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Turkey Successful Launch of EFT Masters and EMO

Turkey Successful Launch of EFT Masters and EMO

What a wonderful, amazing, and heart-filled total experience. These are my first words to describe my week in Istanbul in May to launch the EFT Master and EMO Practitioner Trainings.

Following an initial Skype chat with Seda Rodop, founder of Radia Healing and Personal Development in Istanbul this grew into a very successful joint venture, with Seda's excellent marketing and organisational skills and with me as the trainer. It was the first time EFT MP has been taught in Turkey and the first major EMO training. As a launch it was a great success with 12 excellent new EFT Master Practitioners, 10 amazing EMO Practitioners and 5 new GoE Trainers.

5 new GoE Trainers

AMT Trainers Left to right: Raymond Williams, Sandra Hillawi, Gulcan Arpacioglu,Sevgi Sahin, Sebnem Koral, Seda Rodop 

The week started with a tour of Nişantaşı where Radia is located. Expecting Istanbul to be a slightly more modern version of Cairo I was most surprised to find it more like any modern prosperous european city full of designer shops, luxury goods and sky scrapers and of course great restaurants and cafes.

The participants were all Turkish apart from Raymond, who had travelled back from military service in Afghanistan, stopping off in Istanbul for training, en route back to the USA. Though many spoke good english, afew didn’t, so we had sequential translation from Berrak and my French helped me out with a couple of the non English speakers also.

Discovering EFT at Radia Centre Istanbul Handan and Berrak EFT Training at Radia Istanbul Turkey 

The EF Team - Seda Gulcan Sevgi Berrak Sebnem

After the first day of EFT the group had all bonded and loved the new approach. Backgrounds varied from newbies to EFT to veterans and trainers. All were wowed by this new modern and up to date energy approach. The EFT veterans were amazed at how much they learned and how the course was so rich, so full, so transformational, and ‘so juicy’. 

We had great healings take place on the course : chronic anxiety, public speaking confidence, overcoming procrastinations, preparing to write a book, healing and reconciling relationship problems, releasing war trauma, supporting major life changes, overcoming fear of commitment, releasing guiding star memories, rescuing our past selves  stuck in traumatic events, forgiving ourselves for the past, experiencing new energy high states never felt before in the many healing events that occurred.

All stood to applaud the course and to recognise and give credit to Silvia Hartmann for this really great work of bringing the research and discoveries of the last 10 years together in this course.

12 new EFTMaster Practitioners in Istanbul May 2012

EFT Master Practitioners Left to right: Raymond Williams, Semra Yoldas Aydinci, Cavidan Yavas Aras,Sevgi Sahin, Tugce Peker, Guler Karsel,Sebnem Koral, Cumhur Yilmaz,banu Can, Handan Arpacioglu,Gulcan Arpacioglu, Sandra Hillawi. Front: Berrak our translator

Each day we went out to a different restaurant, and every day I drunk Turkish tea and Turkish coffee, sampling the delights of Turkish cuisine and desserts!  The weather was great. We all had a wonderful time.

 Delicious Turkish food every day with wonderful EFT Practitioners Sandra Hillawi loves her Turkish Tea 

EMO healing in action

Many EFT MPs had booked EMO too, and were amazed at how simple and natural it was. Everyone loved EMO, and after so many healing events during the 5 days we were all in love with EFT EMO and each other that parting was heart wrenching as the group started to break up before the final trainers day.

EMO Demo Releasing Shields - Sandra and Hande

10 new EMO Practitioners Istanbul May 2012

EMO Practitioners Left to right top: Semra,Guler,Tugce, Sevgi,Hande Kuyumcu,Sebnem, Handan,Raymond. Front: Seda Rodop,berrak, Berna Metingu Sadic

I personally feel that I met so many great people, and made many new friends. We already have plans for a repeat programme at the end of October in Istanbul and plans to expand to Ankara and Izmir cities following with the advanced EMO courses. This is the start of a great new collaboration with Radia Gelisim, a leading centre in the fast growing field of healing and personal development in Turkey. Congratulations to Seda Rodop for this pioneering work at Radia.

 Seda Rodop

One of our group, Raymond, has also worked in the past as a camera man, among his various talents. We discussed a possible documentary film on healing approaches and how EFT and EMO could be included representing modern energy work. An exciting project for us all! 


Raymond 'Taffy' Williams EFT Training Istanbul

After the 5 new Trainers parted I spent my final day as a tourist. We headed for Sultanahmet, to the Old Spice Market and bazaar where I did some shopping then laden with Turkish delights we headed to the great Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia one of the oldest churches dating 1500 years ago. Breathtaking is not enough to describe these beautiful holy shrines.  Then a final Turkish tea and Kofte beside the Bosphorous  at the end of the day and the end of a most glorious week.

Sandra at The Blue Mosque Sultanahmet  Breathtakingly Beautiful Islamic Art - Blue Mosque Sultanahmet 

I look forward to future trips, to a successful partnership with Seda Rodop at Radia for growing EFT and EMO in Turkey, meeting new friends, reconnecting with old friends as we all learn and grow together in this wonderful field of modern energy work.

Sandra Hillawi, 15 May 2012


Course Feedback  EFT Master Practitioner and EMO Practitioner Training Istanbul May 2012

First things first, Sandra is an amazing teacher able to communicate on all levels with knowledge and experience of both EFT and EMO.

I have been to several EFT classes and certifications around the world and without a doubt Sandra is the best teacher and trainer by far. Sandra’s presentations and experience shows she is well versed in the meridian therapies and she always has time to talk one on one with us students. She goes the extra mile to make sure we are ready and able to perform as practitioners or trainers.

Sandra is very clear, precise in the delivery of the class being presented. There are not enough words to say how thankful I am to Sandra for her guidance and her teaching skills. GoE must be so proud to have Sandra as a trainer.

I will certainly let everyone know how well the course has gone for me. I will be at other courses in the future where Sandra is going to teach or present more GoE classes. This location in Istanbul was perfect. The students all got on well together and we enjoyed the time with Sandra. Many thanks.

RK Williams aka Taff, Military Trainer, Security Specialist, Professional Diving Instructor


The GoE Energy EFT Master Practitioner Training was much more than an EFT Training. The training experience was very convincing on how human beings can heal and help each other once they have the desire and intention in them. I thank Sandra for her encouraging loving and professional approach from the bottom of my heart.

The Emotrance training was a life changing and transforming experience for me. As a psychotherapist I know now that the energy body knows, the client knows and we just have to be there with love as practitioners. Thank you Sandra for your amazing teaching and energy!

Tugce Peker Darcan, MSc Psychotherapist

I had fallen in love with EFT when I watched Gary Craig’s videos in 2001. Since then, I’ve been learning, researching, practicing, teaching and living EFT. When I saw the Seda’s course announcement on Facebook, I did not really expect something special or new, but wanted to meet Sandra, a name that I could relate to, and wanted to become internationally certified. So I signed up.

As the course began, I  was surprised to find out that the content was brand new! Every day we learnt new techniques, new approaches, and realised that EFT was greatly enhanced! Practising the new methods, I had wonderful experiences and felt deep healing taking place inside me. Sandra is a very professional instructor, has enormous experience about EFT and Emotrance; and most importantly, is a very warm-hearted person. The “heart energy” of Sandra was buzzing in the room all day. I could not hug her enough! She was clear, precise and honest about everything she taught.

Many thanks to Silvia Hartmann, the content was very creative and easily applicable and the manual was perfect.

The group of EFT Master Practitioners were exceptionally friendly, surely we will be keeping in touch. Big hugs come to you all!

And thank you very much Seda, you made this event possible. My last hugs come to you and your mother!

As for EFT, I’ve fallen in love, once again!

Gulcan Arpacioglu 


I am very much pleased to meet with Sandra Hillawi, a nice person, great teacher and healer.

I gained important knowledge about EFT which I can use, also new experiences for the future. EMO is something new, very interesting mixture of many energy healings, powerful and easy to use. Thank you very much Sandra for your great effort, examples, words and wonderful energy.

Handan Arpaciaglu, EFT Practitioner

It’s a bit shocking for me how easy it is to do EMO. Now I understand better for life. Energy flows, everything flows. I  feel very happy and fulfilled. Thank you very much. I hope to be together again very soon.

Hande Kuyumau


I was practicing EFT by a previous method for many years. I learned this new method from Sandra. I found this more fluent and easy and I am very happy at the moment with the EFT Training.

I can reach clients by a new way with EMO and I can mix them both in my practice. I can use both these techniques to solve the problems. Thanks alot Sandra!

Sevgi Sahin, EFT Trainer and Author

Effective and transformative courses. EFT is very powerful and effective. Also Emotrance is a powerful and fast transformative beautiful experience. It has never been that easy to remove blockages. Radia's atmosphere, Sandra's training and the energy of the attendees has been a very useful experience for me for 5 days.

Semra Yoldaş Aydıncı

Until today I have just read a book about EFT. I have no info about EFT except that. I have attended to both EFT and Emotrance courses. Our trainer Sandra was very successful in her training methods. I really appreciate what I have learned, very useful and I am content. I say thank you to Sandra with all my heart.

Güler Karsel

This is a course that I felt so lucky to have attended. I cant even evaluate how useful the course was, for me as ıt teaches the secret of lıfe. Sandra has a beautiful expression. I am very happy. Thanks to Seda aswell.

Berrak Özenir, Translator

First I would like to thank you because from the 1st day I got healed. I feel relaxed, healthy and happy. I am aware that my body is balanced. Dear Sandra it was a big happiness for me to meet you. I was very impressed with EFT Training, it has been a great value to me. You have told all very successfully, softly and fluently. The exercises very in right time and very useful.

EMO is a perfect technique. I was so happy to both practice and learn at the same time. It was very joyful and useful to be with you in trainers training, too.

I would like to thank to people who worked hard for this organization to Seda, Berrak. You were amazing and successful. Please come back Sandra


Sandra is doing her energy work with real feeling and by heart. I wish that all the things that I have learned in this workshop information and energy techniques would be learned by whole world.

Banucan Alfasa

It is easy and practical system. Compatible with Sibernetic system theories.Thank you.

Berna Metingü Sağdıç

Posted May 14, 2012   

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