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What Happens at The Love Clinic

What Happens at The Love Clinic

The Love Clinic

What happens at The Love Clinic with Sandra Hillawi? How can it benefit you? In this article Sandra shares some of the experiences from the event in Cairo Egypt in September 2017.

Ready for The Love Clinic in Cairo

After the uncertainty of whether we would actually go ahead or not on this occassion our small group for 4 plus me gathered in Nasr City for our Love Clinic in September.

As we got to know each other it became apparent that self love was an important subject for us all to learn more about and to experience. Also knowledge and ability to transform emotions was required to make the changes we needed during the day so we started with a quick lesson in EMO Energy In Motion technique, to locate our blockages and heal and restore inner emotional flow.

Self Love – Healing The Heart

Once we were EMO-enabled we began the workshop with Healing the Heart, placing our hands on our heart with loving intentions to our self. This was a practice we repeated several times in the two days, stressing its importance for our connection to ourself and journey towards loving our self.

I shared my own journey to loving myself as inspiration and we experienced more ways to feed our own hearts with what we were yearning for.

That process brought up afew problems and the next session after a short break became how to heal and release specific blockages to love that we had in the group, some coming from our past experiences, some coming from life in Egypt and cynicism about even the possibility of true love in society in Egypt.

Self Love – Healing The Past

After lunch we discussed the real all loving self and how we became disconnected from it by life events, held within us, waiting to be healed so we can restore our alignment with who we really are. We then paired up and helped each other to heal a past self that got hurt in matters of love, and to return to loving and hugging and being one in love with that past self. This brought tears of happiness as real love of the past self was achieved together with new learnings.

 One person even went on to generalise this effect to all her past selves that we hurt ... loving all of herself, and then saw how that could extend to loving all other people’s past selves.  She really transformed.

Self Love – Meeting Our Own Needs

 The afternoon also brought up lots of examples of problems in love and relationships. Times where we are disappointed because we don’t receive the respect, attention, appreciation and care that are normal human needs. We agreed that most of the time we are looking to meet our needs from others, then did some explorations of our deeper emotions being experienced in the body as we have those needs, healing our hunger and craving pains with EMO then discovering the surprise that it was possible to be really OK in the absence of respect and appreciation... because... we were no longer hungry for it, and that we knew how to satisfy that within ourself now. There were such freedoms and revelations occurring for the group.

We ended day 1 with much learnings, many healings, new understandings, and already greater self love looking forward to day 2.

Self Love – Connecting To Our Endlessly Loving Self

We began day 2 with further explorations in Self Love, following on the concept of our real all loving self and our perception of our self as other that this reality. When we are in the moment of pain and despair with no one to turn to, our endlessly  loving self is right there waiting to love the hurting parts of us and show us the way back to oneness. After our session leading the healing process I sang my song Future Me which always evokes a few tears as it helps people back to oneness and love.

Added to that was a quick experience of how to use a selfie and turn into a beautiful way for self love . After afew minutes we all saw the power of love in our own changing faces.

Helping emotional energy to flow better with EMO Energy In Motion

Relationships with Others – Energy Dynamics

We turned our attention to the energy dynamcs of relationships, showing whats happening when communication is not going well and relationships are difficult leading to breakdown. With that understanding the next logical step was to understand the energy dynamics of relationships working well.  This brought up afew blockages and obstacles to  love in the group so we spent some time healing them.

 ‘When people do certain behaviours towards you that are hard to accept and hurtful’

‘When we hunger for appreciation, respect, attention from others and its not coming’,

‘I doubt true love exists in Egypt’

Healing these subjects lead to healing of painful memories and reconnection and oneness,  growing awareness of our own emotional hungers and learning how to fullfill them our self, amazing moments of love for ourself as we learned to give missing recognition and appreciation  to ourself.  Understanding of how real love works in relationships and what we need to do to start to experience that as our reality by healing our stress emotions and hungers and restoring our natural inner positive flow.... always.

Relationships with Others – Attraction

As we headed towards the end of the day we explored the energy of attraction, raising our vibrational levels in all kinds of fun sparkling lovable ways then we turned to  principles of how to attract the kind of person we really want into our lives and bringing our self into that state of attraction.

The Love Clinic was a huge success. Though were an small group, we all with so many enlightenment moments, healings, moments of love, and had a wonderful time of love and friendship assisting each other in our evolution.

The Love Clinic - Book

Everyone purchased a copy of my book The Love Clinic to support them on their onwards path. The print run is now sold out but am building a list for requests to make a new order. Please let me know if you would like a copy of the paper back at 250le.

The Love Clinic – Professional Training

The next chance to experience The Love Clinic will be in its professional version, as the training course for EMO Relationships Consultant. This 2-day Training is an advanced training for EMO Master Practitioners who wish to gain more specialist skills and experience for assisting people with Love and Relationship problems and evolving towards love in more areas of life.  

Once qualified, EMO Relationship Consultants will be able to give personal sessions. Those who are already trainers with The Guild of Energists will be also able to teach The Love Clinic workshop and professional EMO Relationships Consultant Training.

This will take place in Nasr City/Heliopolis area in October. Please contact me if you are interested to attend.

With Love and Thanks


The Love Clinic Group Cairo 23 September 2017

Posted Sep 24, 2017   

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