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What is Natural Healing?

What is Natural Healing?

At our healing retreats the focus is on natural healing.
Natural Healing is about stimulating and supporting the body's own healing and repair abilities. Recognising that blockage and poor nutrition is the main cause of disease we aim simply to restore flow and start putting the right fuel into the system. The body can then start to heal itself.

So let's take a closer look at those factors effecting our overall health, the causes of disease, and our approach to restoring health naturally.


What we consume in our mind body spirit system. We already know the importance of eating fresh nutritionally rich varied diet including 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day in order to maintain health and prevent disease. That eating natural whole foods have more fibre and micronutrients than processed refined diet, which can lead to nutritional deficiencies. We also know we should be drinking plenty of water a day to keep hydrated and allow the body to transport nutrients around, and to flush out wastes from the system. We But did we also think about what we consume on a mental emotional and spiritual level?

What we focus upon in life, how well we receive life, how we feel in response to life, our emotions are equally important. Some would argue more so. What are we focussing upon in life and how are we handling that experience? Is our life full of love, good relationships, satisfying work that we thrive on, the beauty of nature, opportunities for our creative expression all of which feed our hearts and spirit?


Physically this is about how well the vascular and lymphatic circulation works in taking nutrients around the body to our cells and how efficiently wastes are removed. Emotionally : It's about how well we process our experience in life through our whole mind-body-spirit system. Is our engine turning? Are we thriving as the energies of life flow through us, making us feel strong, happy, feeling good about all aspects of our life?


Physically : It's about how well our body can remove wastes through its many elimination systems : liver, colon, kidneys, skin, lungs. How smooth and efficient are these functions in your body? For many congestion and sluggishness can lead to accumulation and further blockage and real physical problems set in.

Emotionally : It's about how well we can let go, release, forgive emotionally. It’s about how much we can feel love, compassion, forgiveness. It’s about how well we let go of all experience, ‘good or bad’ as with the letting go comes the transformation, strengthening, growth and wisdom. Or are we bearing grudges and resentments, being unforgiving, burying or avoiding painful unresolved memories, holding these as injuries within our human spirit?

Lifestyle and environment

Of course how active we are vs how sedentary we are plays a part in circulation. What factors we may be exposed to in our environments, nose, pollution, electromagnetic energy have an effect, though we can also learn to tolerate or be at ease with some of these factors if we are unable to change them, and therefore minimise their effects on our system. All these play a part in health as does our ...

Genetic Inheritance

But even our genetic predispositions towards certain health problems have to be activated to begin to develop a problem. And whether these are activated or not can be a result of all the above factors : how good is our diet? Do we have enough anti-oxidants to combat aging and stress damage to our cells? Are we handling life well, with a relaxed joyful attitude to life or is life getting us down and we feel the pressure building up and start accumulating memories and life events, holding them in our body causing blockage which disrupts the body’s natural processes?

Most of these factors effecting our health and wellbeing are within our control to change.

Perfect Health on a Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Level is actually quite simple to understand.

Natural Healing Retreat

Health is all about flow

We are talking about mind-body-spirit health. But let's start with the physical body. We take in food, we digest, transport, metabolise, and eliminate it. In the process we are changed by the food. Our cells are regenerated, every 2 years we get a new body. We become what we eat and we get energy. There is a flow, in through and out.

When we get blockages in any area, eg. we can't absorb and digest well, arteries, ducts or lymph gets blocked leading to circulation problems, the liver gets blocked leading to digestion problems just to start with, and the colon or the kidneys get blocked we get symptoms and the disease process begins.

But health is more than just physical.

Total health, as well as having energy, vitality, and healthy physical functioning, is also about the body mind and spirit. The human spirit is about our emotions, being happy within and having healthy relationships, engaging in life, enjoying life, and growing through our experiences reflecting good mental health too.

Spiritual Health and Our Energy System

On a spiritual level, the flow is about the energies of life, our experiences, what happens to us, our relationships, work, life events. All this is energy at the lowest level. It's about how open we are, how we accept, how we digest, how we understand and integrate and enjoy and how we grow and learn. It's about how we let go free for the next adventure and how we enjoy the experience.

Here the flow is still in through and out, but this time through the body's energy system, which is in fact the inner human spirit. Blockage in the energy system is about being unable to accept, unable to digest, unable to forgive and let go. These blockages in the energy system are the causes of our emotional responses and often our physical symptoms and aches and pains. It has been said by many sources that 85% of physical health problems arise from unresolved emotional issues. Now we understand why.

It’s all energy, blocked in the body’s subtle energy system, injuries of the human spirit. The energy system is the interface between mind and body. This explains how ‘life makes you sick’ and how healing and releasing those energy blockages, ie healing your life...makes you healthy again.

Natural Healing is SIMPLE

Smile It's about unblocking the mind body spirit system.

Smile Its about stopping doing the things that block our system and starting to do some things that create flow in teh system and putting good fuel in.

Smile Its thus its about CHANGE.

Smile It's also about taking RESPONSIBILITY for the decisions we make in our life which affect our health rather than blaming other factors or being a victim.

Smile The more that we are responsible for our level of health, the more it is within our power to do something about it, to improve it.


Natural Healing sees symptoms as a way the body communicates to us that there is a problem or imbalance. Medicine sees a symptom as the disease itself and attempts to remove, kill, suppress it. How many times have you taken an aspirin for a headache or pain, or antacids for indigestion, or laxatives for constipation? Or antidepressants for your emotions? But what decisions or actions caused the problem in the first place?

Creating Health

It is simply about finding where we are blocked and restoring the flow and making sure we get the right nutrition, physically and emotionally. Some of us have a lot of blockages, physical and emotional and mental, but they are all just blockages, and when softened, released and natural flow and balance is restored, its amazing what health and life miracles can be achieved.

This is the philosophy for healing used in our healing retreats. Other articles explain the details steps of how we go about this.

You know it makes sense Smile

Posted Jul 2, 2010   

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