on the day for those making advance registration or buy The Love Clinic in advance here

Love Your Relationship Workshop

This one day workshop is to give you time to focus on your marriage or spouse relationship.  In this workshop with Sandra Hillawi you will:

  1. Learn and practice the basics of EMO Energy In Motion to transform our emotions
  2. Understand the energy secrests of why some relationships fail and why others succeed
  3. Do practical exercises to release 2 major obstacles to love in your own relationship
  4. Understand and practice the power of energy nutrition for a relationship that blossoms in love and appreciation
  5. Emerge with more love connection and intimacy in this important relationship.

Workshop is open to everyone, professionals and non professionals alike.

Signed copies of Sandra's book The Love Clinic will be available on the day for those making advance registration or buy The Love Clinic in advance here

Certification as a Love Clinic Practitioner with The GoE is available to participants who are already qualified as an EMO or EMO Practitioner and attend a 2-day advanced training.  

For The Love Clinic Workshop Dates and training dates see Sandra's Training Diary

Group Workshop Fees:  £450 per day
VIP Exclusive Love Clinic Workshop Tailored for You: £ 995


All Enquiries and Registrations: Contact Sandra Hillawi 


What did the 1-day one-to-one Love Clinic with Sandra Hillawi bring me?

I don’t even know where to start. The opportunity to have Sandra to myself and to work through ‘my stuff’ with her compassionate love and support, while weaving in the concepts of the Love Clinic, not only allowed me to ‘undress’ some of the traumatic baggage I’ve been carrying around for years but also gave me incredible insights into the incredible person I Am. With her gentle encouragement, I was able to visit aspects of myself that had been hurt and were still out there in some kind of limbo, suffering and waiting for closure so that I can finally get on with my life. Sandra gave me the opportunity to find that closure and taught me how to really love those aspects of myself, giving them exactly what they needed. Amazingly enough, as we dealt with each trauma and I was able to fully love my aspects, I ‘saw’ them carrying on with their life happy, giggling... it was as if that trauma hadn’t even existed.

I now feel capable and ‘equipped’ to go back to other traumatic events from my past, revisiting them finding the closure I haven’t been able to find up until now. I finally have the tools and the know-how to deal with all the events in my life – past, present and future – and feel confident that I am able to do so by myself. The more I clear, the lighter and more glowing I become.

I cannot express the relief I feel knowing that I need never suffer as atrociously again. I now CAN make a difference in my life. And in the lives of others. It all starts with me and moves out in an ever-growing circle of love and compassion, allowing others to find the same relief and balsam of self-love and acceptance.

Visit it, experience it, forgive it, Love it!

I highly encourage anyone who is serious about eliminating the hurtful baggage that we insist on carrying around with us to take Sandra’s one-day personalised Love Clinic workshop. Her knowledge and loving support will literally take you to new heights!

Thank you, Sandra! God Bless!   Lidia Ferreira

Posted Nov 14, 2012   

Sandra Hillawi 2017It's always good to talk to a human being and have your questions answered in person Smile

Please feel free to contact Sandra Hillawi with any questions about personal consultations, self help workshops, self help support tools, EFT and EMO training and healing retreats.

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Skype: sandrahillawi or Contact Me by Email or Sandra on Facebook

The Love Clinic by Sandra Hillawi"Wow! Completely blown away! What a blessing, what a blessing and Im only at page 33. Thankyou for this gift. Tears of gratitude" M.Hirose, USA

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